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  1. Thanks for the report. I'll be there 7/6 -7/10. Hopefully they will be there and ready to chew!
  2. Thanks for the post... I'll be heading out from there next week! Hope things start setting up and the bite is on!!
  3. Understood, just trying to keep in the loop... Thanks for the reply!
  4. Haven't heard anything lately on the fishing out of point breeze lately... Heading there in early July and hoping that I can put a plan together and put some fish in the box any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. 47 down fifty but by Sunday am cold water pushed in and up... Not sure what's going on now though.
  6. Had a good weekend fishing out of Point Breeze for the first time this past weekend. Got a bonus lake trout while picking up lines I slowed down and left my LED core set up out and Wham heck of a nice fish!! We fished primarily 180 to 250 ft of water. Mostly a spoon bite, but did have several fish on a flasher and Fly. Thanks for all the help making this a successful trip.
  7. Leaving for point breeze tomorrow!! Any tips on where to start? Also... not being familiar with Lake O and how much and what direction the wind is and how much it relates to in wave heights, can anyone give me an idea of what we can expect if this weekends forecast is accurate...? I'm fishing from a 20' Starcraft and am hoping she dosn't get too sporty!!
  8. Thanks for the info! Heading there this Thursday and fishing through the weekend. What wind direction provides the most stable water temps? They are forcasting south east winds later this week... hopefully this doesn't work against us... First time out of point breeze, new to salmon fishing and will need every advantage to make it a successful trip.
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