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  1. Flanman


    On one of the bays Within site of Lake Ontario !!!! I'm sorry but I don't divulge the perch spots as I have in the past only to return to a LOT of people being there !!!! LOL -Crappie, Perch, Ramps, and Wild Mushrooms - a man has to keep certain location info close to the vest.
  2. Flanman


    Got 62 today - great day on the water!!!
  3. Had a tough pick at them today. Fished slightly West between 185-300 - fair amount of other boats but not bad. Guys on radio not doing that well either. Got one nice coho and missed 3 others- grrrr. Fished riggers from 35-60 - and a green frog wire diver on 3 with a green spin doctor and green glow taco. Ran planer board with various sticks. 2.2- 2.6. Met a guy at the dock with a sweet Hewes Craft that did well out in 400+ ouch. Didn’t think I had to go that far but I was wrong. I normally do do better but I keep missing the good water. Not being creative enough in my thinking I guess- oh well I guess that’s fishing. I heard folks on 68 say they barely marked a fish today. I assume they were being honest- I marked some but definitely not a great screen. Good of luck all. This week should set back up nice before we go into transition. I’d imagine it will happen pretty fast now.
  4. Had a tough go at them today- thought it was going to be a great one - fished mostly West from 30ft to 180ft and everything in between. Not many marks on screen - fished from 7am to 2pm and 2 nice lakers. Had a nice streaker come into the riggers but couldn’t get him to go. Ran 2 riggers - planer board- and diver program. Tried quite a bit of different depth speed and colors - sounds like I should have made the trip west to the bar. Was trying to save time and gas. I normally do much better but that’s fishing I suppose! Next time. Cheers to all. Flanman.
  5. Flanman

    Crestliner Sabre SST Transom Issues?

    I have a 20.5 Authority - thing is like a brick sh!t house
  6. 2004 16 Ft Lund Alaskan for Sale Very good condition - comes with Lowrance HDS8 and MinnKota bow mounted trolling motor. Also comes with two small Big Jon downriggers as well. Two brand new tires on trailer. 40 HP Yamaha 4 stroke. Side Console model with steering wheel (not tiller model). Great boat for all seasons - 7K. Caught lots of browns, lakers, perch, bass, etc on this boat. Call Dave at 585-233-1103
  7. It was tough for me out there today - just a skippy and one streaker on the screen. Fair amount of bait but not a ton of hooks
  8. Nothing out deep yet - got a Mtn Dew spinny and a green crinkle out on the wire about 250. Seeing some Bait clouds but not a ton. A few hooks but again not a ton. We are in 430
  9. Out front of Golden Hill in 400+ Just set up as I had issue with trailer this morning. Two riggers down 3 spoons each one down 45 the other75- going to put wire diver out next. Marking a little but not a ton. Going on 68 ,,,I'm all about sharing
  10. I've caught them out to 300 ft if the cold water pushes them out. I've also caught them on top when the water is 70 degrees - you never know. They are are great fish, we are really lucky to have them the way we do.
  11. Pete - I've done my share of jigging on the finger lakes with moderate to great success. I've tried Lake Ontario 3 times now and tried cabelas jigs and both 1 and 1.5 oz jig heads with paddle tails that work on Keuka and Cayaga but I can't get it to go. I am really anxious to get it to work on browns, lakers, and salmon. The screen was very strange today in 65-120 as in loosely formed bait with some hooks but not what I'm used to seeing. Your post gave me a lot of encouragement to keep trying. Did you catch all lakers? I know guys catch browns on the butterfly jigs but I still need to get some. I use 1 oz cast masters on Keuka in the fall with good success - I'm going to try that next. I am running about 35 feet of Floro between the lure and braid. Thanks so much for this post. It will keep me trying. Flanman
  12. Niagara Bar out of Wilson in May! Unbelievable fishing. Best of the year in my opinion. Planer Boards, divers and riggers all work. Nice mix of fish too!
  13. Niagara is a great option - lower river browns and steels - Jigging for lakers on Finger Lakes can be stupendous
  14. Flanman

    Oak Report 5-19

    I am at it again today - I'm having a tough time again - surface to 70 down - not a bump - it has to be early transition - but they have to eat some time cause they haven't been eating much the last three days - wonder if I should go way deep or is it just a waste of gas? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]