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  1. Does anybody ever run mag lips or kwik fish for brown trout? Sent from my SM-G935U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Any info on Myers? Sent from my SM-G935U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Maxima green in 8lb is an awesome leader, I use this on salmon river and haul in numerous 20+ lb fish no problem. Didn't believe it myself till I tried it
  4. Try kwik fish in green silver on bottom for Lakers ( 70-90 ) and blk prpl silver, spoons or multi_color up higher ( 30-50 ) for LL and Bows. Good luck . There is a Derby out of Myers this weekend just for the heads up.
  5. Not bad , handles well , runs pretty good . And I've caught fish ever time out so far . Needs some minor work but hey it's a BOAT and you know what that means... Bust Out Another Thousand !
  6. Thanks guys, a lot of shopping around and research to finally make the choice on this one. He says it's a fish magnet so we will see ! Tight lines y'all
  7. Proud new owner rite here! Now it's time to get some blood on the dance floor!!
  8. Do these have custom carbon fiber drag ? If so I'd be interested in the 400ft rig.
  9. Launched late out of long point 8:30 a.m. Friday and man did we find some Lakers, trolled the 50-65 fow with cowbells and spin n glo on rigger, copper , a high dipsy with alewive spoon, and a bottem dipsy with spin doctor and spin n glo . High dipsy in 20-30 took 2 rainbows and 1 LL. Copper kept us busy with the Lakers all within the 4-7 lb range. Cowbell brought a giant to the boat which was unfortunately lost at the net, and another hard hit on dipsy that snapped a 12 lb leader !!! Great time spent with some old friends on Friday. Sunday I took the girlfriend out for her first lake trout excursion and she had a blast . Same set up but most on copper.
  10. Would you be willing to sell 2?
  11. Cayuga

    Good luck , hope you get em!
  12. Cayuga

    1 Lakers @ 20" on NBK spoon 70 down over 80 fow just south of Milliken . Seems pretty slow on southern end of lake
  13. Jigged south of Myers Friday for 2 hrs , lots of marks everywhere no hits. Went just north of Myers and same but lots of bait up to 1 mile . Went today( 5-24 ) just south of Milliken station, jiggin 30 fow to 150 and very few marks, 2 dropped in shallow. Dropped riggers in 70 over 80 and hit a 20 " laker on NBK spoon . Hit west side after and nada. Sounds like the majority of action is north !