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  1. Good choice using the Sikaflex 291 on your exterior seams. You won't be disappointed and hope you get your boat leak problems solved. Per my above Reply Post when I used it for sealing my Keel, on a fishing excursion a few years ago out of Erieau, ON my Bilge was taking a long time to pump out rainwater. After lifting the Viny Skirt to the Transom area we find several gallons of water and taking in sum more at the top Port Side corner below the motorwell. We were about 2 miles out of Port and headed right back to the Marina. After tying up to the Dock with no more water coming in but still the Bilge wasn't pumping any. After feeling around the Bilge I found a part of a lure paper packaging that was stopping most of the Bilge suction. That problem solved. We headed back out into the Lake but kept an eye on the water that was coming in at the Transom corner which wasn't large amounts to be concerned about. After our day's fishing and checking out where water might be coming in you couldn't define what the problem was. The Princecraft Super Pros have a downward angled Gunwale to the Transom. All I did was Sikaflex the whole angled Gunwale outside lip hoping to stop the leak which it did. I imagine when the Boat was Manufactured there would of been some type of seal installed between the wide Gunwale and side of the boat and it failed. To be safe in case the Starboard side failed I also Sikaflexed it. No more water problems since.
  2. I own a '94 Princecraft 196 SuperPro. Over 15 years ago while the boat was on the trailer after a heavy rain I noticed water leaking near the Transom but dripping out the Keel. I called a couple of Boat Repair Shops in London, ON to see what they would suggest using to stop the leak. Their recommendation was Sikaflex-291. I found that most Marine Sales Stores carry it $10-$15CDN for a 10oz Cartridge. To be safe I sealed both sides of the Keel for the whole length of the boat. Here all these years later it has never leaked. A fantastic sealer for my purpose and the Price. NOTE: VERY THICK STUFF MAKE SURE ITS WARM BEFORE USE Sikaflex ® -291 is a 1-component marine grade polyurethane elastomeric adhesive and sealant. Used by many boat builders, its fast cure time makes it ideal for applications where speed is important. Areas of Application: General all-purpose sealant May be used for light duty bonding Advantages: Use above and below water line Resists salt water Fast strength build-up Stable Paintable Versatile packaging Excellent bond Fast tack-free time High solids content Sandable May be squeezed or brushed into place Excellent adhesion to gelcoat, fiberglass, metal and wood Sika Sikaflex 291 Polyurethane Marine Sealant White is a one component, moisture curing, elastic adhesive and sealant that is used for bonding boat building materials such as fiberglass, wood, metal, and gel coat. It is fast curing, stable, high solid, NSF approved for potable water, USDA approved for food contact, and used above or below water. It is resistant to salt water, fresh water, diluted acids, limewater, and caustic solutions. It can be applied by painting, squeezing, or brushing methods. 10.3 oz Cartridge. Black or White.
  3. The most popular plans for making up your own Dual Planer Boards posted on most Websites and shown in Fishing Magazines as linked below are the same plans and instructions. http://www.quintefishing.com/make_your_ ... boards.htm http://www.straitlineanglers.com/Articl ... Boards.htm I made up the same pair but the problem I have especially trolling for Walleye at slower speeds is that I find that they tend to drag about 45 Deg off of the corner of the boat rather than off the side of the boat. I also found plans for 1 x 8 dual planer boards. Great if your boat has lots of room. IDEA! Make up a removable 2-3 Bolt (to hold in place) Sailboat Keel shaped (same length as board) with 1/4 inch or less Aluminium plate either angled on nose same as boards or ground to a point on from both sides. You could space 2 or 3 Bolts (siliconed) around 2 Inches from bottom using Wing Nuts. You would have to experiment to see what works better in attaching (the Inside or Outer Board). I will be making this up myself this Spring. Has any fellow fisherman made up anything similar or can you add other ideas to get more pull.
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