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  1. I believe the jury is in: I will be using GLUVIT on the interior and Sikaflex 291 on the exterior seams and a fresh coat of paint. I goes without saying the areas will be cleaned to the metal. Thanks everyone for your input.
  2. Thanks for the info. I do have foam board under the floor but it will not absorb the water. I've tried sealing the seams from the inside using various waterproofing products. Overtime, the water pressure from the under the boat will still find a way into the boat.Bottom line is I need to stop the water from the outside the bottom of the boat. I've tried caulk,paint and JR Weld. The water pressure from running the boat peels the material. I need some type of bottom paint is what I need.
  3. The seams in the hull is where it's leaking. I've tried using a wire brush down to the bare aluminum and put JB Weld on the seams. That worked for a while.Everything I do is temporary.
  4. I have a 1966 16' deep v Lone Star. It has leaked since I bought it 30 years ago. Oddly enough the name on the boat is the BARELY FLOATIN. I've tried rivets, caulking and 2 part epoxy to no avail. I was thinking about using Rhino Lining like on the bed of pick-up trucks.Has anyone seen or heard of using this product to slow down the leaks. Thanks
  5. A few salmon and a big brown trout
  6. Does anybody have any tips for trolling for king salmon at night using planer boards or downriggers close to shore?
  7. Just a couple fish at Sodus Point late September 2008
  8. Name: Herman Fischer Location:Pa Home Port:Sodus Point Boat Name/Type: BARELY FLOATIN 16' Lonestar I fish for:Salmon, trout, ================== I will be coming to sodus point the weekend of the 25th of September....
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