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  1. That’s a cool boat to floating
  2. I think this boat is super cool....it’s a big old aluminum tub. Lowell can bump into all sorts of stuff now
  3. Thanks! I’ve been trying to find info on them.... wasn’t aware.... it’s a great hull...gonna be fun to play with
  4. I just picked up a 20’ aluminum 1956 Lone Star Holiday that my stepson Lowell are going to turn into a trolling machine. Haven’t ever seen one before. Anyone else out there have one?
  5. Hi Zach.... I’m interested in getting a couple of these lures....wondering about size trolling depth cost availability etc. they look pretty nice.... is there a short vid of them in water? Also can they wander? Thanks
  6. No ever tells the real deal... but most of us trolling for the toothy critters dont mind offering a tid bit or to. The river is tricky..especially which all these bass tournaments going on...so what’s the lure of choice?
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