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  1. If I had to run only dipseys or downriggers I would totally agree with whaler, catch rate for me is 4 to 1, and watching a mature salmon hit a dipsey is Awesome.... woody
  2. Bill send the family over there since they are straight up killers....
  3. I think I seen that on moonshiners....
  4. That’s a beautiful deer ..... Damn.
  5. Happy thanksgiving guys, legacy thanks for this hunting thread, being disabled and not being able to hunt you make me feel like I’m in the treestand
  6. Steelie.... Dang frogger nice happy youngster....
  7. I used to call squirrels “”SFTR”.... Slutty F&[email protected] Tree Rats.... they sound like deer approaching so bad... then SFTR....
  8. That’s a beauty, who is your taxidermist....
  9. Bill you should have said damn spellchecker....
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