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  1. Had a small scrub six point chasing a doe at dusk last night in the backyard….
  2. I feel that this new doe season is due to car insurance companies losses forcing the state into this situation….
  3. Chris I was sitting in my backyard having coffee with the dog I seen those clouds pretty cool….
  4. I have a islander 22 footer and it’s pretty easy fighting fish and turning the boat and netting fish, I used to run 2 wires and one rigger fishing solo
  5. Well sir, you are a champ, if you can fish solo for kings you can do anything, I used to love fishing solo for kings you learn so much about yourself, congrats…. Woody
  6. Love that picture, reminds me of first week of bow hunting….
  7. Should have put the plug in the suburban….
  8. So you say I don’t care about the victims , very narrow minded.
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