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  1. Kev that sucks about your dad. Definitely give him my best, if you guys need anything don't hesitate to text or call me. Dale
  2. What gun were you going to put the scope on..
  3. Lol
  4. It already feels like playing video games, last time I was ice fishing with a pal of mine he had a sweet Aqua view camera, I couldn't feel the fish bite but on the camera it was and we killed some big perch...... Times are a changing.... Woody
  5. Dylan nice job on the buck, whose cutting that up for you... Dale
  6. Thanks Dane I appreciate the kind words, we stopped processing 3 years ago due to my oldest heading off to college. She's a student athlete in a D1 school and she competes from October through April and we try to go as much as we can. I only know of Uncle Charlie on Harris rd in Webster and Smiths in Marion on the east side. Woody
  7. Pm sent
  8. Congrats
  9. 280 lbs on hoof..
  10. Larry as always your an innovator and a class act. Definitely keep us all updated. So question for you is your program fully funded, if not is there anything that you need to keep this afloat or money to help with any other costs. Let me know... Insanely cool brother.. Dale
  11. Dane nice job brother.....
  12. Thanks Chris
  13. I thought I recognized that spoon. Can I grab those Thursday...
  14. Chris I will take them... Woody