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  1. Damn , you guys better get them to the weigh station….
  2. Hillside we all have had days like that , remember as long as you learned what you can apply to next time you get out….
  3. People don’t realize those waters are crazy full of kings and steelhead , nice job
  4. Nice report…. Glad you are getting into some action…. Woody
  5. How much did the coho weigh it looked very healthy
  6. I always thought of making a nice lamp out of an old outboard..
  7. All I see is a lot of perch dinners....
  8. Looks like fish catchers....
  9. Very good post.... I have had a multitude of boats, from 14 footers to my penn Yann 24 footer, everybody prefers different things for lake o fishing, if I could go back and do it all over again, I would have kept my penn yan. It was awesome lake o boat, I preferred a deeper freeboard penn Hans worked great for me being a taller guy. I worked on a lot of different boats as a first mate, from phoenixs to wellcrafts,penn yan was the best for me, I personally love the 2 boats I decided on my spectrum 176 that I gutted her and completely rebuilt it, and a islander 221 she’s awesome but I got hurt at work so fishing is done right now.... Woody
  10. I used a dog leash it worked perfect....
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