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  1. I have never caught pike on a senko, crank baits, gold spoons, surface lures , but never senkos...
  2. They have camping ,2 launches but unsure the cost used to be $10 to launch
  3. Congratulations. Another addicted angler.... Woody
  4. I had the same thing happen on my Penn Yan i thought it was fuel or fuel filters , ended up being the coil went bad..... Woody
  5. Way to go on the Steel, so may options down there for every species..... Woody
  6. Brian I couldn’t agree more , Chris Kenyon in Wayne County has done a phenomenal job with tourism, but they know that is a huge part of putting money in everyone’s pocket, I don’t understand why Monroe County doesn’t do a better job with that the fishing from Webster to sandy creek is really good just a shame....
  7. I think the best brown trout waters is from Ginna in Wayne county all the way to Sodus Point, I believe the reason so may Browns are on the board is due to more people fish out of Monroe county .... We still got a couple weeks to go ...
  8. Chris lives 15 minutes from me he is tops in Wayne county when it comes to his flies and meat setups, he has made me custom setups that are mind blowing.... Woody
  9. #1 #2 will cause big headaches for you , you will get line twist and always do #3 at all times with a top of the line locking swivel... Especially the last option I have lost many fish with non locking swivel....
  10. The only dumb question is the ones you don't ask....
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