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  1. Mike I thought that was you I seen on the east side around the eclipse time, sweet boat... We had all the guys from work down to his place on the lake just south of where you were targeting panfish.. Woody
  2. Keep them coming and enjoy vacation..
  3. I know that pier, nice fish Dylan.....
  4. I had the same thing happen on my Penn Yan and thought it was water in the fuel. It ended up being the coil. I replaced it and never had a issue again..... Woody
  5. Sweet report, I absolutely love the challenge of fishing alone. Especially boating big boys by yourself. Kudos... Woody
  6. Cayuga

    Fished yesterday in the tournament out of genesee river and the same thing first fish came in an absolute downpour and I was lucky enough to draw that straw, got soaked.. Insane good fishing in the rain.. Woody
  7. Looks like you were making a sweet duck hunting blind...... Woody
  8. Nice outing Nick, how were the lake conditions.... Woody
  9. Brand new 14 lb Fluke anchor Selling a brand new Fluke anchor for my neighbor, $20 cash and carry pickup in Wayne county or eastern Monroe county. Woody pics upon request
  10. One of the prettiest lakes in Canada....
  11. nice report Rene......