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  1. One of the coolest deer camera picture we ever got....
  2. He's aTank....I wonder what he dressed out at
  3. Legacy you just made coffee come out my nose....
  4. The warmest and the most comfortable I have ever had, Muck boots...
  5. Fbg what is the inside spread, beautiful deer
  6. Bruce that's a sweet buck love the G1s and G2s
  7. Before I got hurt the last week of October and the first week of November I hunted all day the deer are moving all day so I loved being out there watching nature it's really cool ,have several big bucks on the wall and they all got shot between 10-2 my father used to tell me the same thing come in for lunch and then go back out for the evening hunt and I always seemed to bump deer all the time going back in so when I told him I wanted to stay in the stand he couldn't under So he said you won't see anything , I shot my first big 8 pointer at noon went in to get dad to help me drag it out and you could see the lightbulb go on
  8. It's hard for me because I started working there in 1987 in high school and college I got to talk to phenomenal people there charter captains, lure designers Rochester bass master members, phenomenal hunters, and all these guys I would ask questions or pick there brains and they not one time say "no". The total gentlemen. I started working charters as a first mate for a lot of quality captains out of sodus point, and again teach me anything I wanted to know. I got a paycheck weekly but the majority of it went back to my employer for lures, rods and reels, hunting stuff.....sad
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