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    Fishing and Hunting and chasing the kids.
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  1. Earl good report remember that June is a difficult month to fish until the lake sets up fish will be very scattered I always found its a really good time to try different techniques and different lures and enjoy the beautiful lake we have
  2. When I fished solo it was very rewarding , on my Islander I would run 1 down rigger and 2 wires, everybody fishes solo different but this worked for me I did awesome and loved the challenge of boating some big kings, always had the net ready and not to far from the helm
  3. One of the coolest deer camera picture we ever got....
  4. He's aTank....I wonder what he dressed out at
  5. Legacy you just made coffee come out my nose....
  6. The warmest and the most comfortable I have ever had, Muck boots...
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