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    Fishing and Hunting and chasing the kids.
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  1. Damn are you sure it’s not a horse.... Nice deer.
  2. Nice, a big ole swamp donkey....
  3. I hope you got him out of school he looks ready, nice....
  4. The magnum metal downrigger looks like an old Walker downrigger....
  5. Guys any time people debate or argue the magnitude of that horrible day we are I feel disgracing them, I have 30 years in the fire service , 20 years on local 2223 . This thread was started to honor our brothers and sisters that parished, please we cannot always agree on everything but we always forget sacrifices that are made everyday, please , if you want to debate people start another thread.... Woody
  6. I had a similar thing happen to me except no confrontation with anyone , people decided to have a party in my docked boat at Carey's cove in Sodus, and dropped multiple downrigger balls and cracked the fiberglass and when they got done just untied it and let it drift out in the bay and got a call from the coast guard at 400am saying your boat was found adrift in the bay......
  7. When I got hurt at work I lost all my senses including smell and taste but I can Smell that old salmon.. Thanks for helping me have a little reality.... Woody
  8. About 8 years ago I bought a spectrum 176 and the wiring was horrible so I gutted it and rewired the entire boat, it really wasn't difficult new fuse box and all new wires, pretty proud of myself....
  9. I have never caught pike on a senko, crank baits, gold spoons, surface lures , but never senkos...
  10. They have camping ,2 launches but unsure the cost used to be $10 to launch
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