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  1. Sorry for your mammoth loss, I hate that horrible disease
  2. Maybe the administrator can toss this individual, also for someone with 8 posts seems like he’s a taker and someone we probably know which is even sadder…. Woody
  3. I hope I am the only one having issues. Woody
  4. Legacy I thought it was just me….
  5. I used to rake up a hefty bag of leaves and throw the camouflage clothing in it , worked great, very cheap….
  6. Rolmops, can you post pictures of your transom replacement also, I have Islander also and it’s going to need the same as your boat, also rough cost of your replacement. Thanks Woody
  7. Very Sad , I spent hours with Steve’s sidekick, he fished a ton of tournaments together , he was always open to helping fisherman or having a Beer on the dock….
  8. Sweet Ride, enjoy her….
  9. My guess is a Shadling by Blue Fox
  10. I hope you chummed that nasty thing back in lake O in 20 pieces….
  11. What the hell is wrong with people, next time put a gps tracer and put it in a locked tool box in the bed so next time tell the cops follow the gps signal.
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