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  1. Unfortunately zero, my eyes
  2. Les I totally agree with your statement, these Dumbass politicians only want us to argue so they can continue filling their pockets and we barely get by, when the people don’t get to hold the politicians accountable in term limits and PAC money they can you use, we are going to continue to spin our wheels, this place I call home I truly love it, just wish had politicians who truly cared about us much as we love this state…. Woody
  3. I totally Agree with you on both statements. I’m Shocked Gambler hasn’t posted anything on this….
  4. Hunting season starts in 9 months
  5. Prayers…. 2 days before Halloween about 100am i woke up thinking I had to take a dump so tried nothing happened , then all of a sudden I just projectile vomiting Blood bad. Literally painted the white bathroom Red. My wife woke up she literally started freaking out due to the Blood loss. She called 911 and waited for the ambulance to rive I just non stop projectile vomited. Apparently I passed out in the Monster puddle of Blood due the blood loss. I was a Medic for over 30 years and I never seen anything this horrible, you would go on incidents that said they were vomiting blood and you see a couple drops around, the paramedics said my BP was 60/40. Long story but I unfortunately stayed at Strong for 5 days due to the blood loss, the RN said I almost died. The doctors said I was insanely close to dying. Apparently one of the side effects of the esophageal cancer surgery is Bleeding Ulcer..
  6. They are very gross and very dangerous .. good luck whaler
  7. That’s a TANK…. More details on the spread and how many points….
  8. That’s why they are called the KINGs. For a fish they do insane moves, you did an awesome job landed that king, just when you think you’ve got them figured out then pull another strange move. Congratulations on the Derby fish. It’s a Slob….
  9. Dan one thing we all do is throw every snubber in the garbage and tie direct, those snubbers have lost so many fish…. Woody
  10. Nice report, the only thing that would have made your trip better is real labatts Bleue….
  11. How is Fort. Myers’s recovering from the Hurricane….
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