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  1. Was their yesterday and someone backed off the cement launch trying to launch a pontoon and they had to bring someone in to tow them out. You should be fine but know where the cement ramp ends or you’ll end up like that guy.
  2. ejt_30

    Walleye Bite?

    Any word on the walleye bite? Have heard some reports from the eastern basin of Lake Ontario. Some say their shallow and hugging bottom while others are saying they are deep and suspended. Everyone seems to be catching them everywhere. Just wondering what other people have to say.
  3. I went out of Henderson last weekend, was in a 16’ alumacraft and was fine the water was to low to get through the cut into the main lake and was not able to get out to troll for browns. Boat was too small to go all the way around the islands. Ended up trolling around the harbor looking for whatever bites with no luck
  4. Thanks for the tips! Will definitely try that out!
  5. I'm new to Lake Ontario here in Henderson and have heard some good things about the Salmon and Lake Trout fishing, I got some Cabela's Depthmaster 3 rod and reel combos, I have 4 planer board rods and 2 dipsy diver rods. I think I have a pretty good start with rod, reels, and planer boards and dipsy divers. I have two size 030 dipsy divers and 2 starboard planer boards and 2 port side planer boards. I have no idea where to find these fish or what to use to catch them. I heard that they catch them somewhere called The Trench and off Stony Point Lighthouse. I'm looking for some information on April Lake Trout. I'm not looking for specific spots or anything, just someone to point me in the right direction on where to find them and what baits to use. Thanks.
  6. Try fishing steep contours in BRB go no deeper than 35 feet of water, if you have side imaging or auto chart live use those to find weedlines and cast swimbaits along the weed lines.
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