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  1. Hunted with a buddy on Saturday and we both limited out, both shot 6 BWT. Today, went to a different spot, was considerably slower than yesterday and birds were acting timid which was expected after hearing reports of lots of pressure on Saturday. Only shot one BWT.
  2. Also ran into that same CSL ship Friday morning. I love seeing the ships in the SLR. Caught a nice limit of walleyes to go with it.
  3. 25-35 has been productive, i don’t have much confidence fishing deeper because i’ve never really had success that deep but any of the shoals typically hold fish.
  4. Nice looking fish! we also bass bass fished this morning and didn’t have quite as much size but we had the numbers and caught around 15 plus a bonus walleye around 19”. caught a few around 4 pounds and one pushing 5 pounds. it was a cold morning and had to bundle up until the sun got up to warm things up
  5. Had a good day today, caught two walleyes and two bass. I dont experience crazy success but i’ve probably caught around 25-30 walleye this year which is enough to keep me happy. Today both bass were around the same size and one walleye was 24” and the other was just over 29”. So far this year I have had two walleyes over 29 which have been my biggest this year. unfortunately, the only proof i have of the 29 incher was a short video showing it’s length on my bump board but I could not figure out how to upload videos so i took small screenshots to show.
  6. Looking for a 20-30hp surface drive mud motor
  7. Decent morning this morning walleye fishing. kept 3 because i had trouble releasing one and figured i might as well keep some nice eating sized fish to go with it. released a couple back as well.
  8. been doing a lot of trolling for walleyes and northerns and catching a lot of nice fish in the 22-27 inch range. finally got a really big fish today it was over 10 pounds and just a hair over 30”. only about 1 inch short of my personal best
  9. that’s a beautiful smallmouth. with the wind yesterday and today i have just been trolling because i find it quite difficult to maintain bottom contact with dropshots and ned rigs in this type of wind. Monday however looks calm and i’m hoping to catch some smallmouth then.
  10. Got out early to try to beat the wind. Trolled deep for most of the morning with berkley flicker minnows looking for walleyes. Hooked one fish and fought it about 3/4 the way back to the boat and then it popped off. Never saw it. About 20 min later hooked another fish and landed it. It ended up being an 8 and a half pound northern. Kind of a slow day but can’t complain about catching fish and being on the river.
  11. Fished in the Ogdensburg area Sunday and trolled hard for northerns in the 16’-18’ range in areas i’ve had success before. No northerns but accidentally hooked a smallmouth that i did not bring into the boat, i just reached over and got the hook out. Also used Rapala jigging raps at spots i’ve had success before for walleyes in the 22’-25’ range. No walleyes either. Ended the day casting spoons in some bays for northern in the 15’ range and got some follows and saw some fish but no takers. Avoided going shallower than 12’ all day to avoid any spawning that is going on. Saw multiple bass boats however that had no issue fishing for bass on beds. That is disappointing to see. Overall, just happy to be back on the river.
  12. Definitely saw a push of birds lots of ring necks but we talked with a guy at the launch and he had some gadwall and mallards that he shot. Starting to look better.
  13. I had the worst opener ever, couldn’t get out on Saturday but went out into Dexter Marsh WMA on Sunday. Saw a few wood ducks and teal, none of them wanted anything to do with me. Had two black ducks working us then guys near started shootings and they left, quite a few ring necks. Glad to see someone had to some success Congratulations!
  14. I ended up fishing by myself for the most part in my jon boat and caught quite a few walleye, all trolling leadcore with Bandit Deep Divers, and Berkley Flicker Minnows size 11 along the 30 foot contour from chippewa to crossover island. Biggest was 31 inches, also caught a 29 incher, as well as a couple 27 inchers, and quite a few in the 22-26 inch range. I kept two 24 inchers to eat. All the other ones were released safely. Towards the end of the trip I fished a little with my dad around the ogdensburg area and caught one walleye bottom bouncing. I also caught one big northern.
  15. Great pics, what was the weight on that second to last picture, looks huge.
  16. This upcoming weekend I will be making a trip with a couple buddies up to chippewa bay to hopefully catch some walleye. I usually salmon and walleye troll in the lake out of and around Henderson. As of right now we plan to troll Chippewa point along the edge of the shipping channel down towards crossover island. I've made one trip up to the river so far in June and caught quite a few walleye around the Ogdensburg area but I don't know what things have been like since then. I would like to know if the boat launch in chippewa bay has enough water for a 21 foot boat. Any additional info about the walleye bite would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Was their yesterday and someone backed off the cement launch trying to launch a pontoon and they had to bring someone in to tow them out. You should be fine but know where the cement ramp ends or you’ll end up like that guy.
  18. ejt_30

    Walleye Bite?

    Any word on the walleye bite? Have heard some reports from the eastern basin of Lake Ontario. Some say their shallow and hugging bottom while others are saying they are deep and suspended. Everyone seems to be catching them everywhere. Just wondering what other people have to say.
  19. I went out of Henderson last weekend, was in a 16’ alumacraft and was fine the water was to low to get through the cut into the main lake and was not able to get out to troll for browns. Boat was too small to go all the way around the islands. Ended up trolling around the harbor looking for whatever bites with no luck
  20. Thanks for the tips! Will definitely try that out!
  21. I'm new to Lake Ontario here in Henderson and have heard some good things about the Salmon and Lake Trout fishing, I got some Cabela's Depthmaster 3 rod and reel combos, I have 4 planer board rods and 2 dipsy diver rods. I think I have a pretty good start with rod, reels, and planer boards and dipsy divers. I have two size 030 dipsy divers and 2 starboard planer boards and 2 port side planer boards. I have no idea where to find these fish or what to use to catch them. I heard that they catch them somewhere called The Trench and off Stony Point Lighthouse. I'm looking for some information on April Lake Trout. I'm not looking for specific spots or anything, just someone to point me in the right direction on where to find them and what baits to use. Thanks.
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