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  1. How is Fort. Myers’s recovering from the Hurricane….
  2. One of my first jobs was as first mate out of Sodus and he taught big sweeping turns until you figure out exactly what the fish want..
  3. Sorry for your mammoth loss, I hate that horrible disease
  4. Maybe the administrator can toss this individual, also for someone with 8 posts seems like he’s a taker and someone we probably know which is even sadder…. Woody
  5. I hope I am the only one having issues. Woody
  6. Legacy I thought it was just me….
  7. I used to rake up a hefty bag of leaves and throw the camouflage clothing in it , worked great, very cheap….
  8. Rolmops, can you post pictures of your transom replacement also, I have Islander also and it’s going to need the same as your boat, also rough cost of your replacement. Thanks Woody
  9. Very Sad , I spent hours with Steve’s sidekick, he fished a ton of tournaments together , he was always open to helping fisherman or having a Beer on the dock….
  10. Sweet Ride, enjoy her….
  11. My guess is a Shadling by Blue Fox
  12. I hope you chummed that nasty thing back in lake O in 20 pieces….
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