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  1. What the hell is wrong with people, next time put a gps tracer and put it in a locked tool box in the bed so next time tell the cops follow the gps signal.
  2. Impressive Fish for solo trip, I used to love that Adrenaline rush.
  3. Walworth is so low , and swampland everywhere, it’s snake country, that snake kept scaring my daughter by her car had to whack him….
  4. Jack it’s a Walworth Milk snake…. Lol, I figured where you are backed up to the swamp it be a water snake….
  5. I love that model boat, can you post a couple pictures of her
  6. Don’t look at the 10 day weather forecast, you won’t like it.
  7. The first time I fished the Bar I had a out of body experience, the fishing was insanely awesome , the fish fight harder and we caught so many. Honestly it was a let down to fish again out of Hughes again, but the answer is Yes, enjoy it. I remember working on charter boats with some awesome Captains in the mid eighties and you would here them talk about Olcott and Wilson, and how the fishing is out West. If I could make a suggestion to you maybe charter your time, it’s Really worth it to hire a charter, they will teach you things so the me you go you can fish out of your own setup….Woody
  8. No worries Zach I love everyone’s opinions, appreciate your input….
  9. Zach my fathers opinion was exactly that, he wanted to have a quartering away shot and his fixed broadhead to stay in the deer cavity and do more damage in the heart and lungs…. Woody
  10. Having done deer processing for over 20 years we always found the broadhead and a small chunk of arrow, I just figured with today’s technology could help hunters recover deer better, something like Coon hunters and there dogs….
  11. Guys I have another question for you from my damaged brain, sorry if it comes out wrong, some of you know my father was a DEC Archery instructor before he died in 1995.. He had a couple rules he put on top of the state, one was ethical shots, he spent hours making sure hunters only took ethical shots, another rule he had was blood trails, every hunter I’ve talked to they say the same thing how much he instilled in the hunters on how to track deer. So why is it in today’s technology you cannot come up with a GPS in the arrow or the lighted nock…. Woody
  12. Guys something I’ve been thinking about lately especially having time to try to read posts here, my brain is pretty screwed up so sorry if this comes out wrong, I’ve been fishing the lake for over 35 years and somethings been bothering we lately, why has a company not integrated down speed and down temp in a downrigger ball instead of only having very limited options with Sub-troll or fishhawk. This is mainly aimed at Yankee he’s really up on technology…. Woody
  13. There is only one way to stop all this nonsense is to stop with this Liberal , Conservative, Democrat, Republican…. Instead of taking there BS bait all the time and did what Gambler said and wrote our Congressmen and women.
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