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  1. Off topic but where did you launch on irondequiot? Is the north launch ooen again?
  2. Im interested but dont have alot to spend if its still for sale in a while give me a shout. I only have 150 to work with. Thanks and good luck!
  3. Nice day! Water looks pretty mellow too. Question for ya. How far do you run ur baits behind ur riggers in the spring?
  4. Ranger 6 ft extending handle. Landed some big fish with this net. 26lb king the biggest. $40 obo. Located in rochester local pick up.
  5. How does the 40 horse push that boat does it take a minute to get on plane?
  6. Check with marinas in the area. The service you are looking for is called dry docking. Some launch it for you when u call and tell them ur coming. Its pretty reasonable too. A pretty fair amount of marinas in the rochester area offer it id assume that way would as well. Good luck.
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