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  1. Located in Rochester NY. Went to an auction today grabbed a few things won't need all these lures so figured I'd spread the wealth. Lots of crappie 1" tubes. Some inch worms, spiders, g-grubs, 1/2" worms etc. Looking for 60 obo for everything. 5853146553 Eric. Call or text is best. If you want some but not all let me know not looking to make much just want my money back. I can split stuff up as well.
  2. What type of crestliner did it come off of?
  3. Size of the motor and assume its the same year as the boat?
  4. Northeast blow today pretty solid. May change it all up. I started this am in 120 ft. Rigger picked up a quick laker on a spoon (white glow) in 51 degree water 50ft down. Few minutes later in 128 fow 55 down on the rigger with a ff, fired to get a upper teens king as that was being fought our dipsy at 165 also went off with a spoon white glow again. That came unbuttoned. 2 for 3 in about an hour total and we called it due to waves that were steadily building to out match my 18 ft boat. Was hoping for it to be a little calmer and get a full day in. Not worth the risk tho. Good luck to ya man.
  5. Krenzers, fowlers, arneys, sodus bay marina,can all probably dock ya. Depends on where the cottage is. Do you have an idea of where on sodus bay it is? Krenzers is closest to the channel then probably fowlers. I believe its still no wake on the bay so it takes a little bit to get out of the channel.
  6. Off topic but where did you launch on irondequiot? Is the north launch ooen again?
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