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  1. Well, I will be taking you up on one of them.. When all is set with my noat and gear I would like to arrange a full day. I will let you know when I have everything set... thanks
  2. Something to think about. How much ?
  3. I think I am set but worth the look. Thanks
  4. thanks for the speed tip.. I was thinking if I could't I would add a troiling plate
  5. Penn Fathom-Master 825 wiring help

    Ok great, right now they don't so I will cap and shrink wrap both,,
  6. Thanks,, I jumped and invited my brothers to fly in to fish so gotta have things ready for when the take me up on the offer.. ok, I am doing it for me and they can use it all if they ask nicely..
  7. just picked up a pair of Penn 209 LC so.. but now I need to stop before I can't pay my bills
  8. building my stock of things to install: New Garmin Echmap 74SV, VHF radio that I picked up on craigslist (new mast to go with it), some red led's strips that I will put in the recesed pold holders for night fishing.. Just need the snow to go away so I can rig it up..
  9. Penn Fathom-Master 825 wiring help

    great thanks.. so not needed. That's what I was hoping for.
  10. I got a great deal on a pair of Penn Fathom-Master 825's BUT the wiring was cut and the owner only used the + and - wires to run the riggers.. Now there are 4 wires in the harness so any one have an ised as to what the other 2 wires are for? I am trying to find the manuals for these on line but hoped that someone has a knowledge of these..
  11. I'm all set now but thanks
  12. I am working on these.. nice package of some 200 plus spoons along with a bunch of other items, boards, rods and etc....
  13. I was just on their site and look like a cool tool.. will need to check into these once I can get the boat rigged and gear..
  14. is this something that is attached to the rigger ball to get that reading? I just bought a Garmin echmap 7sv and am not sure if that can be added or not...