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  1. for sale : usa Grady White

    she's still available and ready to fish!
  2. 83 repowered,low hours 2012 mercury 9.9 4 stroke remote steering,four cannon electric riggers,fish hawk,Garmin gps/sonar,marine radio,stereo system,planer board mast and reels,outriggers,great boat! Well over 20,000 invested. Huge sacrifice to the first $10,000
  3. custom downrigger weights

    come and swap fish stories with me at the flee market on Sunday in Watkins Glen community center 9am to 2pm.
  4. Still available from 10 to 16 pounds
  5. custom downrigger weights

    prices going up ! Lead jumped 20%
  6. custom downrigger weights

    thank you!
  7. custom downrigger weights

    will be at the flta flee market in Watkins Glen on the 25th
  8. custom downrigger weights

    I'm thinking mixed veggies,they are green silver chartreuse and orange .unfortunately I don't have a picture of them. If that is what you want call or text me 607 346 4782 thanks
  9. custom downrigger weights

    looks like they will work! They have a larger tail and I made them slightly longer.$80 ea
  10. for sale : usa Grady White

    thanks, I guess if nobody takes advantage of the opportunity I still own a really nice boat!
  11. for sale : usa Grady White

    She's a beauty!
  12. custom downrigger weights

    happy fishing! Got 200 lbs to melt today. Going to try to make 18 pounders
  13. for sale : usa Grady White

    221 pacific 3.8 repowered in 2010 ,93 gal fuel tank. Cuddy reupholstered.
  14. for sale : usa Grady White

    call me at 607 346 4782
  15. custom downrigger weights

    prices are same as last year 10/$55 ea 12/$60 ea 14/$65 ea 16/$70 ea
  16. custom downrigger weights

    I am working full time now,so order early!!
  17. custom downrigger weights

    at the shop today and tomorrow,still have a few sets left
  18. custom downrigger weights

    shutting down soon,if you are looking to get them, inventory is getting low
  19. Down rigger weights

    hey it's Bikini bottom,wondering why you are selling the weights?
  20. custom downrigger weights

    call or text 607 346 4782 thanks
  21. lamprey infestation

    lamprey infestation fished Saturday and Sunday on Seneca. Nearly every fish we caught had a lamprey attached. Maybe this is why the quality of fishing has declined so much over the years. Anyone else experience the same?
  22. custom downrigger weights

    will be going back and forth to camp soon,so turnaround times will not be as fast.
  23. custom downrigger weights

    awesome! Thanks