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  1. I had a 20' Crestliner that I did not paint the bottom and it was a chore to clean off in the fall. I now own a 28' Marinette aluminum cruiser. I paint the bottom every year with a thin coat of Interlux Trilux 33. Made for aluminum. Other bottom paint contains copper which is bad for aluminum. I hope this helps Brian
  2. Nick Sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope it is only minor. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your live reports. Tight Lines
  3. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wanted

    Call C-Me Marine Sales out of Buffalo they are open Saturdays (716) 837-4148. Their website doesn't list all their inventory.
  5. 4 Pin lok washers for Tite Lok rod holders. Pay USPS shipping only from zip code 16508. Weight is 3 oz.
  6. Could you weigh the complete unit boxed up and get an approximate shipping cost to Erie PA zip 16508? I will send you $125 plus shipping cost. Any questions call me @ 814-882-4918. Thanks Brian
  7. Is that $150 for all 4? And if so where are you located? levelwind