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  1. I am interested. My location is Buffalo NY.
  2. Fished solo 7:30 to 11:00 straight out and west to Hopkins Creek 70 fow. 8 kings. Three were pushing 20lbs. NBK down 35 was hot. Carbon 14 and UVa two face chipped in. No lakers.
  3. I have always treated fuel with stabil first. Then run the engine until the stabil is being introduced into the motor. This of course before fogging the cylinders. I used the red color stabil up until the last two years now I use the blue color (marine). The marine grade treats fuel for 12 months where as the red last up to 24.
  4. Yes. Still available for pick in Amherst NY.
  5. For sale is a pair of Big Jon rail mount planer board reels with 150' of line and a pair of Super Ski planer boards with collapsible kit. The starboard board has some sun fading as shown in the pictures. Please feel free to ask any questions. $200. Local pick up preferred. Will ship for actual shipping cost. This is a package deal. Not looking to separate. Call or text 716-394-1903
  6. I have owned a two bank and a three bank Minn Kota on two different boats with standard deep cycle batteries with no issues. And I have recommended them to three other boat owners on my dock who have had no issues. I originally had a Pro Mariner but after going through two units, only one covered by warranty. I switched to Minn Kota. I'm not trying to sound like a paid advertisement either. Just sharing my experiences.
  7. I have a 16'er and would fish tomorrow if I wasn't on call for work. I always check real time wind at the Olcott buoy. Here's the linkhttps://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=olcn6
  8. Epic. The best description for fishing on Saturday AM off Olcott. Fished solo 8:00 to 11:00 west of the harbor in 60' to 80' fow. 3 for 5 on kings. Over a dozen lakers. Riggers at 45' to 55'. Wire divers 80' to 100' on 2.5.The stud lure of the day DW white two face. Shout out to Capt. Bob Songin. His reports last year made me a believer in this spoon. At least a dozen other boats out. And now for the disturbing news. I saw a lot of 20' boats at the ramp with 3-4 guys in them arriving in different vehicles. I'm not the social distancing police. It's just a simple observation. I get it. The fishing is great right now. Everyone stay safe. Stay healthy.
  9. Started in 19 fow. Got one brown then after an hour headed out deep after talking to Gill T yesterday. Nice to finally see a person who you read their reports. Which made me realize after 2 years of living in Buffalo I needed to update my profile so people don't think I sneaking into the state to fish. The profile pic is the boat moored in the upper river that the wife and I decided to buy a few years back when we lived in Erie. No regrets I still kept the 16'er for fishing. Went out to 80 fow off the red barn. The picture was in 75 fow but no takers. Trolled east to port. But the real screen was off the red barn. Had some lookers but no takers. Half as many trailers in lot today than yesterday. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.
  10. Today was crazy different. 3 kings one after another in 19 fow then motor quit. fouled plugs. Shout out to the guy who towed me in. All three on in-lines 125' back 100' out. The skinny king hit a J-9 black and silver the other two hit the orange renosky. All fish released. Mistake on previous report it was Thursday 4/2. Both days fished solo with life vest on. Just glad to give back. Stay healthy.
  11. After reading and taking so much from this site it"s my turn to give. Thursday 5-7 PM right in front 18 fow 2 lakers, 1 atlantic ( blow up pic and see X shaped spots I missed it too) hit 3 color lead pulling green gator, 1 brown, On frog NK 28 8' rigger. Both lakers were small one on a orange Renosky inline, The other hit the frog rigger.
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