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  1. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Friday 12/29 location ANF Rocky Gap Trail Head. With only 4" of snow and 11 degrees I was able to hunt 3 to 5 PM. Stood for an hour and a half then started looking on the way out. Ran into 3 does as they ran off. Snow blowing this AM then hopefully back to camp Levelwind
  2. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Tuesday was the first day of PA late archery/flintlock season with 54" of fresh snow in Erie county it was tag soup for dinner. Wednesday another 6+ inches and some tags were cut up for tag tips over noodles. I needed carbs for shoveling. Thursday worked late and prepared gun for first hunt Friday afternoon hunt down at camp in Warren due to working in Bradford. I heard they only have 4 inches. Then drive back to Erie because of another 6 to 12 inches on the way. And possibly a Saturday afternoon hunt somewhere. Thanks to everyone for posting and congratulations to those who were successful. Levelwind
  3. Five Star Review for Tuna's Reel Trouble Just received my to Diawa Sg27lc from Tuna's and all I can say is that Andy is the best at what he does. He received the reels on a Thursday and called me Friday at noon saying they were done. Fast turnaround. Quality work at a reasonable rate and even the packing was more than sufficient. Also each reel was tagged with a description of work done and a bag of old parts attached. Sorry for rambling but I am in field service and this quality of service and work needs to be recognized. Thank You levelwind
  4. Okuma reel repair?

    I just checked my email and got a reply. Probably his busy season. Keep the Faith levelwind
  5. Okuma reel repair?

    I just sent 2 Diawa Sg27lc's to him arriving on Thursday with no response to emails and a lot of hope. I'll keep you posted. levelwind
  6. Aluminum boat hull

    I had a 20' Crestliner that I did not paint the bottom and it was a chore to clean off in the fall. I now own a 28' Marinette aluminum cruiser. I paint the bottom every year with a thin coat of Interlux Trilux 33. Made for aluminum. Other bottom paint contains copper which is bad for aluminum. I hope this helps Brian
  7. Nick Sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope it is only minor. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your live reports. Tight Lines
  8. Buck lost his velvet

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Wanted WANTED mercruiser drive coupler

    Call C-Me Marine Sales out of Buffalo they are open Saturdays (716) 837-4148. Their website doesn't list all their inventory.
  10. 4 Pin lok washers for Tite Lok rod holders. Pay USPS shipping only from zip code 16508. Weight is 3 oz.
  11. Could you weigh the complete unit boxed up and get an approximate shipping cost to Erie PA zip 16508? I will send you $125 plus shipping cost. Any questions call me @ 814-882-4918. Thanks Brian
  12. Is that $150 for all 4? And if so where are you located? levelwind