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  1. So I ended up running my onboard tank low and the motor reserve tank started feeding the motor. Long story short the 4 beep alarm came on and wont go away until reserve the tank is full. I filled the large onboard tank however the reserve tank is not filling itself. It seems like the reserve tank needs to be bled? Does anyone know if you just loosen the cap and run the motor? I have stripped one of the caps before and that required a new tank ($$$). Anyone with any experience or advice I would be glad to hear from. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to everyone for their input. Headed out this morning 5:00AM. Had a great morning and slammed a few Kings. Water was flat and wind was calm. Best fishing was down about 50-60 over 112 for us.
  3. I am debating going out of Olcott tomorrow 5/16 early. I have a 19ft boat. I see the weathers is reporting 2-7 Mph out of the NNE. What are peoples thoughts on wave heights? I believe the direction is bad but winds are fairly light. Hoping someone with more experience can give some guidence. The other option is bass/walleye out of SBH.
  4. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering what to expect as far as exchanging money and interaction etc.
  5. I have an electric Mini Mag I am willing to let go of for $120.00. I am in the Williamsville area. Pickup or meets only please no shipping. Thanks
  6. I have two Cannon Dual Crank Downriggers I am looking to get rid of. I will take $20 each. I am in the Williamsville Area.
  7. I have two Easi-troll Cannon downriggers. One is new in the box. I am willing to part with them for $270 firm. Just the new one will cost you close to $210. Essentially you are getting a second Easi-Troll for $60.00. Txt Jeff 716-574-8866. I would prefer local pickup rather than shipping. I am in the Williamsville area. Thanks
  8. Great job! Were they collecting money at the ramp in the small shed as usual?
  9. Hello yes they are still available. I would be willing to meet. Where are you coming from? I am in Williamsville. Thanks
  10. I have two Cannon Easi-Troll downriggers for sale. The one is brand new in the box. I just bought it this summer but I ended up getting an amazing deal on some larger riggers. I have the base for the used one as well. I am looking to get $270.00 for both. The new Easi-Troll-ST's go for about $186.00 alone. That is $130.00 per downrigger. That is the price you will see for two used ones. I am in the Amherst Williamsville area. Thanks!
  11. I have 5 Cannon Downriggers I am looking to sell. One of the Easi-Troll's is new in the box. Bases are included for all but the dual cranks. I am looking to get $450 for all of them. 2 qty - Cannon Easi-Troll 1 qty - Cannon mini-Mag Electric 2 qty - Cannon Dual Crank (no bases but you can get them for $20 online)
  12. Thanks for all the great responses. I think that has a lot to do with why I hook up sometimes and not others. I think I spend a lot of timing pulling rigs tat the wrong speed and or not at the right temps wasting precious hours. I think improving on that and tweaking my rigs will be a good step forward. This is indeed a big constantly changing puzzle. Thanks
  13. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I am not far off just a few tweaks. Cant wait until its fishing time.
  14. So I have been running a Dipsey rod for about 4 years now and have caught one fish. Obviously I am doing something very wrong. I am running 50# braid on a 9ft Okuma Dipsey rod. I will generally let out 200ft of line and use the largest size Dipsey in black or silver. I have the Dipsey set to the highest setting to the side. Behind the Dipsey I have the rubber snubber and then maybe 6ft of 25Lb mono attached to a spoon. Anything I am doing obciously wrong here?
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