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  1. I have two Cannon Easi-Troll downriggers for sale. The one is brand new in the box. I just bought it this summer but I ended up getting an amazing deal on some larger riggers. I have the base for the used one as well. I am looking to get $270.00 for both. The new Easi-Troll-ST's go for about $186.00 alone. That is $130.00 per downrigger. That is the price you will see for two used ones. I am in the Amherst Williamsville area. Thanks!
  2. I have 5 Cannon Downriggers I am looking to sell. One of the Easi-Troll's is new in the box. Bases are included for all but the dual cranks. I am looking to get $450 for all of them. 2 qty - Cannon Easi-Troll 1 qty - Cannon mini-Mag Electric 2 qty - Cannon Dual Crank (no bases but you can get them for $20 online)
  3. Thanks for all the great responses. I think that has a lot to do with why I hook up sometimes and not others. I think I spend a lot of timing pulling rigs tat the wrong speed and or not at the right temps wasting precious hours. I think improving on that and tweaking my rigs will be a good step forward. This is indeed a big constantly changing puzzle. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I am not far off just a few tweaks. Cant wait until its fishing time.
  5. So I have been running a Dipsey rod for about 4 years now and have caught one fish. Obviously I am doing something very wrong. I am running 50# braid on a 9ft Okuma Dipsey rod. I will generally let out 200ft of line and use the largest size Dipsey in black or silver. I have the Dipsey set to the highest setting to the side. Behind the Dipsey I have the rubber snubber and then maybe 6ft of 25Lb mono attached to a spoon. Anything I am doing obciously wrong here?
  6. So given the cost of a new Fish hawk is $700 how necessary is this? I have been trolling for a few years now and have caught some fish however I regularly return to the dock to hear glorious stories of success on days when I have caught 2 fish. I think one of my main deficiencies is maintaining proper speed. Is there a more economical way to do this? I guess I am asking if everyone basically uses a Fish Hawk or if you can still be successful without one. I only get to fish maybe 4 times a year so I try to get by on a budget where I can. If I determine this is crucial I will just have to suck it up and buy one. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Remember they will enjoy the experience either way. The first lesson is enjoy the outdoors and the experience. Catching a fish or harvesting game is the cherry on top. Let them have fun and assume fishing and catching is secondary to their overall experience and remember attention spans are short. They will want to explore the boat and dig through your plastic baits. Let them and remember when you take young kids fishing it will be all about them. Have fun! Good luck.
  8. Does anyone have any experience they can share in regards to keeping an aluminum hull in a slip? I had a fiberglass boat in one for years and my main complaint was the staining of the hull but other than that no problems. How do the Aluminum hulls clean at the end of the year? Any issues or concerns with transmetalation from tray current?
  9. FYI this is the fitting where the tube coming from the oil tank connects. I believe it has a pressurized check valve. I wonder if by filling it to the top it could have exceeded the optimal pressure. http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/mercury/M-424254.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwlcXXBRBhEiwApfHGTTk0INX-aoUgbtPElz7djCnPUsMPpgH9uZCgK0QxEZehTv5yr9VFERoCFicQAvD_BwE
  10. So last summer at the end of the season I thought my onboard oil tank was full because it was tilted. Long story short it was not and my alarm went off signaling the reserve oil tank in the motor was low. After filling the onboard tank I topped off the tank in the motor as well. I believe this was incorrect and I should have bled the system first by running the motor with the cap off if the reserve tank and then put it back on. So the first trip out after filling I noticed oil dripping out of the motor. The cap does not appear to be stripped and is secured tightly. I did notice there is a brass 3 way with a open end nipple attached to the line where the oil is fed. Could I be experiencing some type of pressure release because I filled it to the top? I am stumped as to where the oil is coming from and thought would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I have a Mercury 150 Optimax that is about 3 yrs old. I generally fill the oil reservoir with 1 gallon of Quicksilver DFI oil and use about 1/8 of it by the end of the season. Is it ok to be using the same oil the next season? The last two years I have replaced it but I feel like I am wasting so much and its pricey. I am also considering using ethenol free high octane fuel. I am currently using regular 87 with 10% ethenol and treating it every time with StaBil marine. What option do you feel is best? I am concerned I could also be introducing issues with high octane fuel and the motor has been running great but to be fair its pretty new. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. There was no mud line. The water was emerald green and slightly cloudy out to about 25 ft.
  13. Same report here. We fished 7 hrs only caught 1 coho and lost 2 of something else. The weather and water was awesome if the fish would have showed up it would have been an amazing day. I wonder where they all went.
  14. Great thanks for the info. How is the rocks situation? Do I need to know the water well or be particularly cautious?
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