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  1. Price drop 430.00 for the mag 10 and 330.00 for the mah 5. If u buy both I will throw in 3 10 pound cannon ball weights. U pay shipping on those thanks
  2. used Once cannon mag 5 and a mag 10 electric downrigger mag 5 does not have extendable boom but I didn’t use that feature anyway please text or call the releases do not go with the downriggers, also Cisco Mount unr der the swivel bases do not go with them. I paid 599 and 439 bass pro new. I will do 450.00 on the mag 10 and 350 on the mag 5 both have a swivel base also included and the cord to battery. Thanks 417 8443662 thanks
  3. I will post pictures of all reels poles chamberlain releases downriggers cannonballs tonight.
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