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  1. I called Greg from the store. He said he only saw same post. Do you know this Derek Oliver person? Please call (201)334-6670 with info. Mike
  2. Tried to contact Greg from hardware store to ask him to put it on store board. I think they lost phone line because of the wind. Now I wish I had a Facebook account I erased when they went public.
  3. I doubt it but I hope. I was second to last to leave the parking lot. Came back in an hour ant it was gone.
  4. Lost Panoptix ice fishing unit at DEP access point to Mud bay 2/23/19. If you have any info or picked it up please pm. Reward guaranteed!
  5. Still looking. Willing to trade for Tanaka 2 stroke power head with Nills adapter for a good 2 man flip -over.
  6. I can pick it up along I 81 up to Watertown is the price is right.
  7. Looking for 2 man flip over in good shape, thermal a plus. Please PM
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