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  1. It was considering having foam plates in the jacket. They are always a compromise between comfort and safety.
  2. Selling my barely worn flotation suit here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sundridge-crossflow-pro-flotation-suit-XXL-ICE-FISHING-SUIT-/332993188017
  3. With last weekend bad weather this week it will be zoo and a half.
  4. Any fish left in shipping lane area?
  5. I used FF and had them 30=35 ft behind the ball. I had a lot of chasers on my graph as well.
  6. Last Sat 4/6 two lakers and kings Shipping channel 170fow
  7. Any updates on Henderson whereabouts? Weather looks OK for coming weekend, Mike
  8. Looking to buy Tracker V18 Tournament in good condition. Please pM, Cash transaction. Mike
  9. What is the finger/fingers in the area?I heard it few times. I am new to Henderson fishing Mike