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  1. Are they missing black mounting pads?
  2. I know it is off topic but how do you like your Arima for Ontario. I was impressed by how deep the boat was (19 Sea Ranger) but did not like the way it handled even 1-2feet. I’ve been thinking to give it another try. Which model do you have?
  3. There are couple of good videos on YouTube about this install. Make sure you use prescribed diameter hole saw. Tape working surface and cut it around with new sharp utility blade. Put transducer dry an tighten the nut. Tape the transducer and area around the hole and cut around transducer rim. Remove it and bed it in 42/5200. I did not used rubber washer. Make the nut snug but do not over tighten. Prep is 90% of the time.
  4. With B60 I was able to see schools of bait and some salmons going 25 m/h. mid you decided to go with it make sure you are prepping area very well and taping it to protect working surface from 5200. Place it so your trailer is not rolling or resting on it as well.
  5. I had it on my 2120 Parker at it was great. I have to move rollers on my trailer before I can install it on my current boat.
  6. Do not do it unless it is amazing deal.
  7. Did it once. Make sure your outboard is up to EPA standard with EPA label otherwise you will get stuck at customs. Do not cross on weekends because importation experts will be off. Not worth the aggravation. With no NAFTA you will pay large importation tax even on USA made boat/trailer.
  8. Caught a bunch of them while perch fishing. They were ok hot smoked similar to WF, but not as fatty.
  9. Airman B60 if you salmon troll.
  10. People are afraid to buy an insulted item these days out of political reasons:)
  11. Tanaka TED -270PFDH 2 stroke super light powerhead with Nils adapter and original 1/2'' Chuck. Nils 8'' auger with extra cutting head. All in great shape. Will not separate -400USD
  12. Just like it said. Looking for gearbox. Motor condition does not matter. Please PM
  13. Yes but because of travel restrictions I am going to wait till this COVID situation burns out. You can pm me with questions. Mike
  14. Tanaka TED-270PFDH 2 stroke 1.4hp power head (in great working order) with adapter and Nils 8in light blue auger with extra power cutting head. Power head can be used for drilling and comes with an extra chuck. Super light versatile set up. All barely used. $425usd cash.
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