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  1. Regular season buck tag can be used during late season (bow muzz) as a buck tag or antlerless tag. Obviously has to be killed with bow or muzz.
  2. Troll rock island area at late dusk through dark for eyes. They will be suspended and will take sticks on riggers, dipsys or even deep divers run straight.
  3. Sweet boat man good luck this season
  4. Riggered

    Sold / Closed 2001 fisher hawk 200fs

    Nice boat, interested depending on price
  5. Good stuff guys! Headed back up in a couple weeks to spend a week!
  6. The scums who stole my stuff got away with all my balls, ive bought alot of gear and am ready to head out but need balls and can't get myself to buy them in the store again lol. If anyone in buffalo area has any they'll sell pm me! Thanks also would buy 8 pound
  7. Holy smokes what a steal someone drive to his house and pay him! Lol
  8. Looking for dipsy rods, leadcore sets, rigger rods, etc trolling reels , also need rigger weights, majority of my gear was stolen so looking to get enough to fish! I'm in buffalo area local preferred but I'd pay to have stuff shipped as well if worth it thanks!
  9. Next will take all if payment falls through
  10. Thanks guys found a few but didn't have too much time to fish anyway , had to save time for beer and camp fires too!
  11. I'm going to camp at welsley island this coming weekend with the girlfriend and a couple friends, any help on finding some walleyes? Or even any fish that's a decent bite to keep them interested?
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