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  1. She's ready

    Looking good stone, got out today myself. Beautiful to be back out.
  2. Okuma Magda 20's

    Did you get my pm?
  3. Sorry if you were closer I'd take them, I'm in buffalo area
  4. Hi I'm interested in the lot, where are you located?
  5. Church tx-12 boards

    Lol no prob thanks anyway. Trying to build my trolling gear!
  6. Church tx-12 boards

    If it falls through I'll take em. Im in buffalo area.
  7. Just joined, Erie and Ontario

    Thanks kooter, I'm relatively new to Ontario trolling on my own boat but looking forward to it for sure, looking forward to learning the tricks and stuff
  8. Sea nymph help

    Wow awesome build, gives me some ideas for my boat. I love the two tone.
  9. Hi guys I live outside of buffalo and finally decided to join. I mostly troll for walleye and trout. I fish out of an older Lund tyee. Looking forward to getting out for Browns asap, maybe this coming weekend.