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  1. Looking for dipsy rods, leadcore sets, rigger rods, etc trolling reels , also need rigger weights, majority of my gear was stolen so looking to get enough to fish! I'm in buffalo area local preferred but I'd pay to have stuff shipped as well if worth it thanks!
  2. Next will take all if payment falls through
  3. Thanks guys found a few but didn't have too much time to fish anyway , had to save time for beer and camp fires too!
  4. Everyone knows as much as me. Lol.
  5. I'm going to camp at welsley island this coming weekend with the girlfriend and a couple friends, any help on finding some walleyes? Or even any fish that's a decent bite to keep them interested?
  6. Actually not sure fixed 3 footers will work on this boat
  7. That's awesome thanks for sharing, makes a long week go a little faster!
  8. Riggered

    What fish finder do I buy?

    For the money, hook 7
  9. Riggered

    Mariner 8hp shift rod

    Thanks srd I think your right I'm going to have to pull the starter to get at it.
  10. Riggered

    Mariner 8hp shift rod

    Hey guys I need to change the impeller on my kicker motor after firing it for the first time today. I can't drop the lower unit without disconnecting the shift rod obviously. I've done a bunch if evinrides and Johnson's but what the heck I can't figure out this Mariner. None of the videos on YouTube are the same motor either. The model number is 06247395. Any help appreciated.
  11. I'm interested where are you located
  12. Awesome looking rig.