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  1. rapala

    FishHawk probe attachment

    Which down riggers using (cannon etc.} Happened to me on Cannons years ago lost about 8 or 9!!! problem was I was hooking derby into eye ring. The swinging back and forth while hooked up to eye frayed cable. Wife was on board, picked up rigger she said there goes another!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Catfish Creek campground closed 2 years ago. I am at salmon country marina. they have boat slips on little salmon river with rv sites. Give them a call to see if they have sites available. They are closed as of now until march. If you call Bob the owner, is in fla. but answers phone. I like it there, was in catfish camp and had to move to salmon country marina. They might have a site best to call asap 1-315-963-8049
  3. Have (5) tite loc rod holders rail mounted, no longer need. $45.00 each (2) Fish doctor 5 ft. brown trout rods $75.00 each have diawa reels for them, but this is for rods only. will sell reels seperate (2) 9'6" Fish doctor roller rods for dipseys $ 125 each have shimano reels for them ,but for rods only, will sell reels seperate (3) Cannon used planer boards $25 each (2) custom made Big Jon planer board masts for hard top boats, with reels $125 each, they are about 2ft high really nice set up (1) 840 fish hawk used module (2 Big Jon Ratcheting rod holders $45.00 each they are custom made bases to fit on cannon pedestal mounts for quick take off (2) Shimano reels with 500' copper $115.00 each (1) Shimano reel with 300' copper $105 (1) Penn reel with 300' of copper $85 (1) Fish Doctor custom built Thumper rod $115 Contact [email protected] 1-845-482-9945 cell 1-845-701-2935 on week ends located Salmon Country Marina Mexico N.Y. on week ends
  4. Has 2 slide outs, full frig, nice condition. Located at Catfish Creek Marina, New Haven N.Y. Getting out of fishing. It is located at the marina, A private fishing camp. Spot could be available for rv. Sorry having a problem downloading pictures. I am listing this for a friend. I can send pictures to your e mail if interested.
  5. Have a Honda 9.9 hp kicker, when I bought the Honda 2001 it had a 6" extension so the prop was lower. Wondering what height should the cavitation plate be in relation to bottom of boat. I would like to take extension off. All I would have to do is buy a shorter shaft. I have a manual motor lift which raises it about 6", not enough because prop is in water when underway. Any ideas would help. Bill
  6. Nice report, need more like this.
  7. rapala

    Missing taken off boat

    Will take picture of the same type Fish Doctor rod. This is the mate to the missing rod and reel. Fish Doctor made a few of them and they are all numbered . He has the names of the people who bought them with address and phone numbers. Fish Doctor can verify that it was one he made. This rod stands out you cannot miss it. I will up the reward to $150.00 I like to catch the creep. Bill Wahl
  8. rapala

    Missing taken off boat

    I did put a game trail camera on boat when I had 4 rods stolen 3 years ago. It didn't work the way I wanted. Every movement outside boat set it off, was taking pictures every 10 seconds. So I scrapped that idea.
  9. Missing (1) Fish Doctor 9'6 Dipsey rod with Shimano Tekota 600 line counter. Has Fish Doctors name on rod. This brown rod stands out, taken from Catfish Creek marina on evening of July 10 or 11. This is a roller rod with swivel end. If they tried to remove Fish Doctor name it would damage or score the rod. Contact Bill Wahl 1-845-482-9945 or 1-845-701-2935 $100.00 reward
  10. I fabricated this to check on water in gas tank. I took a 1" nut , capped one end, drilled 1/4" holes near bottom of nut. I had to have weight to hold down plastic hose, using the nut as weight. I tipped boat back, pulled gas sending unit out, for access. I was able to reach end of tank, corners etc. You can drain gallons out in no time. It works!!!
  11. I also have a 9.9 Honda 4 stroke, with the extra long shaft. I cannot get the motor high enough, I lock the motor in and make sure you are in neutral. I have been doing this for 11 years with no problems what so ever. Every fall when I service the Honda, I add 2 washers between prop and nut, it wears the washers out. I have over 3000 hours on the Honda.
  12. rapala

    Trolling with Volvo Duo Prop

    I have the same unit. Trolls to fast, went to trolling bags and than 9.9 Honda. I have a 25 foot sport craft. If your boat is larger it might be OK. Check it on the water.
  13. I have a sale on the animal crackers, $.10 each, or 9 for a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Have (2) Big Jon Rod Holders Hd I built the custom bases for both. They are ready to bolt down. $85.00 each, never used (new). Also I will be making bases for 2 used ones, in great shape. I will sell these for $60.00 each. If interested [email protected] Both Sold Sale pending
  15. Seems to me that last year killed the fishing for the next years coming. Guys were out there taking more than they should have. I spoke to a tackle shop and asked him how is business. (Sucks) very little business!!! Our camp marina has 40 some odd slips, last week end 3 boats out!!! We fished 3 mornings approx. 5 to 6 hour trips, 2 lakers caught and released. Fished from 20ft to 350ft, pods of bait every depth and a very few hooks if any. Person I was fishing with, I asked him where is the brown trout, says they will be here. I say where the hell are they coming from, the (freezers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch a video taken last spring , 30 Plus browns and you name it taken in a few hours. 3 fish in a net. Come on give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just my thoughts