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  1. WANT TO CATCH THE BIG ONES????? This worked for me many times!!! I would start fishing at 10AM , most of the fishing boats are in at the docks. I would check out with them where they were fishing, how did it go . Than I would set up about a 1/2 mile deeper water. The big ones are loaners and stay away from the pack where most of the fleet catch the easy ones . SMALL ones. Fish in 40 degree water, go close to bottom like 5 to 10 feet go as slow as you can, that your bait is working RIGHT. You might not catch alot of fish BUT the one you do catch ARE BIG. The big ones like cold temp, they are big and fat and move slow, you have to but bait right in front of them because they are lazy to get a easy meal. I fished for 20 years on Ontario and in the marina fished out of I was known to catch the big ones. I fished by myself, it was nothing for me to have 3 slobs on at the same time.
  2. shop fabricated radar mount , Height 6 3/4" ,base plate 8"X8"X3/8 top plate 7 3/4" X 7 3/4" X1/8" 2 1/2"x 2 1/2" tube alum. Not pitted another top plate can be added onto plate if your unit needs more spacing. $50.00 plus shipping it is a used item
  3. Sent UPS this morning Tuesday you should have wed or Thursday bill
  4. Selling 5 at 1 time will not break up. $100.00 for the five plus $15.00 shipping, Total $115.00 they are rail mounted and over hardtop to add more rods. They can be angled. Pm me if interested Bill
  5. Go buy and see what you pay close to $60 plus TAX, this is a buy. They are fish catchers
  6. Big Jon Planer board reels with pulleys. Used and shipped only in USA.. $165.00 and $20.00 shipping total $180.00
  7. $135.00 a used marine radio, I will pay for shipping in USA only.
  8. Trailer is in Jeffersonville ny, but have camp at salmon country mexico ny
  9. 2002 Venture Boat Trailer 23'to26' 6500 size with 15" wheels. Used once every year going 175 round trip to Lake Ontario. Tandem axles, with 1 set of electric brakes on one axle. $1750 for trailer 2 5/16 coupler, Galv. unit Transom went on boat now in bone yard 6 foot under!!1 Nice shape never had the torcher test put on it!!!
  10. If interested can send to you, Bill
  11. Fish Hawk TD Temp and Depth Probe. Every 5 feet it tells water Temp up to 200 Feet deep. A must have., telling where your dipseys are running at. $100.00 , it is used and functions like new. Private message me, if interested. New is 149.95!!!! Retired from fishing no boat.....
  12. 44 stinger spoons selling as a lot no breaking up. $120.00 Plus some shipping charge, I have UPS shipping at my business. Bill (PM) me if interested
  13. Trying to get in touch with Wayne Struble I hear he is out of Oak Orchard, launches his boat there,. Let me know Bill
  14. I take a check( no pay pal)
  15. Have 1 swivel base and mount left, if interested let me know on( reply to this message )
  16. Received your check thanks Bill
  17. click reply to this topic upper right side in green
  18. I should be going up to salmon country on may1 week end I will bring other base up and bring to your boat in Oswego. Bill
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