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  1. Need a remote controller for a sport pilot plus. Thanks Bill
  2. Looking for a Raymarine Sport Pilot + for parts. Does not need to be working. Thanks Bill
  3. Ever have your cannon downrigger stop working and had to retrive the cable and weight. It happens , I have designed a unit that will retrive a 15 lb derby. It is simple and will not bust your pocketbook. The cannon unit they sell, which I purchased doesn't look like it will do the job for heavier derbys. Let me know if there is any interest from cannon users. Thanks Bill
  4. Have 7" pedestals for Cannons. 2'X2" alum tubing with 5"X5" X 1/2" Base $40 each plus shipping
  5. I had 3 rods stolen last fall off my boat at Catsfish Marina, I figured I would get the critter, not so. They are Fish Doctor rods; One is a 9 foot (1PC) Dipsey rod brown in color with a Diawa SG47Lc reel; 2pc. 9 foot Dipsey rod brown with Diawa SG47LC reel; 7 foot 1pc. with Diawa SG27LC reel; Any info. would be appreciated. They are not roller rods.
  6. Any recommendations on where to get motor repair work done? Any negatives ,would be appreciated as well as positives.
  7. Furuno 582L nice condition, has power plug, no transducer. $550.00
  8. Just got some not so good news: Not a dead issue yet, on windmills east end of lake ontario. Some powerful elected officals pushing hard for it. Schumer is one of them. Vote him out..........................
  9. They use these z wings on chesapeake. Find a site like (thehulltruth} it will sell. Bump up price alittle. I sold 6 of them in afew days, they like black.
  10. Have a pair of 7'0" ( Fish Doctor) Dipsey Roller Rods, never used, with twirly tips. $100.00 each Bill Wahl
  11. Lakebound88 Catfish Creek Marina is a great place to fish out of. There are 26 campsites and 51 slips. It is a private marina at the mouth of catfish creek. We keep our campers there year round and the 25 other slips are rented by the year. Most of the campers which all are fishermen, have been there from 30 years down to a few years. There isn't much of a turn over in campsites , the owner puts you on a list if there is not a site open. The slips do have a turn over more than the campsites, but it is by the year. Usually opens for fishing sometime in March to end of September. Hope this helps. Bill
  12. Out of Catfish Creek Marina on Lake Ontario
  13. Something to think about.... If windmills are erected on the southest part of L.O. There will be under water power lines going from windmill to windmill and to the power plant. They will definitely give off magnetism ......................................... It does effect fish Salmon river hatchery, god knows what will happen. Google search: magnetism and fish NOISE: The windmills will give off noise. Forget about staying in campsites and homes along the lake. You know that you can hear a boat coming miles away on the water. Only thing this will be constant, sound carries over water faster and louder than on land. Camp grounds will be empty and fish will be gone.
  14. (OK Here GOES) Note I fish mostly by myself, travel 180 miles one way , do this trip every week end from March to October. I live in N.Y.S. Slip and camper site: $2250 Fuel $2400 for car boat fuel $1085 stabil $104 tackle shops approx. $700 trailor license $70 Trailor inspection $15 Food eating out $2650 misc expenses $700 Total $$$$$$$9970 Let me catch a few more fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Bottom same 2 lures. I don't know how to post 2 pictures at once, sorry. Bill
  16. Have these 2, not textured, bought about 13 years ago I never used. $14.00 for the 2 Bill
  17. Never used, I figured on using 2 dipseys on each sde, had second thoughts ( to much for me to handle) They are 1 pc. roller rods with twirley tips. Custom Built by Fish Doctor. ( Ernie) Cost me $200 ea. Sell for $300 for pair will not sell seperate.
  18. 18 foot Starcraft Open Bow mid 1970,s not beat up. I stripped this to the shell and completely rebuilt. This boat in is very good condition, stripped down to bare alum., itched, 2 coats primer,2 coats paint. (Interlux). Has a couple dings in aluminum, used only on small fresh water lakes. Used Cedar for the Storage area in front. Most hardware is new on boat. Has cannon turntables mounted on rear,with tite-loks side rod holders. I used a Big John mast in front, removed mast, every thing left just install mast unit. 1980s Mercury 90 hp power tilt motor, compression tested, every cylinder up to pare. 2 New power boxes that go to coils. 1974 trailor, rebuilt it new paint job. I have used this boat about 5 times on L.O. it handles 3 footers and I have been in 4 footers with it. Dee vee high sides. Price $4100 I have pictures of this boat, will email to you if interested. Thanks Bill [/img]
  19. TS-X150 Type 3-Way speakers, 3 speakers in each unit. I had in cuddy cabin. $75.00 for the pair. They are black. Bill Wahl
  20. 34 Lb. Thrust , 30" shaft( used) works great. $75.00 will split shipping in ny. and pa. Transom mount.. Bill Wahl
  21. About 4 years old, (Never Used) 24 Volt with on board charger. $550.00 54 " shaft Bill Wahl
  22. Hey Ray, you don't answer email. Its been 4 weeks Edited: L&M
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