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  1. Have a Honda 9.9 hp kicker, when I bought the Honda 2001 it had a 6" extension so the prop was lower. Wondering what height should the cavitation plate be in relation to bottom of boat. I would like to take extension off. All I would have to do is buy a shorter shaft. I have a manual motor lift which raises it about 6", not enough because prop is in water when underway. Any ideas would help. Bill
  2. Will take picture of the same type Fish Doctor rod. This is the mate to the missing rod and reel. Fish Doctor made a few of them and they are all numbered . He has the names of the people who bought them with address and phone numbers. Fish Doctor can verify that it was one he made. This rod stands out you cannot miss it. I will up the reward to $150.00 I like to catch the creep. Bill Wahl
  3. I did put a game trail camera on boat when I had 4 rods stolen 3 years ago. It didn't work the way I wanted. Every movement outside boat set it off, was taking pictures every 10 seconds. So I scrapped that idea.
  4. Missing (1) Fish Doctor 9'6 Dipsey rod with Shimano Tekota 600 line counter. Has Fish Doctors name on rod. This brown rod stands out, taken from Catfish Creek marina on evening of July 10 or 11. This is a roller rod with swivel end. If they tried to remove Fish Doctor name it would damage or score the rod. Contact Bill Wahl 1-845-482-9945 or 1-845-701-2935 $100.00 reward
  5. I fabricated this to check on water in gas tank. I took a 1" nut , capped one end, drilled 1/4" holes near bottom of nut. I had to have weight to hold down plastic hose, using the nut as weight. I tipped boat back, pulled gas sending unit out, for access. I was able to reach end of tank, corners etc. You can drain gallons out in no time. It works!!!
  6. I also have a 9.9 Honda 4 stroke, with the extra long shaft. I cannot get the motor high enough, I lock the motor in and make sure you are in neutral. I have been doing this for 11 years with no problems what so ever. Every fall when I service the Honda, I add 2 washers between prop and nut, it wears the washers out. I have over 3000 hours on the Honda.
  7. I have the same unit. Trolls to fast, went to trolling bags and than 9.9 Honda. I have a 25 foot sport craft. If your boat is larger it might be OK. Check it on the water.
  8. I have a sale on the animal crackers, $.10 each, or 9 for a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Have (2) Big Jon Rod Holders Hd I built the custom bases for both. They are ready to bolt down. $85.00 each, never used (new). Also I will be making bases for 2 used ones, in great shape. I will sell these for $60.00 each. If interested [email protected] Both Sold Sale pending
  10. Seems to me that last year killed the fishing for the next years coming. Guys were out there taking more than they should have. I spoke to a tackle shop and asked him how is business. (Sucks) very little business!!! Our camp marina has 40 some odd slips, last week end 3 boats out!!! We fished 3 mornings approx. 5 to 6 hour trips, 2 lakers caught and released. Fished from 20ft to 350ft, pods of bait every depth and a very few hooks if any. Person I was fishing with, I asked him where is the brown trout, says they will be here. I say where the hell are they coming from, the (freezers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch a video taken last spring , 30 Plus browns and you name it taken in a few hours. 3 fish in a net. Come on give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just my thoughts
  11. Fished Friday morning,set up at 9am. Rod fired approx 9:30 (1) 19lb king on 8 lb test with a brown trout net (small). That was it pulled about 12pm. Saturday morning same time 1 small laker, pulled 12pm. Didn't bother to fish Sunday morning,packed up and headed home Out of Catfish Creek. Bill
  12. I have a 10" manual heavy duty motor lift bracket, with a 9.9 Honda 4 stroke. Will I have any problems using this set up. As of now, I have a Sport Pilot Plus, (But) worked ok. Our marina I presume will have low water this season coming. With the Sport pilot plus I can only raise my outdrive up to the 1/3 position up. Therefore if I can't go into trailor mode my outdrive will hang up on bottom. Question will this work with the 10' lift motor bracket. Also, will 9.9 Honda control the direction of the boat with the outdrive in the straight position or should I raise the out drive to trailor position. Thanks Bill
  13. When the bite shuts down, we flip a quarter over our shoulder, for the fish god. It usually works, bring alot of quarters.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Lets hear it ,on the EAST END OF LAKE ONTARIO. The Good , Bad and Ugly!!!!!!!!!
  15. I have just watched a show that used to be on YOU TUBE which has been taken off, (originally on TRU Tv???) The big corporations are selling our water to us and other countries. Look up on Google "conspiracy theory" and Great Lakes water. I had to pull my fishing boat from Lake Ontario 3th week of August (marina had very low water)
  16. Lets hear it !!!!!!!!! This is for Lake Ontario boaters. If good things are to be said of the repair shops, lets hear it also. I think its time to bring the good and bads to light.
  17. I'll take some mags and standard size rigged. (2 of each) [email protected]
  18. Just opened up a box on my shelf and found a Hummingbird 400TX sonar unit. It is just the console without the mounting unit or transducers. I only used this 2 times and sold the boat a few years ago, It is like new. Would make a nice spare for somebody. $75.00 Bill
  19. Has any body been stopped, for not having us dot#s on your truck ,towing boats with a gross load of truck and trailor over 10,000 lbs? This a is a nys registered truck with commerical plates.
  20. I just installed another fish hawk triducer on boat, Reason for 2 is: Starboard triducer is close to my Honda 9.9 and I believe I get interfence from the bubbles from prop. I had a spare Used triducer, so I installed it on port side. I know the unit works ok with the original probe, starboard side, temps and speed top and bottom ok. After hooking it up on port side , I get a reading of top speed and no temp. It says ER-R ----on temp, but will register the speed when I spin the triducer. Wondering if I need a new triducer. I haven.t been able to try out on lake to see if the bottom speed and temp works. I do get the speed to work by putting in bucket of water under triducer. Any help will be appreciated. Bill
  21. Cannon IntelliTroll speed and temp complete unit, with extension cable and probe $350.00 Bill Wahl [email protected]
  22. Many thanks to (Wrenchman) Gene Travers for helping me out. Gene had a used set he wasn't using anymore. Thanks again Browndog
  23. Many thanks to (FISH HAWK) Up standing and a REAL pleasure to buy from. They stand behind the products they sell. Again Thanks Bill Wahl
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