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  1. It is easy to cut, I used a razor knife, a good set of scissors would work also though Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I put mine over plywood sealed w/ fiberglass resin, no roughing needed, sticks fine. Use a trowel with small notches, once you start putting pressure on it the glue migrates well so do not put extra around the edges, you'll end up squeezing a bunch out the sides even w/o putting extra down. I used an old round seat pedestal to flatten it and press out any bubbles,use as much down force as you can press. It doesn't matter where you start, whichever is easiest, I started in the bow. The glue will take a long time to dry if it is too thick. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Indoor/outdoor carpet glue, got mine right at Home Depot, small V notch plastic trowel to apply it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. JGS

    6/3 Otisco

    Main lake, south of the sand bar was not bad, fish and weeds came north of the sand bar.
  6. JGS

    6/3 Otisco

    Went for a quick evening troll just to get out in the water while we had a chance this weekend. Fished from 630 to 9 with nothing to show but weeds here and there. Found large schools of bait in 45-60 fow, suspended from 10 to 25 ft down. Fished that until the sun started going down and then moved in tight to 20-30 fow. Managed one 23-1/2" just after the sun went down on a green gander glo stinger with a small snap weight. Weed mats were too much to deal with in the dark so we called it quits around 10.
  7. Two Bert's ratcheting rod holders, bright finish. Three years old. Look and function like new. Syracuse area, $140.
  8. I think these are the specs you are looking for, I have the swivel track bases for mine.
  9. Put lounge seats in my boat and I don't want these taking up space in the barn anymore. I have four seats available, 2 low backs w/ 10" pedestals, 1 high back w/ 12" pedestal, and 1 high back w/ a 12" aluminum flip up storage base. I have four floor mounts for the pedestals and hardware. $20 each, located in Tully(25 minutes south of syracuse).
  10. Another slow event as far as walleye go!!! Managed 6 smb and a dozen or so Browns. Had three or four swing and misses on riggers, good rip but by the time we got reeled down, no one home! Was a good day none the less and thanks for putting it together Justin.
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