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  1. Bringing up to camp for you to look at Bill
  2. Im going up today to camp I could bring one up
  3. Carol its Bill, you looking for folding boat chair?? I have 2 folding ones Bill
  4. Set of 2 Ram adjustable rod holders, they are all aluminum tubes with cast aluminum bases. They are adjustable to all angles, the tube is 8" long, 11/4" id. , 21/4 " ball,.( Used) $50.00 for the 2 plus $12.00 ups shipping. Bill
  5. Spin Doctors $100.00 per box, will pay shipping. Bill 13 in #1 14 in #2 box
  6. I'll be there this sat and sunday morning I gave you my cell # in PM
  7. Selling (2) Cannon swivel bases and (2) Cannon mounts. Selling $ 35.00 ea. swivel bases , Mounts $15.00 ea. Selling as a set not breaking up.. That is (2) bases (2) mounts .. I will pay shipping.. Bill
  8. Have 2 used ram mounts for electronics. You can make mounting plates to bolt to top of these units for your electronics. 1 is 71/2' high , 1 is 51/4" high $27.00 for the 2 plus $8.00 shipping Bill (SOLD)
  9. clean and working correctly... Transom on boat went, selling stuff, I don't have much left to sell .
  10. Cannon swivels tables and cannon rigger mounts $50.00 each, selling 2 together = $100 I will pay shipping Bill
  11. Possible selling the boat with trailer and motor, and outdrive, If not will get in contact with you. thanks for pm Bill
  12. This downrigger was a conversion from Digi Troll 1V to a Mag 10 HS . The conversion was done by Fish 307 in Lake George. The reason for conversion the board went in the Digi and they wanted $400 for another board. They converted to a regulator switch toggle up and down with auto stop. Saved me $300. $200 Plus shipping UPS Bill If you have any questions call me at 845 482 9945 Bill SOLD
  13. swivel base for cannon and you need the high chair that goes onto awivel base to mount your down rigger on. $40.00 swivel base, $10.00 for high chair $5.00 shipping Total $55.00 Hard to find the high chairs I don't believe they make them anymore Bii. If you want PM me
  14. $160.00 for the (2) These rod holders go onto cannon standoffs or cannon swivel bases. I made the bases out of aluminum for quick take off. Pull pin and slide rod holder off, I had mounted on gunnels so I could use these or mount down riggers on. Worked slick as s---t. Plus $20.00 for shipping $180.00 Total
  15. Cannon Image Stablizer 10X30IS Binoculars. These are not STICKY BODY. I was careful to keep hands clean when using! they list new $549.00 I bought from Cannon new.. Would like to get $125.00 Only used on boat to see what other fisherman was using when they were catching more than me !!! That is color attractor etc. I really did not use much I caught my share of fish! Retired from fishing, transom bad and Iam 76 years young!!! OR Make offer
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