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  1. Hey Ray, you don't answer email. Its been 4 weeks Edited: L&M
  2. $35.00 takes everything, I pay shipping. Bill Wahl
  3. Positive ion works toward attracting salmon. Between 5/10s volt to 6/10s positive. Check your out put by getting a didigical voltmeter (about $30.00) the best money spent. Hook black wire to neg. ground, red wire to your down rigger cable wire, while in water (best). The derby will collect voltage since it is at the end of cable but will not exceed the voltage you are reading when testing. Best to rubberize weght with a coating, which I do not do. If the voltage is above 6/10s do not buy the rigger , caused by voltage leaking thu 12 volt motor on rigger. I called cannon when I a mag 10A putting out 2 plus volts. They said it would cost more to fix than worth. Some Scotty riggers I tested were under the voltage testing around 3/10s. Thats where the Scotty black box comes in. Cannon didgis have a voltage adjustment so you can adust it. Bill Wahl [email protected]
  4. This year I will trying to run cut plug herring or alvives. Can any body give me some advice, I have a brine solution that should work. Has anybody run these, if so, need info. I will be running these off copper. Thanks Bill Wahl
  5. Maniac, I do all my work with a sawzall, chipping hammer, hand drill, metal chop saw, old circular saw, broken handle on hammer and alot of glue..... What a (Whats a DOVE TAIL) must be a new hand tool!!! Bill
  6. shark down rigger weighs, (1) 10lb.chrome alittle rust on tail closest to body. (1) 14 lb blue and grey. $80.00 for pair will not split. 14 lb never used,chrome a couple dunks. Plus Shipping in N.Y. approx $20 ups Also have 3 new pancake weighs 2 are yellow 1 green, coated. Never used Price make offer for the 3 will not break up. [email protected] Bill Wahl
  7. Had these fishing chair rod gimbals sitting on shelf for 5 or so many years. At the cost of them I kinda figured there had to be a place on the boat. Well I needed a net holder when I brown trout fish and a upright holder would not work ,because my planner boat masts are on top of hardtop and would interfer. I like to send in ideas, if it can help some guys (GREAT) I just enjoy doing and if I can send some creative ideas (GREAT) Also I have this side seat that is adjustable to fit to the sides of gunnel, all that is missing is the 2 clips that screw onto sides to hold up seat. They are the same clips that you use for the steps which can be purchased seperate. If any interest Iam willing to part with, they are ADJUSTABLE for different height gunnels. The tubes telescope for different heights. $50 plus whatever it cost to ship Probably $15.00 Bill Wahl
  8. Speed and temp holder, Just come up with , took a Boat US ciggerete holder, took top off, cut lip off, put MR. velco on bottom lip. When using probe and fishing take holder put somewhere, on my boat down under gunnel. When pulling riggers hook up holder put probe in. No more dangling,bumping and possible damage to probe,nicking side boat whatever. If you want drill holes in bottom let water out. I built this a few years ago, sits on motor cover, a few pieces MR. velco keeps it there. Real handy dandy!!! OOPS. holder was purchased at Walmart!!!
  9. Hi, Go to fish doctor site, he has a segment on lite bite. Its a movie very interesting Bill
  10. Tank, The set up I use on hardtop of sportcraft , works great. Sorry have a look at it side ways!!! Bill
  11. Furno FCV 582 fish finder. ( NOT THE 582L) This a dual freq. color speed and temp. fish finder, with transducer and power cord. The machine end on the 12 volt power in, has a piece cracked out. I put a cable tie on it works. Reason for selling: I bought thinking, I could interface this with a 582L... Noper can't do, I emailed Furno they said it had a different # of pins and wouldn't work. S_ _ _ !!! I wanted a spare just in case it crapped out. For sale $150.00 plus $15.00 to ship Bill Wahl [email protected]
  12. Sliderbite, Glad I could help you. Would really appreciate pics when you get done with the project. I just put another post on salmon grippers. Thats what I call them. Real simple to make if you have a torch, Kinda like them better, when you get a 30 lb plus fish. To much wrist bending with other one, plastic ones break with the larger salmon we get on Lake Ontario HA... Bill Wahl
  13. Just thought I post this picture of a Salmon Gripper I made. I really didn't care for other gripper. Was not balanced right as far as I felt. I saw this gripper on Fish Doctors boat, so I made one (I LIKE) . Used it for a year (like way better) 5/16 bronze rod, heat with a oxy/acety bend and braze. I would make some if any interest. Cost ya $9.00 plus some shipping. [email protected] if interested Bill Wahl
  14. (Set up dipsey rack), used pine wood and took a router and cut out. Just route deep enough so you can slide dipseys out easy. Used a piece aluminum strip 1/2 " x 1/8. to hold dipseys in. Works really nice. These dipseys I use more often. I do have a dipsey box I purchased, to store others in. The flashers slots, I used the ones you purchase with the box, used box for other things. Hope this info helps you Bill Wahl
  15. 1973 closed bow 18ft starcraft, 60hp motor ,cmc power tilt, custom tandem trailor, i rebuilt (nice) New top and alot of goodies that I made.. Really super nice. I have 4 boats and have redone these boats over the last 6 years. Ok, what it has on for equip. sport pilot plus,auto pilot, new vhf radio, new cmc power tilt, brand new canopy with drop curtains, plus back cover, New tor flex axles, new tires, new jack, new coupler, new trailor lites, new antenna. new rugs. lowrance 350a fish finder. In canopy zippered opening for access to planner board mast. I made it to fit Big John mast mast not encluded. I set this up to brown trout fish in spring and steel head fishing in fall. Motor runs sweet. $4000 Bill Wahl My other boat is in tackle and techniques. Not for sale, but you will see the type of work I do. 252 Sportcraft
  16. !970s 18 ft. starcraft open bow, 90 hp mercury(power tilt) trolling motor (new) 220 volt charger, cannon rigger mounts, trailor. I stripped down and completely redone. A very nice boat for the money. Motor is in the mid 1980s. $4000 Bill Wahl
  17. Open bow, 1974 starcraft with 70 hp mercury, very nice condition. Canopy,full cover, trailor with a cmc power tilt. $3200 Bill Wahl
  18. Have a 1974 Mercury 70hp. Person I bought boat from must have run it without oil. I took it apart and has a scored cylinder, not that bad, could be honed out. All the other parts are in very good shape. From what I undrstand and by the looks of the boat ,very nice shape. I believe it doesn't have adundance of hours on it. I have the motor in my basement in pieces and all the parts if any body can use the parts , make a offer.
  19. WOW!!!!! (Like you reviews) Nobody said anything about the ANTI Head pumpers. Just kidden!!!!! Yes I do have time, I own a small Welding Supply and comes winter, things slow down. I have a heated garage for boat and I make most of the goodies. Bill
  20. Hi, Maniac!!!!! The diamond plate was fasten down with stainless counter sunk screws to the original wood. Bill
  21. Yes ,it is a sport craft and had the same seat as drivers side. Make sure you make it high enough, so you can slide your fish cooler box under, utilizing every inch of space. The foot rest is nice, your feet not dangling. Had a local gal appolster it and than I drilled 1" holes bottom side to let air out when you sat dow (liked to puff up) It will seat 2 comfy, but will take 3. If I can help give a yelp!!! Bill
  22. Worked on boat this winter ,added bench seat and alot more!!!
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