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  1. Update: ran them yesterday and I dare say they pulled better than my old style otter boats. We had the upgrade dual keel. So happy. I used the same length on the leads as the older boats too. 9” and 11”. I got those numbers off this site way back when and they worked fine for what we do. Our biggest problem was trolling slow at 1.5mph. The Amish boards just didn’t like the slower speed. Anything 1.8 and above they were fine. Since we do troll live smelt slow early spring we just couldn’t use the Amish boards. Very happy with the performance of the New style Otter boats.
  2. Just found this on a site: Note: Big Jon has made some improvements to the Otter Boat's Half Keel. They are now made out of Stainless Steel instead of Aluminum. The half keel no longer needs a weight attached to it. It will look just like the picture. I guess I'll assume the initial keel also changed to stainless thus the less weight on that keel as well. Anyone have first hand experience with these? Do they run the same as the original aluminum mods? I guess we'll find out.
  3. Question on new style Otter boats. My buddy just bought a set with the extra half keel. He gave them to me to set up as I had done the upgrade to my older Otter Boats before. When I opened the boats the keel was what I had on my boats as a half keel (short weight). The extra half keel he was shipped had no weight at all on it. I called the company but never got a call back. The boats look like a new design compared to the old ones I had. So I'm wondering if the new boat design doesn't need all the weight on the keels any more?? Anyone running the new style with the dual keels? If so is the weight reduced compared to the full length weight and half length weight I had on the older, rounder style boats? Thanks,
  4. Yeah my old boat I had Otters. I had issues with them going slow and wind but not this bad. I added a second keel and that solved the problem for 90% of the fishing conditions. We did get in touch with Frank and he’s sending us something he said would help. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. So I fished on my buddies new boat yesterday and the A/O boards would not pull right at speeds we needed (1.5-1.8 mph). We troll live smelt early on for salmon and the down wind board would lag behind the boat and almost look like we were pulling it sideways. Pretty disappointing as we had heard so many good things about them. Speeding up they pulled great but at the slower speeds failed terribly. I did search and find some people had also had this issues (guess we should have done that before buying them). Anyway there were many fixes mentioned but none of them outlined (exactly what they did to correct this). I have an email out to Frank but figured I'd post here and see what others may have experienced or done. My otter boats with two full keel would work at those speeds but not much slower. So I understand the concept of speed and pull along with impact of wind. These just wouldn't work any direction but down wind and the wind was only 5 mph that built to 10 mph. Very fishable conditions. Thanks for any help. Spike
  6. Thanks guys. I don't remember any of mine ever being that sloppy. In fact I gave my buddy one of my older ones that needs a new board and we checked that and it's tight. I think it goes to show you what we can expect down the road as far as quality. Fit and finish has gone by the wayside in manufacturing. It's all about saving a buck or two now. Of course our price will remain tha same. LOL Spike
  7. So outfitting my buddies boat the other day noticed after installing the booms the don’t fit snug. Also the rigger in the base mount had some slop. Anybody else think this is excessive? https://youtu.be/yLYw7pBrlXM Video of the situation above.
  8. You don't have it right. Think of it at the ocean. East wind kicks it up inside, west wind doesn't and goes off the land. Same out there. Mexico being on the east side of the lake would be worse with a west wind and better if the wind was from the east. Speaking of wind and waves not fishing wise. Spike
  9. http://www.nhanglers.com/blog/?p=286 I have the Furuno unit. As far as a FF I love it. Disappointed with mapping on the smaller lakes by me but Ontario and larger lakes out your way it is fine. Not an easy unit to figure out but if you've been around FF a while you'll catch on quickly. I wrote the above blog before I put any significant time on the unit. I'm pretty happy with it now as they updated the map on the local lake I fish most. I don't really use the 4d end of the plotter but it is kind of cool. Maybe for the ocean that would be better. Would I get it again? I believe I would. I do like Navionics charts which when I bought my unit didn't work in it, but this FF is lights out the best.
  10. First off I'd return the BJ mast. Had nothing but problems with the spools cracking at the handle for various reasons. That being said, I had it mounted in the pedestal first and it was OK. Your better off on the bow plate and get it as high as you can. JMHO Spike
  11. New proposed reg's out now. Not good. Zero cod recommended for all season, Haddock drops to 12 fish and closes early. Right back to a redfish, cusk, pollock fishery. Unreal and all at the expense of the rec fisherman looking to catch some fish within his range. Unfortunately some things will never change (NMFS and the way they run).
  12. All sizes of cod and haddock taste great. No need to just eat the small ones. No PCB issues and you couldn't tell the difference between a large fish and a small fish in a taste test. Larger fish will yield you more meat per fish (obviously). That being said I do like the smaller fish better as I find I can cook them more evenly than the large fish that have thick fillets. In a chowder it wouldn't matter.
  13. You can catch ground fish all year. In mid June the dogs show up and can ruin a day on a party boat. the smaller six packs have an easier time avoiding them but some days that i impossible. Eastmans is a good head boat outfit.
  14. This is incorrect. Yes Rockport is closer to Jeffries but not by a couple hrs. 1/2 tops unless your on a slow boat. Newburyport is about the same run as Gloucester to the curl and beyond, believe it or not. In May you can hit Stellwagon or Tillies and limit out no problem in a normal day. Unless you're looking to fish waters far off the coast a normal day will box out. If you're looking to fish a particular area (Georges) then a extended day would be needed. Cod in the gulf of Maine had a one fish limit per person and that was only in August/Sept. Not all year. The 15 Haddock is nice and worth the trip alone. Good luck. Hope the reg's stay the same, or get better. Spike
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