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  1. I was there over the weekend...it was slow. I did hear 250 FOW various depths
  2. We were targeting low 40’s (around 43) most of the time. Ironically, we went out Sunday late afternoon and started dropping lines northwest of the Red Can in about 150 FOW. My downrigger (with the probe) jammed at 61ft so I decided to start putting other lines in before fixing the downrigger. Before I could get the dipsey line in the water my downrigger fired and we boated a king (probably 10-12 lbs nothing big). The water temp at the probe was 50 degrees. We decided to put a few more lines around 60 ft (50-70) and boated 6 with 8 hook-ups. 3 were in the low teens and the other 3 we threw back as they were too small. Not great a better result than the previous 2 days.
  3. Been fishing the Niagara area (both Fort Niagara & Wilson) with limited success. We pick up a few but no consistent location or depth. Curious if anyone is having better luck. If I had to pick a pattern I would say 100-150 FOW with our lines down around 100. Flasher Flies have been better than spoons and mostly green or white. Again, hard to call it a pattern as we have only caught a few the last few days. Kids want to go again this afternoon...looks like the wind may let up a bit so we will most likely head out of Fort Niagara or Wilson
  4. Congrats on a great weekend and thanks for the info. Heading there Thursday from Detroit. Hoping they are still there then. Bringing wife and kids so the pressure is on to put them on fish. My son and I had a great experience 2 weeks ago out of Wilson...now the wife and other kids want to give it a try
  5. Thanks for the report...heading there on Thursday (driving from Detroit). Hoping some West wind helps
  6. Thanks to all for the help and advice. We fished from 4-8pm tonight and had a great time. Boated 13 fish out of 18 hook-ups. >100 FOW out of Wilson with Dipsey and 3 / 5 color lead core. Green & White Spoons & NBK. Also had flasher-flies on the leadcore. Going back out in the morning for a few hours then back to Detroit. Here’s a pick of my son with one of the bigger one’s tonight
  7. Its a great boat...I am dealing with a few small issues right now. Biggest issue was a few plumbing leaks with the livewells. Boat fishes great, handles the waves very good. If your looking definitely get the trim tabs they make a big difference.
  8. Thanks for the quick feedback. My boat is a WX-2200 (multi-species) and yes, I am targeting Salmon. I like Walleye but we have plenty of those on the Western Basin of Erie...I upgraded my boat this year to target the Silver fish and am excited to experience Lake Ontario Salmon fishing. I was planning to run a 6-rod setup its what I typically ran Steelhead fishing. Glad to hear spoons are the primary right now as I have the most experience with them. Are you guys running attractors (spin doctor or protroll) with them or just straight spoon on a leader?
  9. Looking for advice. My son and I have been planning our 1st trip to Lake Ontario scheduled to leave Detroit this Thursday morning to fish Thursday Afternoon, Friday and possibly Saturday morning. We were intending to stay in or near Lewiston. Our original plan was to drive through Canada (4 hour trip), however, with the border closed it will be closer to a 7 hour trip through Ohio. Looking for advice on what ramps are the best (or even open) right now as well as any advice on where or what is working best. I have a 22' Skeeter with downriggers, divers, Leadcore (3 & 5 color) and an assortment of spoons, flies and meat rigs. I'm a rookie with the Salmon, have fished Steelhead out of Erie the past few years so I have the basic knowledge/experience. I stocked up on spin doctors, pro-trolls and more salmon spoons over the winter. Also bought a few 'spin fish' and Maglips after watching the Romanek's on youtube. This will be my first time using flies or meatrigs. Any other gear or lure recommendations is appreciated along with any tackle shops in the area in case we need anything. I always seem to 'need' something on every trip. How far out, location of bouy's or other landmarks is greatly appreciated. I assume everyone is on channel 68? Given the Covid situation we are packing as if we were camping bringing enough food, water, etc.. so we should only need to stop for gas and possibly a tackle shop. Thanks in advance for your help -Bob 248-910-1661
  10. Just learning about Lake Ontario and am very excited to try for some Salmon in early May. Seems the Niagara Bar is the place to be at this time from other posts. I would appreciate any advice on where to stay and launch. Any fishing tips are also very much appreciated. We will be driving over from Detroit and from what I have read we are planning May 14,15 (work schedules also limited our options). I’ve read contracting comments about launching in Fort Niagara but can’t tell if its better now with the new floating docks. We will be launching a 22’ fiberglass boat. Couldn’t find much information on hotels and would appreciate recommendations for a something simple but clean. As far as fishing, we have the normal deep water gear (Riggers, Divers, Planars) and mostly spoons. I read somewhere its pretty busy that time of year...any advice on what we should expect in terms of how busy the launches will be or the boat traffic? Lake Michigan launches can be very busy in the fall, wondering if its the same for Lake Ontario in the spring. Again, thank you for your advice and looking forward to experiencing Lake Ontario this year
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