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  1. Agree with all the advice above. I'm heading over from Detroit on May 12th hoping to stay through the weekend. Feel free to call or text and I can share whats working or not working (hopefully its working). I'm throwing everything I have at them, Riggers, Divers, Lead and Copper Bob 248-910-1661
  2. Don’t feel too bad. We decided to try Lake Michigan. We are drowning spoons flies meat and plugs. Nothing Guess it’s a wrap on the season Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Dan1, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, we pulled the plug on the trip a few hours ago due to the weather forecast. I really wanted to make on more trip. We are trying to salvage the weekend by heading west to Lake Michigan (Ludington). Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Have a trip planned for this Thursday - Sunday with a few friends from Detroit. Haven’t seen any reports lately out of the Olcott area and curious if we are too late? We can fish from Niagara to Oak Orchard (wherever is best). Weather looks like its been pretty windy lately. Curious what everyone thinks...should we make the trip or is the season over? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. All 8 for $25 shipped? I live in Detroit, MI
  6. this is the latitude reading on your GPS For example is someone is setting up at the 28N line that would mean N 43 28.000.
  7. Glad to hear this. I just booked the 'Presley' house on Airbnb (host is Kerry). She included 2 slips for us. Looks like its only a few houses from the Marina. I just hope the weather is good and the fish are still there!
  8. thanks...just booked a house walking distance to the launch. Hopefully the weather will work in our favor
  9. Planning my first trip to Olcott, Sep 10-12. Does the marina still have a good fish cleaning station?
  10. Planning one more trip to Lake Ontario for Thursday, Sep 10 returning Sunday, Sep 13. I have a group of 5 guys and 2 boats coming from Detroit. Any recommendations on the best place to stay? I would prefer a house that will hold all of us. If that doesn’t exist a convenient motel where we can plug in the boats in the evening. Not looking for fancy...just clean and convenient. I planning to stay in Olcott as i figure that gives me options to go West or East if needed. I’m assuming that time of year I would start right in Olcott but could also go to Niagara or Oak Orchard. never fished Lake Ontario that time of year so also open to suggestions. Thanks -Bob 248-910-1661 Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. I will check it out. We will be 3 or 4 guys so I’m not sharing the truck with them . We have stayed west of Wilson before at the Lakeside Motel. Nice place but I’m thinking I may need the ability to go east (Oak Orchard) so looking for something in the middle between Niagara and there. If we go at that time I’ll post our results each day Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. We are considering a trip from Michigan around sep 10 to the Wilson/Olcott area. Where are you planning to stay. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I would recommend Olcott or even further East to Oak Harbor. We fished straight out of Wilson on Monday offshore to the Canadian border. We picked up 2 Kings (15 & 16 lb) and 4 steelhead between 8 & 11 am. We fished out of Oak Harbor on Tuesday (My first time fishing that area). Again we went offshore to 650 FOW and went 3/4 on the Kings and 4 Steelhead. I believe we could have caught more Kings if the weather would have been better...we only fished for 3.5 hours on Tuesday (and wasted almost an hour as my sons buddy let a bag of chips fly out of the boat so we pulled all the lines and went back to pick it up and then looped around and set-up again.....by the time we did that our fishing trip was almost over) Regardless of where you should plan to be offshore. Also, put a variety out and let them choose what they want. On Monday (Wilson) we caught the Salmon on meat rigs on a 300 copper and 10 color leadcore. No fish hit any of our divers. Steelhead were caught on the riggers and copper. On Tuesday (Oak Orchard) we hooked 3 of the Salmon on a diver with a white flasher fly. Nothing on the weighted lines. Regardless, good luck. I live in Michigan and have made the trip to Lake Ontario 3 times this year to give you an idea how much better the fishing is in Lake O than Lake Michigan. Hopefully that changes this weekend as I'm hoping to try Manistee Michigan
  14. We had the same experience on Tuesday out of Oak Orchard. Went 3 or 4 on the kings straight out in 600 FOW and 4 Steelhead. long ride back to the harbor at 11am due to the wind. Similar depths...3 kings hit the same rod: diver down 190 with white flasher fly. Other King hit a Green spoon on a rigger down around 100
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