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  1. Nicely done. Way to go on your "crew"!!
  2. It will create well defined mud lines spewing out of the river mouths, and spreading into the lake whichever direction the current and the winds take it. You want to look for the green water, where the chocolate milk looking water mixes with the clear water. It will also send warmer river water into the lake and create temperature breaks. The ideal situation is to find green water that is a couple degrees warmer than the surrounding water, and BINGO!!! I would run bright lures in the green water, and natural colors in any clear water.
  3. X2, without a doubt!
  4. Big fish came on the riggers, but boards produced many more fish. Popped a couple on the chute rod, as well.
  5. Cool PAP, we will do so. I have been hearing Champlain and George both have abundant LL's!
  6. Probably Eastern end, since it will be closer. I will go back and pull my boat out here around mid May. I want to check out Lake George and Lake Champlain some on this go around. I want to check out those Landlocked Atlantics, and maybe even some Striper fishing on the Hudson river, this trip.
  7. Hey Pap, I will be out here for a couple years, working on a large project near Albany. Fishing with my friend Ed this weekend out of the Oak, for more Browns!
  8. Mexico Bay browns 4-1 My good friends Ken Miller, Bill Perks and I left Ken's house in Preble @ just after 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning, towing his 21' Wellcraft to Mexico Point boat launch. We got everything loaded and launched the boat by around 6:45, and made a short run West, toward the powerplant, and set up in about 10' of water. We ran 2 inline boards per side, 2 downriggers, and a chute rod. Went 9 for 9 on browns and was off the lake by noon. Best colors were black and silver spoons, and black and gold stickbaits. We were fishing fairly clear water, from 10'-18'. Mostly cookie cutter 3-5 pound fish, with one nice 10 pounder. Water temps we had were 37.2-37.8 F. Effective speeds were 2.2 to 2.4 MPH SOG on sonar. All fish were stuffed with 2-3" Gobies. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Uploaded Images Bill and Browns in SS Miller.jpg 60 kb · Done r.
  9. Those sound like Captain Bill Saiffe tactics, right there!
  10. Oh, they can take down perch way over the 10" size, Tom. I have seen them gobbling down 12"-14" fish on the prairie lakes. If NY state can get a bounty system going on them, I think the rest of the states would follow, and help to curb these fish massacring bastards!!! The quota would be a minimum amount each boat has to kill before fishing. I think we need to turn to drastic methods to stop these birds from wiping out more fish stocks!!
  11. Cormorants need to have an old fashioned bounty of say $10/bird, and each angler should have a quota of 4 birds to shoot before he can put a line in the water on each fishing trip. I have seen those birds wipe out walleye and perch populations in lakes in the Dakotas. This government ought to be about the best chance we have at getting something like this started!
  12. 1) Moonshine Carbon 14 2) Moonshine Bad Toad 3) Moonshine RV Pox
  13. Thanks Skipper, heading there tomorrow, to check it out!!
  14. Nice job. Looks like the Oak might be a good bet this Saturday, as well. Warm temps and low wind should get those browns a feeding!!