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  1. Thanks Skipper, heading there tomorrow, to check it out!!
  2. Nice job. Looks like the Oak might be a good bet this Saturday, as well. Warm temps and low wind should get those browns a feeding!!
  3. Going to try Arnold Lake near Cooperstown this weekend Hey guys, just wondering if anybody has been ice fishing here, with any luck. I think I might give this lake a try either Saturday or Sunday. Looks pretty deep for a small lake. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Kings get a little bigger on Lake O than Lake Michigan. I have done very well on the Moonshine Carbon 14 and Bad Toad magnums sized spoon for kings out of Oak Orchard. Meat rigs on 400 copper have also treated me very well!! Spin doctors in Mt dew chrome, if it is bright out, white with green dots or 2 face spinnies when dark or overcast. The bar is fun in the spring, but is overloaded with lakers, too!! Good luck!
  5. Me too, and the Agitators, they seem to add some extra flash and attraction.
  6. Try those Moonshine flies with the big willow leaf spinner blade this time of year, too. Anything to add more flash to aggravate them into striking. Those fall fish always seem like they have way more fight in them, too!! Ed Ball and I did really well a few years back with bright glow 8" paddles and meat rigs off the shallow riggers, too. Good luck
  7. Yeah Moonshine spoons just plain work, no matter the model, I think! Some work better shallower, and some work better deeper, and in different light levels. Carbon 14 is my go to dark water and deep water spoon.
  8. Right, sometimes that sunset bite is hard to beat. Had several triples and double right as the sun goes down!! Glad those spoons worked for you! Just passing on some winning information that was once passed on to me, several years ago, by Captain Carl Bish.
  9. Get yourself a couple of Moonshine Carbon 14 spoons, and drop those to where you see the marks. You will catch fish!
  10. Awesome!! Nice fishing and report, Captain Rick!!
  11. If I were you I would try the Oak instead of Oswego. Looks like it has been pretty hot lately!
  12. Rock and Troll Fantasy.
  13. If I were you, I would listen to Captain Czarnecki. While it may be no trouble to someone who runs plenty of copper all of the time and is experienced at it, I think you would be safer to just run one per side. One bad tangle with the copper, and you will see what I mean. Good luck whichever way you choose.