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  1. Hardwater report !!

    Went out to Otsego lake Saturday, with my Jet sled and gear, and the made the 1 mile trek from the Public Landing to the Sunken Island at about 4:45 a.m. Good thing for me that the recent warm weather had melted all of the snow, and left an icy surface. I got all set up off the east side of the sunken island before first light, but then realized I needed to head north a little further, to get out of the rocks, and find the weeds in 12-13'. I finally got all set up on the right area just as the sun was coming over the horizon. The perch bite was pretty hot, and I missed a few, but ended up with 40 fish from 11"-14". They were really attacking large minnows on the tip-ups and bobber rods and Hali's with waxworms on the jigging rod!! Well worth the long hike Saturday. Oh yeah, the ice was about 15 inches thick where I was.
  2. Meat

    I personally like that Pautzke Fire Brine in the chartreuse(Mountain Dew) color. Seems to work great.
  3. Ice Fishing

    I usually only put the transducer of my Vexilar(sonar flasher) into the hole that i am jigging in, in water that is up to around 20' deep, for the reasons that Pap has already outlined. However, if I am fishing deeper water, and 4 holes through my shack, I will drill a 5th hole, in the middle of the 4 that I am fishing in, and the deeper water will allow the transducer cone angle to cover all 4 of my ines. This way I can see if there are fish approaching any of my baits.
  4. Catching Browns

    Beautiful bunch of brownies. Congrats to your son!
  5. First time home this Fall

    I just got back home from Cobleskill, NY, last night, to Madison, SD and went pheasant hunting for the first time this year. I had heard the bird numbers were very low this year, so I decided to hunt locally, in about a 25 mile radius of home. I nearly walked my legs off, but was rewarded with a nice 3 bird limit. Pretty pumped
  6. The oak 9/2

    Howdy PAP, maybe we can get out together next spring or summer. I will still be fishing salmon and trout for the next 3 weekends @ the Oak, and then switching to walleyes out of Otsego Lake and Minekill reservoir through October and November.
  7. The oak 9/2

    Thanks Les, glad to be back here! Love the Oak.
  8. Targeting summer browns

    I will second that statement. I just bought one a couple of weeks back, and am wishing I would have bought one a couple of years ago. Browns are almost easy now! Great investment!
  9. The oak 9/2

    Saturday evening I started working west of the wall for browns, in 16-18 fow, because the surface temp was 62 F. I caught a good brown right out of the chute, and proceeded to get bit between the pumphouse and the wall. I think Trout Man or Paul Czarnecki were working the west breakwall pretty hard as well. I missed one king, that straightened the hooks on my little Moonshine walleye spoon, and landed one of about 15 pounds, in 16 fow. I was using those Big Jon mini divers like dipsies, and little spoons, back 80 and 90 feet, and pulling a standard stingray on 3 colors down the chute. Every rod took fish. Sunday the word was out, and it was a melee in shallow, especially with the sailboat race going on inside. I think the kings are starting to stage at the wall, though. Thanks.
  10. The oak orchard

    Caught some kings last Saturday and sunday in 15-20 fow while fishing for browns. I would say the wall is starting to get good.
  11. Oakorchard

    The boat ramp was fine by the Black North. Found my Kings from 110' to 120' depths, East of the ladders, 80'-90' down on the riggers with 11" UV two face paddles and meat rigs. Could not get a spoon to fire, except on a steelhead and a coho. Thanks.
  12. Olcott, Newfane Marina Rocks!!

    It was in great shape last weekend.
  13. Oakorchard

    Thanks you, sir.