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  1. lfoster607

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/11

    Yeah, it's nasty down towards Broome/Tioga counties as well. Northern Tier PA is getting hit badly, too. Here's to hoping we all get through this safely.
  2. lfoster607

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/11

    As most of us do, I watched the forecast religiously all week in anticipation of going out. Windfinder showed some us the lightest winds I've ever seen forecasted, which turned out to be correct. The precipitation forecast, not so much... We launched out of Treman and the rain started right about when we left the inlet. We got soaked head to toe even with rain gear. However, the bite was good which makes it all worth it. Due to the weather and what appeared to be a canoe regatta going on (perimeter enforced by police boats), we only fished about 4hrs. All fish came on spoons/Dipsy's running relatively shallow (running on #2 setting 165' back). No monsters, but all were at least 20" (we were too wet and miserable to measure!). 3 browns and 1 laker were landed and kept, and numerous sub-legals were thrown back. No lamprey wounds. Fleas aren't too terrible right now. Also, I've had my boat just over three years and this was the first time I ever had to use the bilge pump! However, if they're hitting I'll fish in the rain with calm winds any ol' time!
  3. Last Friday, two friends and myself hooked up with Capt. Earnie of Fish Doctor Charters. We had a GREAT morning. Fishing was H.O.T. just after first light. Several hits and four great sized kings were landed. We're all seasoned fishermen, but are more or less new to fishing downriggers. So, needless to say we did lose a couple. However, I gained so much valuable information from Capt. Earnie that I am going to be putting to use on my boat. I just started trolling Cayuga last year and basically have had no one to show me the finer points. This forum has been a big help as well. Anyway, I just felt like sharing and wanted to give a huge shout out Fish Doctor Charters. We will definitely be heading back next year!
  4. lfoster607

    Trolling w/o downriggers

    I’ve made up my mind after posting here to go ahead and get two for next year. Thank you!
  5. lfoster607

    Trolling w/o downriggers

    Thank you for the info. I certainly don’t doubt the size of my boat after reading this AND after being out on Cayuga from Dean’s yesterday. It got ROUGH out there but never once did I feel uncomfortable out there. That’s probably the worst conditions I’ve ever had the boat out in and it did great. Ended up with only one laker and I lost a really nice brown at the boat. I was faced with the decision of netting the fish or losing my favorite bait caster. Oh well that’s the way it goes sometimes...
  6. lfoster607

    Trolling w/o downriggers

    Here’s my rig, BTW...
  7. lfoster607

    Trolling w/o downriggers

    10-4. Sounds good guys. So...I learned two things: give wire a try and Seth Green rigs. Do you tie those rigs yourself, or do you buy them ready-made somewhere? This offseason I may invest in some manual downriggers, but for this season I’m going to continue without.
  8. lfoster607

    Trolling w/o downriggers

    I thought the #3 was the magnum? Either way, the magnum is what I'm using along with the #1. Also, I'm thinking about trying Dean's Cove/Long Point for the first time next week. It's sounding like the trout fishing can be a little slow on the south end earlier in the year.
  9. Howdy folks...I've been reading these forums a long time, but am a new member. I'm running a 16' Tracker 1648SC w/ 40HP Merc. It's not the largest boat, but hey, it's a decent package and it works. Last year was my first year spent mainly on Cayuga trolling for trout. Due to the size of the boat, I'm not running any down riggers. My question is, what's the best setup for getting down deep without riggers? I'm currently using two line-counter reels filled with #20 fluoro. I use the #1 and #3 divers w/ snubbers, typically with a spoon or gambler rigs attached to a fluoro leader. I also have a good graph (Helix 7 DI/GPS). I've been catching fish, but no more than a few per day. Any recommendations for a good setup w/o riggers? Thank you.
  10. lfoster607


    Howdy folks...this is my first post, but I've been visiting/reading these forums for a few years. This is a great source of information and I don't know what took me so long to join. Currently, I'm running a Tracker 1648SC w/ 40HP Merc 4-stroke. I bought it because a jon boat was nowhere near big enough for what I wanted to do, but anything larger was out of the question price-wise. I guess my original intentions were to fish bass and panfish, but one trip to Cayuga changed all that for me. I love trolling for lakers and am putting a lot of effort into learning how to fish them. I'm not the biggest boat out there, and of course I always keep a close eye on conditions before heading out on the big water. I've got some questions on how to make the most out the smaller boat I'm running, but I'll post them in the proper forums. Thank you!