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  1. I blew my 1995 Force 120 motor. This motor was manufactured by Mercury. I have lots of good parts. Will work with some other year models. Cowl, carbs, 2 starters, too many parts to list. If you need something let me know and I can post some pics.]
  2. Black Max propeller 16x16p. Mercury part number 48-16440A45. No hub. RH Rotation. Never been on a boat. Has some scuffs marks from laying around garage. $75.00 plus shipping.
  3. Sawyer Permethrin works best for me. Prob 95% of the time. You can get it on amazon. Also a 12v fan does wonders if you have room for it.
  4. I fished last weekend and a lot of things can change but 60 down water was 44 degrees. 300 copper with meat never moved. May have taken one shot on meat wire diver and one shot on flasher fly. Rest on spoons. Sliders on riggers did well. 200 weighted steel, 7 color and 10 color did well. Slide diver took our biggest king (about 20#) down around 35 ft. 80 to 220 fow. Mostly steelhead out and kings in. Good luck
  5. Fished out of the Oak Thursday evening thru Saturday. Had decent temps Thurs and Fri. Slow pick on 2 yr old kings and steelhead but enough to keep it interesting. Sat. Warm water moved in 60 degrees surface down to 60 feet clear out to 350 fow. Didn't go much deeper. Rough lake. Very few fish. Had 3 quick hits early 130 to 160 fow but couldn't keep them on. Only managed 2 steelhead rest of the day. Took one good shot on deep diver with meat, no hook up A couple on high slide divers with spoons. Riggers down 44 and 58 with spoons. And 10 color core took fish. Mainly all spoon bite. Best water was prob 300 to 350 when temps were good May be ok if cooler water moves back in. Good luck
  6. That's true with the cone angles. With the humminbird ducer tilted up a little it points back a little further.. thus showing the weights better. But it doesn't show how far the weight is from the back of the boat. if I really want to see how far the ball is behind the boat I can point the lowrance active target transducer to the rear. This will show exactly where the ball is and show depth as well, although I'm not sure how accurate the depth reading is. It does show quite shallower than the 2d sonar shows. But I have to subtract the length of the boat since that transducer is in the bow.
  7. I was referring to the difference between what the humminbird transducer and lowrance transducer showed for bottom depth because I have the back of the humminbird ducer tilted up a little. I can see the rigger weights better but also can see bottom depth on plane better. I understand blowback and realize that what sonar shows is not actual depth of ball. I do know that if the ball doesn't show on sonar I have to let a signicant amount more cable out
  8. Heavier weights have less blowback. U can also tilt the back of your tranducer up a little, but this may make your depth reading off slightly. I run a Lowrance carbon and humminbird helix with the ducer tipped up a little. The helix picks up weights a little better. There is about a 2' difference in depth between the two.
  9. I think you are referring to blowback. There are too many variables to give you definite answers. The lighter the weights, the more blowback. The deeper you send them, the more blowback. Speed, current, etc are all factors.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Are you releasing your inlines so they dont keep planing or leaving them attached with a release like a lock jaw or snapper when you bring them in?
  11. I run both inline and big boards. Have no issues with multiple lines of same length or short leads. Multiple long lines per side are where I have problems. To save the headaches I now just run a 300 copper on one side and a 10 color core on the other. Would like to try 2 long lines per side. 300 copper and 200 weighted steel and a 10 color and 5 or 7 color. Theoretically the 300 copper and 10 color should be on the inside since they are deeper but my question is how do you reset an outside line and get it around the inside line without clearing the inside line? Either with inlines or big boards.
  12. I'm using 65lb braid as backing. Dont know if it will slip out of the original pinch pad if the pad is turned around. Even if I wrap it a couple times around the release
  13. Thanks, I'll try that before getting replacement releases.
  14. I do have speed and temp. Have added offshore guppy weights to leadcore with good results. Know it got deeper but just don't know how much. Was trying to figure out how to get a 300 copper deeper. .
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