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  1. Adding another battery

    I had the same issues as you. one battery for everything. When I hit the starter it would kill my sonar because of the draw. I installed a 2nd battery. The first battery is now dedicated to main engine starting only. The Blue sea battery kit EKoselny mentioned comes with a charging relay that charges both batteries off your main motor....or an on board a/c charger... The batteries are kept separate. It comes with a 3 position switch that has to be manually selected. Off ..on...and both. In the case of your starting battery if for some reason it got low you can switch to both and then go back to normal on. This switch also lets you shut everything off at the end of the day so you have nothing inadvertently drawing power. The only thing I have that is connected directly to the 2nd battery is my bilge pump with a float switch. System works great. I also keep an extra battery stored onboard...just in case......
  2. I use the 4 braid rods to pull dipsies on Erie for walleyes, so they pull double duty. 30lb power pro on them. The wire divers are strictly for Lake O. As far as the slide divers do you mean as a high diver inside of the coppers say on a 5 setting or in place of the coppers.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What would you run on the coppers? Is it too early to run meat? Also how far back on the riggers 10' to 20'?
  4. Thanks for all of the replies. Have a trip planned for mid May out of Wilson. Taking your previous advice in this post, over the long, long winter I have assembled an arsenal of rods.. Here is what I have and would like to get your opinions on how to deploy it, for this time of year, no more than 8 rod spread for multi species with emphasis on kings and coho, but not ruling out the other species. Lead core...7 color, 3 color and two 2 colors.. copper... a 200 and a 300, 2 rigger rods, 4 braid diver rods, 2 wire diver rods, and 2 general purpose 8' rods loaded with 20 lb mono. Also have 4 lighter 7' rods intended for browns that won't probably apply here, but are available. As mentioned before I have TX 44 and OR 12 inline boards, Have an assortment of flasher/ flies, spoons, meat rigs and plugs. Thanks
  5. Those clients were me and my crew from WV. I was gonna drag my boat up and fish for four days but the weather had something to say about that. I booked this charter for instruction and fortunately Friday happened to be the best day. I have nothing but good things to say about Rick and his brother. Anyone wanting to brush up on their tecniques should give him a call. He answered all my questions.. Best charter I have ever been on and not just because of all the fish we caught...Planning on fishing with him at Wilson if I can get it to all come together.
  6. I bought a couple Tite Lok track adapters from Fish USA for around $25 for the pair. Easy to drill and bolt other bases to these. I'm running older Big Jons as well.
  7. Trying to get a grasp on this. Planning a trip for next weekend (April 13) and with the forecast for this weekend predicting gale force winds, snow and rain, the lake could be messed up. I understand that typically a mudline is right next to the shore, followed by green colored water, followed by clear water further out. My understanding is you would want to fish the green water just off the mudline. My question is with the understanding that you are targeting the 10' to 12' depth, what if the mudline extends in to water deeper than the 10 to 12' target depth such as is found with higher water levels. Do you fish the muddy water to stay in target depth or do you go deeper to stay in the green water? Thanks
  8. Washing hands and lures

    youtube has a video with Jake Romanack (fishing 411) and a guy from yakima baits fishing the Niagra bar. I think he was using a dishwashing detergent..... but you can check it out.
  9. Spin N Glos

    Wouldn't be local but Fish USA has a good selection with good pics.
  10. NO P dogs in NY. I never have seen any east of the Mississippi
  11. Painting spoons

    I have made some Musky plugs and used Lifetone or Polytranspar lacquer airbrush paints. I am a full time taxidermist and used the same paints that I already had on hand for painting fish. Mckenzie sells the paints as well as any Taxidermy supply. As far as gloss... Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze works (spray can) I get it from walmart. about 4 coats. However Envirotex Lite is the absolute most durable. 2 parts that has to be brushed on. Hope this helps
  12. Lived in SD for 3 years and smoked a lot of them. Alternated between a .243 and a Swift so the barrels could cool down. Also Bandrus1 just for your info. the ranchers poison them by the thousands and they still can't get rid of them. I antelope hunt in WY and that ranch is loaded even after poisoning. steve.e I can ask that rancher if he would want some shot if you would be interest in hunting WY. He has 10000 acres and is a little over an hr NW of Gillette
  13. Big Jon max Rigger weight

    Actually I had an email in to Big Jon and they finally got back to me. seems like 12 lb is the max on the older captains pak and 14 on the newer. Booms can take it but the motor is the issue. Dont want to burn up a motor as expensive as they are.
  14. Nice fish, Looks like its picking up. How deep of water? Good Job !!!!!! Thanks for the report