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  1. Set of 2 yellowbird inline planer boards. Port and Starboard. Good condition with very little use. $35 for the set plus shipping.
  2. Set of 2 Luhr Jensen " the King" manual downriggers. These are great entry level down riggers in good working condition. Comes with new Scotty 150 lb. cable, mounting plates, boom extensions, extends boom to 24". 2 extra replacement O rings for counters. $100 plus shipping.
  3. Spin Doctor & Dipsy storage.

    Great idea. Where can you get starboard?
  4. Just bought bulk spools of power pro and am in the process of replacing some of my old braid. I used approx. 250' of 20lb Big Game as backing under the braid mainly as a filler so my line counters would calibrate and I wouldn't have to fill the complete spool with braid. I don't recall ever getting into the backing. This backing was put on last year. I was contemplating attaching the new braid to this current backing. Anyone have any input as to how long mono as a backing will last?..... or if I should just go ahead and replace the mono too. If it were just 3 or 4 reels it would be a no brainer but I am replacing line on 16 reels.
  5. cabellas black box location

    Mine is on the port side rear corner in a hatch in front of the downrigger. I have it rigged where it can easily be removed and stashed when not in use. I dont think it matters. Put it in any place where its out of the way but you can still get to it.
  6. I would rather keep them together. More attractive for someone. I have them advertised locally as well.
  7. Icotec GC 300 electronic Predator call for sale. Used once. Like new condition in original box. Remote control, with range up to 300 yds. 12 different sounds. Also Mo Jo Critter motorized decoy. Used once. Plastic toggle switch broke first time out. Replaced with a metal one. Works great. Great condition. Both for $100 shipped.
  8. Anyone have any experience using a black box to regulate the voltage field of your boat? My boat came with one and was wondering if it might be worth hooking it up. I know the newer cannon downriggers come with this positive ion built in so there might be something to it. Does it really make a difference?
  9. Penn Downriggers

    Thanks for the replies, I can find no information on who sells new Penn downriggers. Nothing on the Penn Website about riggers. Amazon has some manual crank. Any contact info on the guy that services them? If I decide to get these I might have them gone over before installing them since they are pretty old.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with the Penn Fathom Master 825 downriggers?. These have the longer booms and swivel bases. Have a chance to pick up a couple at a reasonable price but know absolutely nothing about them other than they no longer make them.
  11. You have much trouble with Fleas? Do you think 30lb mono would be heavy enough on rigger rods to deter fleas or would 40 be better? From my understanding there isn't much of a flea problem with 7 strand diver wire, copper or leadcore.