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  1. So $8 all together to launch and retrieve your boat? How's the channel out to the lake? Thanks!
  2. Genesee is open but you need boots. It's inches from being under water and it is under with any waves at all.
  3. Anybody if the Genesee launch is still above water and usable?
  4. Went by the Genesee launch today and it looks just like my picture above. I was surprised as that picture was taken 6 days ago. Not under water yet.
  5. I was wondering if the I-Bay and Sandy creek launches are still open? I went by the Genesee river launch on Saturday and took a picture. Looks like it will be under water soon.
  6. Nice, time to buy another one of those spoons!
  7. I was out today and temp was 75-85 down in 120-220.
  8. I leave my boat out all of the time except for winter and then store it in a barn in Hamlin. I usually cover it when I'm traveling. If I don't cover it after fishing I'll get lazy and not put it on when I get home.
  9. Yea, that's nice. The cover i'm getting won't be convertible. Thinking about some padding around the trolling motor blade might be a good idea.
  10. I've had things blow out of the boat plus where I park it in my driveway there's a big oak that drops all sorts of stuff into the boat.
  11. I had my last boat 11 years and used to take the motor off when I stored it for the winter but I even stopped doing that after 3 or 4 year. I store my boat in a metal barn in Hamlin for winter and never had a problem with theft.
  12. The dealer where I just bought my boat, 18 ft Alumacraft at Frontenac Harbor, told me half the people who have bow mounted trolling motors take them off to put a travel cover on. I told him I never remove my trolling motor but have it on a quick release plate in case I need service. So they're ordering me a new cover to fit over my trolling motor so they get credit for that. So am I uninformed or off base thinking nobody takes there trolling motor and puts it back one every time they go fishing?
  13. Thanks again for all the input. Looks like 3 choices for trolling, kicker,bags, and trolling plate. I guess the worse for low speed should be about 2.8 or so but will wait and see. My old boat was a Crestliner fish hawk 1750 with a 115 hp e-tech, trolled down to 2.2 or so. In 11 yrs put all most 1000 trolling hrs on it. Worked great, maintenance every 3 yrs. Will wait and see. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks for the input, I may also have to get bags or a kicker also. I plan on using my trolling motor while trolling. I'm getting the 80 lb 24 volt minnkota. Trolling bags are certainly much cheaper and maintenance free.
  15. Thanks Gator! I don't think the warranty requires a certified tech but just proof that service was performed.
  16. Good to know. I would rather avoid getting a kicker, just another motor to take care of.
  17. Thanks for the info! I'm also the owner of a Old Town Predator PDL kayak.
  18. Soups point? Yea never been there, good one!
  19. Thanks for the reply. That's where I bought the boat, Alumacraft Tournament Sport 185, not near 8000 lbs. I assume your happy with Frontenac service? I live in Greece, an 80 min drive from Frontenac and the reason I'm looking elsewhere but I still may take it there.
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