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  1. Any Smelt action at Niagara River Yet?. Bullhead should be in at the Lake shore ponds in Rochester soon too. Maybe after a warm rain and a few warmer days this week.
  2. Water temp is 41 degrees off Rochester...I see Daffodils around the area too. I think this weekend may be good. Check other Niagara River fishing websites. It may be Smelting Time!!!!! Good luck to all.........
  3. Found this website that talks about the lower Niagara Rivhttps://www.niagarafallsusa.com/things-to-do/outdoor-adventure/fishing/weekly-fishing-report/er. Ice Boom still in place.
  4. Sean, Glad to see the DEC was on the ball and watching. Were you at Art Park? Too much of that poaching going on. One time we went the Border Patrol was driving around Art Park looking for Vietnamese Sneaking over from Canada. They said $1000 a person would buy a boat ride from Canada to USA. This was back in the 90's.
  5. LOL John, the last I tried that path with muddy boots ....I think you might know what happened and where I ended up.... LOL.! Still had fun though. And my previous post I ment to say 1 1/2 - 2/ 5 Gal buckets. John I'm from Rochester...where you from my friend?
  6. Yes John, We always did well there. The only bad thing was the slippery killer stairs! Other than that, we would always have a good time. And yes 2 gal=8 qts. Used to be unlimited, but we would only take what we could eat and freeze. Sometimes 1 1/2 to 2 gals was plenty. I hear that catches like that from earlier days are few and far between. Oh! By the way....I did see a few Daffodils around my house today too..............
  7. Well, I also look for the Daffodils around the area and I have not seen any close to blooming. A few warm days may help the temps. I do think the run will be quite late this year. I hope you can get your fill. 8 qts a day limit, I think. Good luck to all. Please post when they do run.
  8. Keep on eye on the Lake Ontario water temperature. Historically, When the water is 42 degrees or so....the smelt will start their run up the Niagara river.
  9. Just want to say I'm looking forward to reading posts and information on how to avoid Gobi's and catch a few nice Small-mouth Bass.
  10. Years ago, I used to go to the Niagara river near Artpark in Lewiston, Ny. Always caught Smelt. Still can be caught according to other websites but I have not personally gone in years. Had alot of fun then though.Good luck.
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