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  1. So, now that the Ice is out, has anyone heard anything about some nice Perch fishing at Long Pond or Cranberry pond. I have to fish from shore with minnows. Any news?. Thanks.....
  2. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    Anyone know how much Ice we have on Cranberry Pond? I heard about 2 inches......not sure if that's right.
  3. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    Ice is finally on the way.....Maybe a week. Lets all be safe and wait for at least 4 inches on the Lake shore Ponds. With single number low temps and calm winds....should not take too long. Maybe next weekend I'll see you all out there. I prefer Cranberry pond...If no parking....then Long pond or Braddock's Bay. Good luck to all!
  4. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    New blades last year, used twice....keep dry ever since. Blades are still sharp. Found all my jigs and tools such as forceps. .....All ready here!
  5. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    Heard from stew's deli near cranberry pond...he has bait and guys have been buying. Are they on cranberry or long pond?. I'll have to go check it out. Some nice cold nights here....maybe ice?
  6. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    Please keep an eye open for Safe Ice along the shoreline Ponds and Bays. I'm Ready!!!!!
  7. We went out till the rain came in. Marked alot of fish. 25-35ft. Ended up catching a nice brown trout.
  8. Has anyone tried for small mouth bass out in the lake east of irondequoit bay Jigging or Trolling? August was usually the best time to go out. I haven't been in a few years. Want to try again.
  9. Just seen on the news tonight, that the Boat Launch at the North end of Irondequoit bay in finally open. Will have to check it out soon.Maybe a little Bass fishing in the lake, hedges or new Webster Park is in order?
  10. Anyone gone to Eastern Lake Erie lately/ I'm hearing that it's a hotspot lately..Thx.
  11. Has anyone been out in the Lake, and how did you do. It's been a tough weekend for fishing. Sodus Bay I think is flooded out and 5 miles an hour gets you nowhere fast. I would rather try to fish around Rochester area. I was thinking about Watomla Shoals between Braddock and Sandy creek. What are the groups thoughts ?
  12. Is there anywhere to launch near Rochester area that is not underwater?. And.....are there any Small-mouth Bass in the Lake to go after? Greater Rochester area.
  13. I wonder if the Finger Lakes are any better for Smelting. Historically Niagara has always been bountiful.
  14. Anyone caught any....no news?
  15. Ok, Like I always looked for. They show up as food for trout first. I think this is the week for all to try. ......If the rain ever stops!
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