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  1. Thanks all for the update. I'm sure everyone appreciates it. Thanks again.
  2. Cold weather on the way. But be careful. Give it time to build up a bit. There's plenty of fish.
  3. Starting to look like using a canoe or rowboat may be the only way for perch fishing so far this year.LOL. I still remain hopeful thought
  4. All info is a good thing .....how much ice do you you have up there? Did you go out and what did you catch? Thanks Kevin....keep posting .
  5. Sounds like it's still too early, but cheer up......colder weather is on the way for next weekend and after......let's hope but be safe. Antone know if Stew's grocery near cranberry pond has mouses spikes and minnows?. I need to call them.
  6. Maybe a couple weeks. I'm ready.
  7. I Applaud your comments........Agree, Agree, Agree..........The fish WILL still be there. Oh, And what about the folks that hop scotch plywood. That's really rich!
  8. I agree...could not have been safe. 4 inch min. Some just can't wait. I hope the best for them that they don't fall through.
  9. i ca not find where to log out here. Anyone help me out please?.
  10. Thanks, Liogundog. I did note some ice covering at salmon creek bridge on braddock bay yesterday......12/18/20. Thought it may be a bit thin though. warmer weather for this weekend may break it down but still a good sign. I also noted the water level a bit low too. Wonder if stews deli has bait yet? I'll have to call him.
  11. Hello all, I know it's a little early but, let's keep an eye for ice on the lakeshore ponds. Hoping the season comes a little early this year. I myself am ready..........Bob.
  12. So, now that the Ice is out, has anyone heard anything about some nice Perch fishing at Long Pond or Cranberry pond. I have to fish from shore with minnows. Any news?. Thanks.....
  13. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    Anyone know how much Ice we have on Cranberry Pond? I heard about 2 inches......not sure if that's right.
  14. BobM

    Waiting for Ice

    Ice is finally on the way.....Maybe a week. Lets all be safe and wait for at least 4 inches on the Lake shore Ponds. With single number low temps and calm winds....should not take too long. Maybe next weekend I'll see you all out there. I prefer Cranberry pond...If no parking....then Long pond or Braddock's Bay. Good luck to all!
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