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  1. I would apply heat to soften the glue and remove the original tip. Next, measure the rod tip diameter to the nearest 1/64". Tip guides are sized by two numbers: the size of the eye in mm and the diameter of the hole the rod fits into is in 64ths. Yeah, weird, right? Order a tip guide and while you do that get the good brown hot glue. Heat up the glue, apply to the rod tip and then slide the new top guide into place and align. That's about all there is too it. The only weirdness on a swivel tip is that you may need to remove the wrapping and re-wrap.
  2. Bingo! Put a strainer in between. Otherwise winterizing it will be not-so-easy. You need to be able to suck the antifreeze through the pump, so you pull the top off the strainer and pour in the antifreeze solution as the pump runs.
  3. This is really a question of what you have for a tow vehicle. Need to know the combined GVW, vehicle weight and then towing capacity. Whatever boat you select, add 1500-2000 pounds for trailer, fuel, gear, etc. Chuck
  4. I've had more swivels fail than knots over the years, so I tie. Blood knots usually for mono unless I'm in a hurry or it's dark out, or really rough in which case I'll go back-to-back uni's since you can tie them by feel. Albright for mono leader to braid if the mono is under 20# test, otherwise FG knot. Generally I like a 5 ' section of 20# to the braid with an FG knot and then blood knot to the actual leader. This allows everything to go through the guides easily and lay flat on the spool. On the rare occasions I use a swivel it's a palomar knot. Same for the snap swivel for spoons. Now and then, if I'm in a fun mood for fall kings I'll do a bimini with a wind-on for J-plugs. It's overkill but it entertains the folks onboard.
  5. Baddad, Glad to help. Heck, for one of those 50 rings and a splash of decent bourbon we'll get you out with us and train you. Chuck
  6. I've been fishing this lake since 1980 and if I've learned anything it's this: Kings aren't line-shy. Think about it, Dipsey, snubber, flasher and meat rig and they still nail the thing. Use whatever you're most comfortable with. What works best for me might not be best for you. The main thing is that you have confidence in the system you use. My advice which is worth what you paid for it, is check your leader every time you put it out, regardless of what line you use. Yes, in 10' feet of crystal clear water in the Bahamas fishing for fish with eyes the size of quarters while using a 60# shock leader, flouro can make a big difference, but for what we do in Lake Ontario with 15# test for salmon with their tiny eyes -IMHO it doesn't seem to matter.
  7. The wireless systems are great. You can move about and still have the engine(s) shut off if you fall overboard. Highly recommended, even on larger boats.
  8. I figure let the fisheries management people who actually know what they're doing manage it. If somebody pays for a license they are allowed to keep a legal fish. While I strongly encourage catch and release, after decades of seeing many people thrilled to catch their first bigger-than-a-bluegill fish we need to remember that your throw back fish may indeed be a trophy to the person that just caught it. And it may lead them to becoming a lifelong angler. Just because a few anglers are on a trophy hunt doesn't mean the vast majority of anglers should have to not play by the rules set down by the DEC. That seems a bit selfish to me.
  9. Happy New Year everyone! I had some video of our last trip of the year and decided to put it together. it was a slow day with some really sketchy weather but it was still better than sitting on the couch! We'll be doing new videos on a regular basis once spring fishing starts. We also have the ability to do live-streaming from the water if anyone is interested. We do this for fun only and to promote the sport, so if there's something you'd like to see this spring let me know. My goal is to make it like you're there with us. Maybe have something to binge watch on a day when we get blown off the lake. We're learning this video stuff as we go but having fun sharing. Also, if you'd like to take us on a fishing adventure let us know. If you do charters give us a shout and we'll make sure to see what we can do to help you out for free. (1) Late Fall Fishing on Lake Ontario on Dan's Cabo - YouTube Hope everyone has a great 2021! Chuck
  10. Fishing was a bit slow but the sunrise was spectacular. Was a lot of fiberglass out front! We even met a nice couple guys fishing in boat near us and gave them some free Offshore Bite Pickle Juice spoons.
  11. Bruce, what are you talking about? Look at the picture - there's an empty water bottle on the deck!
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