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  1. Is the launch at Sandy still closed? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Worked 130-180 75 down 6:30 to 9:30 alone. Went 3 for 4, biggest 18lbs. All spoons on riggers.
  3. I use Ande 40lb. Seems to work good with 20lb fluorocarbon leader. Paid $15 for 1/4 lb spool.
  4. I haven't caught one but it reminded me of some good luck I had last year. I had my line break with a flasher-fly and a cheater line and spoon, like $15-20 worth of hardware gone so I thought. I looked back and the fish was flopping around on the surface so I thought what the hell and turned around got in the front with my net and scoop him out of the water with all my lures. Cool!
  5. Used the one at Manitou Beach a week ago and the price was $6 each way. A 50% increase. Coins do work.
  6. How much are they charging this year?
  7. Bought this last year for $1600. Only diff is mine has blue-tooth. Quick release plate is probably another $60 or so, I'm guessing. Would have jumped on this last year.
  8. Might need boots to launch. You can get on dock without boots but may have to back vehicle in further than normal because of high water.
  9. Just went bye, still closed. Water just slightly below docks.
  10. On water from 7am to 11. Mixed bag, 2 steelheads, a brown and a salmon. nothing to big, 8lb salmon and 7.5lb steelhead. All spoons. Temp about 70 down on rigger. Lost a couple more up on the surface. Heavy fog till about 9. Everything on riggers and nothing on dipsy.
  11. Good thing for him you were there. Sounds like a very interesting day.
  12. The I-Bay launch is a floating dock and it's closed? So what's the point?
  13. How tricky is it to use the launch at Sandy creek? Obviously boots required and the docks must be slippery.
  14. So $8 all together to launch and retrieve your boat? How's the channel out to the lake? Thanks!
  15. Genesee is open but you need boots. It's inches from being under water and it is under with any waves at all.
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