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  1. Chucked spoons for 3 hours off the pier at Sodus point. Nothing landed, went 0/1 only hooked up for a few seconds nearly pulled the rod from my hands. There’s a few fish jumping between the break walls but it’s a needle in a haystack right now
  2. Do you have any spoon recommendations? I like Krocodiles and cleos and moonshines
  3. Thanks for the replies everybody I think I’ll give it a shot chucking some spoons or maybe stickbaits or eggs
  4. Don’t know about trolling but jigging has been good for Lakers and bonus silvers
  5. Thinking of going up to Oswego or Rochester or one of the piers this weekend for my birthday to see about some salmon. Has anyone seen any Kings near the piers or mouths of rivers yet?
  6. According to NY state guidelines you may not travel to New York for a vacation from the states on the travel advisory list. You may say “oh it’s just vacation we’ll get takeout and won’t see anybody” NO the 14 day quarantine is mandatory and restricted to no outdoor and public areas, you must have a residence to stay in and register it with the state. Please understand that this is for everyone’s safety. Don’t be selfish, even if you don’t feel sick you could still be an asymptomatic carrier and spread the virus when you get here. Find somewhere to vacation and fish in Virginia
  7. Hot Jigging bite this morning north of Long Point. Lakers of all sizes, a 24” brown, and a 22” male landlocked made it to the boat. Jigging plastic paddle tails did it in 65-75 fow. Best color plastic today was a pink/blue but all colors got bites. The landlocked has no fin clips, could it be wild? Couldn’t release him after the fight/hookset so I’m hoping it was a stockie Picture below of the salmon headed for the grill
  8. Yea if you get there before the office opens you can launch and then pay on your way out
  9. We were out Saturday afternoon near king ferry jigging for a couple hours, lots of green water, nice marks but all we got were fleas
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