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  1. US Lakeside Bait and tackle is right in Union Springs at 145 Cayuga st. Not sure what bait they have google says the phone number is 315 889 9038 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’m not a scientist or biologist but my hypothesis is that with the goby influx in Cayuga a few years ago and some of the salmon and browns having the goby in their diet are not ingesting as much Thiaminase, which is allowing some of their eggs to hatch. There is ample spawning activity in tribs and even many marinas around the lake, I believe some are successful
  3. I think so, some of the salmon have what looks like clips when I catch them
  4. I’ve been seeing large schools of small Salmon and browns in near shore areas around Long point and also west side of lake south of taughannock, I caught a few schoolies on small jigs and none were fin clipped. Over the winter most of the large salmon I caught were without finclips. Make of that what you will
  5. Jerkbaits and tube jigs have been working ok but not that many lakers in shallow this year
  6. Hi i was at long point yesterday it is not launchable right now too low and there is ice
  7. Thanks Spoonfed, it was amazing to see it in person
  8. Woah that’s huge whaler1, where did you catch that one?
  9. The fish was not in very good shape after such a long fight, it has made a couple great meals already
  10. My buddy hooked this 17 pound 3 ounce brown trout, shore casting a small swimbait. It was 32” long and 20” around the belly, super fat. I bent the handle of my net lifting it up on the dock. Largest brown I’ve seen out of Cayuga
  11. Did some fly fishing this afternoon in a Cayuga tributary and found a run of rainbow trout. The water was very clear so light line and small small nymphs with an indicator did the trick, landed 2 rainbows 22.5” and 24.5” saw a few others. There’s going to be a great run this spring
  12. Winter is a great time to use fly gear from shore or a boat to go after trout, in Cayuga lake anyways. Streamers in dark colors for laker trout or brighter colors for salmon, or smelt patterns. Bass gear like tube jigs works great for Lakers in the winter, or casting blade baits is productive if it’s windy or you want to work a mudline.
  13. A few hungry Lakers are already cruising the shorelines, more everyday. In my opinion the second half of November and into December are top notch laker fishing with an occasional bonus brown or rainbow. They hit hard and fight hard with the water being cold and they’re hungry after the spawn. I mainly shore cast tube jigs, blade baits, spoons, jerkbaits. You could troll spoons or sticks baits like Berkeley flicker minnow I’ve had luck with trolling the shallows try 5-20 fow around points or creek mouths
  14. Chucked spoons for 3 hours off the pier at Sodus point. Nothing landed, went 0/1 only hooked up for a few seconds nearly pulled the rod from my hands. There’s a few fish jumping between the break walls but it’s a needle in a haystack right now
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