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  1. We were out Saturday afternoon near king ferry jigging for a couple hours, lots of green water, nice marks but all we got were fleas
  2. Wow 21 fish landed sounds like you guys had a blast! Thanks for the report, I guess it pays to be on the water early. Could have been a sturgeon I’ve heard of them caught while laker jigging, could have been a massive laker too
  3. Nice fish thanks for the report, are there many fish on the deep flats in front of the college?
  4. Very interesting thanks I’ll be paying more attention to trends in wind speed. It would be nice to have a down temp reader
  5. Does this upwelling ever happen to Cayuga lake? What are the conditions that cause it?
  6. I found Jigging on the east side south of long point Monday and today afternoon/evening, marked lots of Lakers in 50-80 feet along the drop off there (I don’t know how action is on the flats near aurora), the ones I found most active and moving and biting for the jigs were about 65 feet near the bottom. Monday they preferred a smaller 4” swim bait in pink or chartreuse/blue, today they liked the white 5.5”
  7. Haven’t heard about this tourney but I’m planning to be out fishing this weekend, so how do I sign up or find info about it? Just googled can’t find anything. Thanks
  8. Wow beautiful rainbow! Great job on the release. I’m curious what the rainbow was caught on and how deep water it was in? I’ve been experimenting trying to target silvers casting/jigging because not setup for trolling, thanks
  9. Hey I’m interested in the reels and rods, Still have them? do you think they would be good for running some dipsey divers?
  10. Launching today out of long point around 3pm for some jigging/trolling. No radio. Little old blue and white glastron
  11. Tuesday long point 6:30-9pm found an area of active salmon near long point hooked into three landed one 20” they were jumping furiously and shook the hooks biggest one we lost when he jumped right at the boat rail was probably 26”. 3 lakers and a pickerel, one of the lakers was 33” long and didn’t weigh him but was very fat and felt like 15 pounds. All fish came trolling in 25-50ft stickbaits 15-20ft down wednesday long point 10:30-1:30 couldnt find the salmon again trolling stickbaits to the college ran into two lakers 28” and 29” both very fat were in 20ft of water
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