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  1. I'm looking for reports west of Seneca
  2. What are you catching the Lakers on?
  3. Going out Saturday with my cousin haven't been out anywhere this year so far, looking to fish the western FLX any tips on where and what to use? please and thank you!
  4. I actually did a study on this..... The runoff from the roads is not to blame, Seneca lake is naturally salty because of the salt within the bedrock strata. Of course the Salt plants are leeching into the water and that is one of the problems. The biggest problem in Seneca is from runoff from the agricultural business, the excess phosphates and nitrates from fertilizer are being put into the lake causing more and more algal blooms. which in-turn make the lake eutrophic, this can be avoided by adding more riparian buffer zones along the Tributaries. It is sad to see what man can do to a natural resource in only 200 years.
  5. Thinking about going Kayak fishing out of Deans Cove, Very new to this method. Any Tips?
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