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  1. What size downrigger is it the 10 hopefully?
  2. Since the ice everywhere is deteriorating I was wondering if the boat launch at long point is accesible to get a boat out. Or does that area also freeze over during the winter. I’m almost 2 hours away or I would check myself. Thanks for any info.
  3. I work out of town 9 months out of the year. I get 1 day off a week I don’t get to pick and choose the best weather to go I go when I can and today the water was pretty rough and fortunately we came out with about 50 perch between 9-12 inches not 1 pickeral I was amazed. My son had a awesome time and that’s what matters most. He was asleep 10 minutes after we left.
  4. I decided to go a different route finally found a spot that still sells bait so I’m gonna spend the day on the north end perch fishing Anyone been up there ?
  5. Now you have me concerned everything I see for Lansing shows 4 mph winds ans a 30 percent chance of showers and it’s only 18 ft boat
  6. Fishing south end Sunday rain or shine any updates havnt been out since March I’m gonna start around 100 fow of water 80-95 fow down taking my 5 year old boy hope to get something. I’m gonna try double stacking riggers for the first time see how that goes anyone else getting out ?
  7. Looks like the water came up another 2 feet looking online I may give it a try Monday at the Union Springs boat launch with my 18 ft deep v its a 2 hour ride to be let down but I guess I could always go back to long point and head up. If anyone has seen the launch or launched out of it I would greatly appreciate a update even if its a pm.
  8. 20 dollars all brand new $20 local pick up owego ny can meet
  9. Buyer pays shipping Lot 1 11 spoons $20 Lot 2 8 lures $15 Lot 3 flashers and Dodgers $30 Lot 4 just added 6 optimizer spoons brand new $20 Lot 5 17 stick bait $25 Lot 6 12 dare devils and a bunch of random spoons $40
  10. DO you think there is enough water at union springs to launch a 16 foot flat bottom boat
  11. Trolling flies $15 total $20 shipped there are also 12 daredevils with some random spoons in there $50 $60 shipped not seperating I want to get rid of them all 607-221-4758 Kyle
  12. I fished Meyers 7am-10 and then went up north caught 7 lake trout all off downrigger all keepers but number 6 and 7 came back to back so we threw one back and then went home all between 90-110 fow right on bottom
  13. Thanks for your help guys I appreciate it I will be replacing the impeller here in a week or so as a precaution
  14. Next time it warms up I will check out all that bob
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