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  1. Went out around 10, launched at Bear Creek on the way out the water was 2' deep. So you really have to stay in the center of the harbor as there are rocks on either side. I saw a charter boat go within feet of the rocks on the west side. not good. We got two boated and one spit out the lure when it saw my grand daughter. The fish ran right to the boat, a new one for me. Saw quite a few charters out didn't really see any of them catching. My granddaugher landed both with help, she's 11. So needless to say there are a few fish left in the lake for another day.
  2. I think the water is deep enough now to launch.
  3. I live in the town and do get the permits every year. Supposedly this fall they are going to upgrade the launch. Army Corp of engineers has given them the ok
  4. Man is trying to regulate the weather and the water. In my opinion, that never works. I wonder how the water levels are at the Eisenhower Dam?
  5. thanks for the help. I wonder if Hughes Marina would be a better place to launch. Only because you never know what the lake will do from one minute to the next.
  6. I just wanted to know if i could launch at Bear Creek. The rant, not acceptable.
  7. I went down to the Bear Creek Launch today. It it possible to launch there? If not where could i launch?
  8. how was the launch? I have a 17.5 Starcraft superfisherman. and i wonder if i can launch there
  9. I looked today. really low.
  10. I went down to the Bear Creek Launch today. It it possible to launch there? If not where could i launch?
  11. My son, neighbor and i went out this morning off Bear Creek. Finding cold water was quite the challenge, there was warm water all over the place. When ever we found cold we landed a fish. We were out 180 to 200ft of water. Landed 4 nice salmon on Wonder Break and a Black and Purple NBK.The fish didn't fight as much as usual, probably because the water was so warm. Just thought i would share, only one other boat out there.
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