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  1. For sale-Used Rod and Reel Combo These items are used. Reel has 10 color lead core, It's been a long time so i might be off on the color, with backing and a line counter. Rod is a Penn Fathom-Master 8 1/2 ft. line cap 8-15lb Medium action . I would separate if needed. PayPal or check when it clears, you pay shipping. 45.00
  2. two cowbell set - Hammerhead-Northern King Peanuts - 1 with flies attached 5 flashers 1 teaser - blue
  3. Small lot of Misc tackle all have been used. 4 Dipsy Divers different sizes 1 Master Keel 2 cut bait meat rigs 4 pgs of swivels etc.
  4. Penfield, New York. for more info call Fred at 585-281-8979.
  5. you didn't send it or it didn't go thru and the envelope is empty.
  6. OK, so now i know i'm not crazy. the person said he sent one, but he didn't. Thanks for your help.
  7. I am sorry but i can't find where you look/find at your PM's. This site is driving me crazy.
  8. where do i find the PM setting on classified. I hate to admit but i can't find it.
  9. so maybe i should delete and re think my post? I am thinking i am asking too little for these am i right?
  10. OK.... I am selling these vintage j-plugs from the 70's they were my dads. They are all used. Some of them 4 or 5 have been painted by my dad. I have two empty boxes that I can send along if someone wants them. They are all Northport Nailers with a few Jensens thrown in, The hooks are all included. I would like 70.00 for the lot. Thanks for looking. I do paypal and can ship.
  11. For sale is a 5 year old Auger with only 12 hrs on it. Also I have a one Man Clam Kenai Shanty with custom Ski's and travel cover. Both are in mint condition. $500.00 for both
  12. Ontario, New York 20 minutes East of Rochester, NY
  13. fffHHere we have six new in box vintage j-plugs the inserts are including in this group. $20.00 The brand name is Northport Nailer.
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