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  1. Because of your harassment. I have someone interested in my net.. They must feel sorry for me. But if it goes thru...I do appreciate..... I guess i will just have to look for Perch myself.
  2. A good place to fish for perch East of Rochester?
  3. I can't believe no one wants the darn thing. No more nets, sold the boat :-(. Your forgiven.
  4. Ok. Folks must think I am asking way to much money for this net. I paid $100.00 for it last year. So I figured 75.00 would be a fair price for something that is hardly used. I guess I don't need the second stupid comment.
  5. Thanks I booked a Charter With Jerry Snyder.
  6. Thank you, I thought I saw one who's home port was Pultneyville
  7. first of all...i'll never figure out how this site works. I had posted for some information about a charter. I went today to look for the charter that was out of Pultneyville. And to my dismay, half the posts are gone? If anyone can help me out i am ready to book..... Maisie
  8. I am looking for a charter for fishing the end of April, Brown trout, etc. We live in Ontario, NY. Need room for at least 4 people. Someone between Webster and Sodus? Thanks guys, i think i have enough leads. Your the best!!
  9. Sold. what is your address? Plus, are you doing Paypal? I have some boxes that go with the stickbaits, do you want them?
  10. Selling a USED lot of stickbaits used on Lake Ontario. 20 in all Shipping and Handling is Extra.
  11. OK the Seccond lot and the fourth lot is sold. Black and gold is tops for spring browns. Smart Guy.
  12. I AM WILLING TO SEPERATE THE SPOONS THEY ARE 3.00 EACH. jUST LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. i HAVE SOLD SOME SO THERE YOU GO. THANKS 1 thru 7. There are 15 spoons in each lot. The lots are 45.00 each. EXCEPT #7 which is 10.00 those are odds and ends of spoons. These spoons are mostly Stingers. The price DOES NOT INCLUDE S & H
  13. I have four lots of stickbaits. I put them in color order. They are all $3.00 a piece. Shipping and handling is extra. So the cost is where you live. ALL ARE USED! I numbered them. 1-4 they are mostly Rapala with a few Rebel and a few ?? You start from the top #1 and go down to 4 If you look carefully a few are hand painted by William Gregory.
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