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  1. thanks so much. going out tomorrow morning. with it being so wet and covid I haven't been out yet. hope for tight lines.
  2. are there still browns near shore, or has the window closed?
  3. hi guys, so no deer walking because we are sitting to much. I wonder why. Is it because the ladder stands are so comfy. Is it because everything is posted? Are we all getting soft. Just wondering.
  4. Thanks guys, you've been a lot of help. i went to Sportsman's Warehouse and found the heated insoles. They wanted $119.00 for them. I decided not to buy them there as the online price was about 40.00. I think The Warehouse is a bit pricey.
  5. I am looking for recommendations for the warmest hunting boot i can find. This weekend is going to be a bit chilly and thought i would try the sportsmans warehouse. TIA
  6. I am in the market for a new tree stand. Many out there. it must have a raised foot rest. I find that using a shooting rail is always to low? Any comments? Also considering a ground blind.
  7. thanks for the recommendations. I see that it has a locking mechanism that will hold the rod in as you are traveling. Now, when i use a dipsey i try to have the rod holder horizontal, or as horizontal as i can get it. My worry is that the rod will fall out when trolling. So this system will prevent that. If i am doing it wrong feel free to set me straight.
  8. I am fishing with a dipsy now. The rod holder I use you have to pull it out of the holder and it a bit of a time waster and a pain. I think they make a rod holder for trolling that you just lift up and it releases the rod. Am I making sense. Well anyway, what is the brand name for those rod holders as i would like to buy one
  9. Nice fish for that young man. We caught our fish going east. So we would always circle back so i didn't wind up in Oswego. Thanks for the tip on the netting
  10. thanks, how heavy are they. I ask as because i am a senior lady and if i can't lift the net. i can't lift the net with the fish But maybe they sell them around here and i can test it out
  11. In the market for a new net. Prefer a Catch and release one. any opinions? I would like it not to be to heavy
  12. Went out last night from 5 - 8pm. Landed two nice Salmon on a meat rig. First time in a long time trying a meat rig. Thank goodness for youtube to set me straight on how to put the darn thing together. Well the first Salmon bent out net. I need a new net. I would like to get a coated one as we like to release the fish. The ones i looked at are really heavy. Any suggestions on a net from you guys?
  13. where to you launch at Braddocks Bay. Being an Eastsider i always launch at Bear Creek. Since it is down to one launch and i want to fish Sunday night i thought i would try someplace else. As on the Weekends in nice weather the Launch at Bear Creek is a Zoo. thanks ahead of time
  14. I wonder if fishing for brown's off the planer board is over now?
  15. what is the best wind direction for fishing Seneca Lake? I have a 17.5 starcraft and haven't been able to get out onto Lake Ontario. So thinking maybe Seneca. I just don't want to have white caps. thanks
  16. I hope to go out again Sunday morning. The lake is supposed to be calm.
  17. there were two other boats out, plus a really big ocean liner thing. We were all in a line fishing the same depth. I wonder how they did
  18. Went out this morning, thought we would try to lake trout. Well that didn't work. So we changed out program went to 160 feet of water about 65feet down and got this salmon. it weighed 22lbs. It was very exciting.
  19. I was in Pulneyville this morning and there is quite a mud line out there. I was planning on going out tomorrow, i was wondering if fishing with planer boards for brown trout would be a good idea. or is it to late?
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