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  1. Thinking about attaching some braid to my wire and running a slide diver any thoughts?
  2. On a weekend if your not there before sunup good luck.....
  3. The first time he was caught I was told he was bragging around how it increased his business.... hard not to believe as it sounds just like him..
  4. Scotty's check John's Sporting Goods best price I have found....
  5. Anyone with a autopilot that uses it for trolling, please tell me what you have for a pilot and what you have for a boat Thank you..
  6. Has anyone ever have any problems with octopus steering with their autopilot?
  7. Are boats getting through the cut at Henderson yet?
  8. looks like the fish are playing in warmer water they are dark-a-ning up..
  9. X4 is all you need, knowing your down speed and temp will make you a much better fishermen. I have the X4D not worth the extra money as far as I can see.
  10. Kinda makes you not want to fish Champlain don't it......I'm the guy that was talking to Larry yesterday on the phone. The biggest one the wife got was 27 1/4 ...congrats glad it turned on for ya...
  11. I have a si tex on the way fingers crossed it works well...a lot of coin there..
  12. I have a board like that for sale 200.00 with 2 big john swivel bases 518-570-3373....Sold
  13. I have a 1992 Bayliner Trophy hardtop 4.3 alpha.hydro steering. I would like a SIMPLE autopilot that I could hit a button and be able to tend to rods.
  14. Bearing buddies are not really your buddy, they do not get proper grease to your inner bearing, and often burp grease out your wheel seal and if this is on your braking wheel it ruins your brake shoes. Proper bearing packing is the best way to maintain your bearings this should be done every year or maybe two....
  15. Interested Location? Call me 518-570-3373 Larry
  16. Mechanical broadheads are just what they say (mechanical) you do however have to service them. You can't beat how accurate they are. I would say the blades should have been open before the hair even got that far. You should always test your mechanical broadhead to make sure it if working free before you knock the arrow it is on, if it don't feel right grab another one out of your quiver. I feel the same about a muzzle loader that don't fire ( human error). Back to the broadheads carbon blades will rust for sure...but those looked stainless.
  17. I'm going to be there from Sept. 6-12 what do ya think, will I hit it right or wrong this year?
  18. disconnect a wire to the bildge and turn on your bildge switch if it don't screw things up connect it back and see if it does if yes it does then I would say it was the problem
  19. What is the down temp in the trench? Is it bath water after this blow?
  20. It looks to me that you could use small engine recoil cord...
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