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  1. I'm in Champlain Ny. but I will be in Ozwego Aug. 10 and 11
  2. Smith top mount clamp on rod holders 100.00 for all 4. Big Jon clamp on manual planer reels 100.00 for the pair. Big Jon swivel down rigger bases with mounting plates 100.00 for the pair. Big Jon custom transom bar with 2 swivel bases 3 rod holders adjustable legs, drilled and tapped for 4 riggers 300.00.
  3. last week I ran out of strips so I cut some strips off the bellies of the fish I caught....seemed to work as well as the store bought..
  4. I have chance to buy this autopilot, will it work on my 20 ft. Bayliner I/O?
  5. How long of lead from cowbells to spin n glow / peanuts?
  6. They could cut out all the lake trout stocking, I don't go to Lake O to fish those slime trout. The only thing there good for is fertilizer. There just hogs to eat the bait fish...
  7. Get rid of the trebles, Tie two singles in tandem increased hookup to boat by I( say 90 plus %
  8. Ok I called fish hawk and the first x4d that came out did not show surface speed even though the transducer has the paddle wheel. Thanks anyway
  9. Yes it spins it has never shone anything on the screen no dashes or anything..
  10. fish hawk x4d new out of the box , mine never shows surface speed/boat speed. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. I was told you can let it behind the boat 30-40 feet then let walk it self to the side, I have been going out the side as you have all been saying..
  12. Setting out a dipsy rod What is the best way to put out a wire and dipsy rod without hooking into the rigger?
  13. Dipsey rods have better than doubled my action kind of a pain in the ass but well worth it. I have 4 riggers now I run 2-3 riggers and 2 dipseys. some times dipseys are 4to1 to the riggers...
  14. Fly storage? Looking for ideas for storing made up flies with leaders, I haven't found any boxes that work well.
  15. Thanks people that's what I figured, just looking to take one more connection out from above the probe one less thing to break. Don't ya just hate it when ya loose your balls...
  16. Release above or below my probe? I have always ran a blacks release above my probe and I was wondering if it would work below it so one less thing to break loose the probe?
  17. Targeting Atlantic's Looking for help on Atlantic salmon, Tackle/ techniques/ speed/ temps would like all the info I could get thank you.
  18. I'm useing 40# and 50# test to keep the fleas off that is working ,but I think its keeping the salmon of too...any thoughts?
  19. I'm settiing up some dipsy rods with 30# wire yay or nay on snubbers?
  20. Time should only make fishing better, not much happening there yet! I was I'll be there labor day for a week...Keep watch on this site Henderson seems tight lipped but don't be afraid to trailer...
  21. Heading over monday to fish for a couple of days, we are staying at Selkirk shores, where would be the best place to fish for some silver? I'm thinking Oz. deeper water quicker..
  22. At this time of year temp. seems to be the key, a couple years ago I did not have a temp. probe, a boat came in with fish that was out where I was. I talked to them and congrats them on there fish. They told me the down temp. as they had a probe. I went back out and started popping fish.
  23. I would run it with everything else off, and if it don't do that ,yes you have to go to the battery, or if you have a spare battery bring it along and wire direct for a test, it could be the unit.
  24. Are there any fish turning on yet? I'm heading over with the wife this weekend, I'm not sure weather to fish around Henderson or trailer to OZ. Any replies would help either place.
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