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  1. Greg, No rush they are for next fall. I sent you a separate response on your other listing for $65 or $50 if you pickup. I will be up next week to Brennans Bay in Mannsville NY. If it is easier to ship that is ok as well. Thanks, Mark
  2. Greg, Would it be ok if purchase this special and pick up when I come up to Brennans Bay Mannsville NY next week? I can send the extra $5 to cover? Thanks, Mark 6093068639 cell
  3. Greg, How long are the leaders on these? I would like use them with 11' flashers so 38 to 40" leaders would be ideal! Thanks, Mark
  4. Greg, I just sent payment via paypal. Please mail to me as follows: Mark Daniel 17 Bailey Dr Princeton NJ 08540 How much additional for the tackle box with foam?
  5. I will take 10. i will pay via paypal like last time. Thanks, Mark
  6. Can you call me to discuss before you strip for trade-in? Thanks, mark 6093068639
  7. We ended up 3 for 6. The 20 king was on FF. The smaller 2 salmon were on spoons. 75 to 85 down at the ball over 125 near the Mountain. 2.5 to 2.9 speed. Lake was rough and it was hard to control boat. Only ran 3 riggers.
  8. 20 lb king Mountain Dew flasher 81 down over 120 off mountain.
  9. 50 degrees down 80 in trench. Nothing so far out since 10 am. Marking Fish 70 to 90 down. 3+ waves.
  10. Just sent funds to purchase hook set and duolock set via paypal. Shipping instructions were enclosed. Please send ASAP need for LOC tournament. Thanks, Mark Daniel
  11. I will calculate total with shipping when i get home later today and let you know total.


    Thank you, Jim

    1. markdaniel


      Please price shipping to:

      Mark Daniel

      Brennan's Bay

      9240 Renshaw Bay Road

      Mannsville NY 13661


      Thanks, Mark

  12. I will take them if they are still available. Thanks, Mark