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  1. Worth the investment! Be careful setting dipsys. Otherwise they are easy to use.
  2. Lowrance LCX 104c Head Unit Only I an selling a Lowrance LCX 104C head unit. Very good working condition. Head Unit Only. $395.00 plus shipping. Only used in fresh water. Thanks, Mark
  3. Set is still available for pickup near Pulaski/Henderson Harbor. First $250 takes the set! Text me at 609-306-8639 if you are interested.
  4. Rods are still available for pickup in Henderson Harbor this weekend. Text me at 609-306-8639.
  5. Try big white paddle with stud fly around Association Island to high rocks/Waverly. It has been a good combination for us. Use the new 11" E Chip paddles with blinking lights down the middle rigger with white and chartreuse paddles up higher on the side riggers with wingers in the morning. As the sun comes up replace flashing paddle in middle with big silver paddle with stud fly or stud fly meat rig. Let me know if you have success. '
  6. Please text me information at 6093068639. Not receiving PMs.
  7. I will also take 4 number 3 an4 number 4. Thanks, Mark Daniel Please resend PM total for all 14 ordered.
  8. I will be up on Friday if you wish to pick them up!
  9. New Price $275.00. I will be up in Henderson/Pulaski NY area on Friday. Thanks, Mark 609-306-8639
  10. I will take 6 packs. How do you want payment? Paypal?
  11. RODS STILL AVAILABLE. Contact me at 6093068639.
  12. STILL AVAILABLE. Contact me at 609-306-8639.
  13. Still Available. Contact me at 6093068639.