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  1. In a month the salmon will hold along the wall near the mountain into the trench. The fishing will shift to FF and herring strips. Combat fishing will begin and there will be boats everywhere. Fish the mountain wall and trench early and late and move to the finger and off sandy pond in 150' of water during the day. If the boat traffic allows, try a dipsey diver. Good luck.
  2. Try the finger and north and west of the finger in 100 to 120 over 150. Black and silver and purple NK 28 spoons and silver green dot stinger spoons have worked well for us.
  3. We went 5 for 5 on salmon yesterday just north and west of the finger in 150' of water. It was a spoon bite 115' to 120' over 150'. Black and silver NK28 and white/silver green dot stingers. Trolling speed 2.3 to 2.7. Huge pods of bait. Lake was flat calm.
  4. Heavy flees out of Henderson yesterday with 20# test. 30# much better.
  5. Fish Hawk TD For Sale Fish Hawk Electronics TD Digital Water Temperature and Depth device for sale. Brand new in package. $120 shipped to your door in US. Text at 609-306-8639 for pictures or more information. Thanks, Mark
  6. I heard the finger, mountain and shipping lanes were producing some salmon.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. Henderson Harbor Salmon Fishing Heading up to Henderson Harbor on Thursday. Any fishing information for salmon/trout and walleyes would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  9. No written agreement. We are keeping our fingers crossed, but it does not look good for lowering of the water anytime soon.
  10. Marina Docking Charges - Flooding in Lake Ontario We have leased two docks at a marina on Lake Ontario. Unfortunately, the flooding at our Marina will not allow boats to be placed at our docks, and the Marina will not allow boats to be launched or docked. The Marina said it may be more than a month before docks will be accessible. At what point is it appropriate to ask for docking charges to be prorated or refunded?
  11. Reiters was open today. Major flooding on the North pond. You may want to try Henderson Harbor. State ramp is open, but you will need boots. Be careful as there is debris in the water.
  12. Reports of salmon and lake trout off the lighthouse have been good. Walleyes have been good as well in the bays.
  13. We just fished yesterday with Capt Gene from Sunken Treasure Charters. We caught 3 beautiful walleyes ranging from 4 to 10 lbs. He will teach you how to catch them and where to go. He and Sam, first mate, are extremely nice people and have fun while fishing. Reasonable 6 and 8 hour rates. Contact them 315-486-8463. Good luck.
  14. Hi Troy, I am very interested. Could I look at them this weekend. I will be heading up to our summer place on Thursday. Thanks, Mark