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  1. Heading over to Henderson for opening walleye, hoping for some browns and eye's do I have to head all the way to black river bay or mite I pick some up around the harbor? I would like to stay out of traffic.
  2. Fish all over the bottom 130-140 fow water temp 68 all the way down,could'nt get any thing to fire....again next year for me..
  3. Is there still fish there? I came back sunday after being there for a week, It was a slow week 13 for 18. heading back there tomorrow for the afternoon and the weekend. Just wondering if anything turning on?
  4. Yes I think you should post the name of this boat,you may not be the only one they have done this to...get their name out there to keep them straight.
  5. Where in or around Henderson can I buy meat for the rigs?
  6. I would be interested to know how this works out for you...
  7. I'm 11for 11 with single hooks in tandem on a fly, where I'm 2 for 5 with a single hook and a treble. and the two with the treble where caught with the single hook and the treble was hooked to nothing but the net. I guess it's time to swap my meat rigs to all singles too.
  8. I have not lost a fish with single hooks in tandem on a fly, If I have a hookup the fish comes in the boat. But I hear taking out the treble messes up the action any thoughts?
  9. Fished Thursday and Friday thurs we landed a 12 1/2 lb. atlantic and a 12lb king the only two rods that fired all day. Friday we never had a rod go off. Fleas where pretty much gone. I guess I have to find the fleas to find the fish?
  10. Heading over this weekend, I was going to Oswego but with the harbor fest going on I don't want to put up with that. Where is a good boat launch to get out into that area to the deeper water without having to motor out miles and miles?
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