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  1. That's not an easy feat in a Yak - Nice triple play!
  2. Thanks for the direction fellas, I'll report back with the findings.
  3. Before I hassle Hank with this issue, I thought I would try tracking this down myself. Most of the time there is no power to all my dash switches. When the boats been on the lift awhile, the power does work at the "power switch" (I'm assuming this feeds all the rest of the switches). When the power switch is working, Then I can turn on the acc. switch, it lights no problem I can then turn on the fish finder, no problem If I turn on the bildge pump, all the dash lights go out and won't come on again (after its been on the lift a while, power comes back and I can go through the whole process again. I should note that I did get the bildge to run once the other day and then it's been doing the power cut out ever since. I don't think it's a fuse (power comes back periodically). Should I be checking the power feed from the battery to the dash power switch? Is the bildge pump the cause? Thanks for any input, hope it's clear enough.
  4. Hello- My trolling motor bit the dust and I'm looking to replace it with a 24 volt Minn Kota, preferably with I-pilot. Please let me know if you have some thing that would work before I buy new. Thanks, Chris
  5. Hello Huntcaribou- Thank you for posting this up. I was really hoping to bump up to a 24 volt system, but if you would be willing to take $300 and meet at Bass Pro in Auburn I'll buy yours. Thanks again, Chris (607-592-2899)
  6. Semi-Sportsman topic. I have a sizable white pine on the edge of my driveway that I would like a talented chainsaw carver to do their magic on. Any suggestions on someone I could contact? What would an 8' tall carving tend to run cost wise? I'm located between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. Thanks, Chris
  7. I should have noted that this boat is located near deans cove on Cayuga lake. Thanks for looking.
  8. Happy spring! Thought I would post up here before I list on Craigslist. I’ve bought a different style boat and it’s time to let another angler enjoy this boat as much as I have. 1993 Alumacraft 180 Trophy. Rebuilt 1998 Yamaha 90,2 stroke. I’m told this is one of the best 2 strokes ever built and I’d have to agree with my experience. 2 big jon electric downriggers. Eagle 480 fish finder. 24 volt Minn Kota trolling motor ( needs to be repaired - works but loose connection). Galvanized shorlander trailer with newer lights and tires. This is a great, safe lake O / fingerlakes rig. $5900. Chris (607)592-2899
  9. Copperliner- If it's a new item -Could you please share the deal you found on your hds gen3? Thanks
  10. Please send pix to me. A buddy has been looking for one of these. 607-592-2899. Where are you located? Thanks, Chris
  11. To the top. Had a hard time finding this. Key words - Tom Margeit South Seneca Sportsman's Club Any one know where to pay? Can we send it to the club? or is their another address? Thanks
  12. I second Hank! If you need Merc warranty stuff - Don Cook in Lansing is a dealer that has done me solid in the past.
  13. Well done - I know that stretch - Heres some cottage trivia -the one fancy stone camp is owned by the CEO of Angies list.
  14. For what it's worth - I'm not a fan. If you need service work I would seek another dealer. If it's non - service work Don Cooke or Merriman on Hanshaw Rd. would be a better choice in the Ithaca area. With that being said, if I have major work needed I drive to Port Bay Ontario and see Hank - He's the man! As do 1/2 the people on this board. Good Luck
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