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  1. Laker - jigging sonar

    Copperliner- If it's a new item -Could you please share the deal you found on your hds gen3? Thanks
  2. Please send pix to me. A buddy has been looking for one of these. 607-592-2899. Where are you located? Thanks, Chris
  3. Cayuga Fishing Derby

    To the top. Had a hard time finding this. Key words - Tom Margeit South Seneca Sportsman's Club Any one know where to pay? Can we send it to the club? or is their another address? Thanks
  4. Respectable Merc dealer

    I second Hank! If you need Merc warranty stuff - Don Cook in Lansing is a dealer that has done me solid in the past.
  5. Cayuga 3/13

    Well done - I know that stretch - Heres some cottage trivia -the one fancy stone camp is owned by the CEO of Angies list.
  6. Anyone use Moore's Marine?

    For what it's worth - I'm not a fan. If you need service work I would seek another dealer. If it's non - service work Don Cooke or Merriman on Hanshaw Rd. would be a better choice in the Ithaca area. With that being said, if I have major work needed I drive to Port Bay Ontario and see Hank - He's the man! As do 1/2 the people on this board. Good Luck
  7. A few fellow hunters have been leaving there spreads out the entire late season and I'm considering the same. It makes it convenient if you only have limited time. I hunt a dock on Cayuga that can get some 5 foot wave action. Any advice on the best / cost effective way to weight / rig the system ? I've seen guys use fence panels with a dozen or so decoys down to one heavy weight, also some use rugged long lines. Thoughts?
  8. Fishbowl- Thanks for posting this up - sounds like a good time. For the perch derby, Does this payout any further than the number one weight? Perch Kids division? Thanks, Lavarock
  9. Cayuga salvation derby

    I've been thinking of a way to increase fisherman participation in this derby. Thoughts on having a perch division as well? Weight of five fish combined? Obviously it would'nt qualify for the lunker, but would be a great way to get shore / dock fisherman a chance at some fun. Also I noticed only 4 spots were paid out, was this the case in the past or was it 5?
  10. Cayuga salvation derby

    Nice to meet some fellow anglers at the weigh-in. We really appreciate the effort the "Salvo" and Barney/Bear put forth to put this together for us all to enjoy. It's a bit of a downer that these types of derbies are fewer and fewer. As I understaned it the Lighthouse - Myers derby will not be happening and we certainly miss the Red-Cross..... For us, this was certainly one of the most enjoyable derbies I've entered. The enjoyment came from seeing my seven year old beam with pride and a level of enthusiam greater then I've ever seen in him. A third place youth win for him created a day of Bliss for this old man. There is no doubt that we will enjoy a life time of fishing memories together - he has been firmly hooked! Thanks for the assembly of this derby to help light this passion! This moment surely overshadowed a lucky first place laker spot for me. Action was steady for us in the 65-75 foot range and we simply kept moving to find active fish. The bulk of the fish were very sluggish to respond and had to be teased to hit. We had one 45 minute window of steady active feeding saturday AM - the rest was a methodical pick. Moral of our weekend, TAKE A KID FISHING................
  11. Cayuga lake debris?

    The prediction is approaching major flooding - not good. I anticipate some form of craft advisory soon.
  12. Cayuga 5/10

    We jigged in the same area as well as the silos on 5/8. Nada for 4 anglers and 2.5 hours of fishing.
  13. Jigging for lakers...

    Oh yeah - keep your presentation ats virtical as possible. (Time your cast to your drift)
  14. Jigging for lakers...

    All good advice. We jigged lakers with success at 100 - 130 feet this weekend. If you are yaking, the lake is at a killing temp.- be smart and safe.
  15. Simple Winter Flatlining advice

    Thanks for the chatter fellas. Preaching to the choir, but it's been to d#*n cold the last month to even think about it. I've been pushed too far this year, dipping into savings and heading to Islamarada on monday for a week to fish my a$$ off....