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  1. BTT Great way to save fuel if you're still running a main trolling power plant. Thanks, Chris
  2. Great lil engine - Price drop again $1,400. Thanks, Chris
  3. Forgot to mention that the motor comes with a newer plastic 5 gallon tank with fuel hose. Thanks, Chris
  4. FS 2007 Yamaha 8 HP Outboard 20 inch shaft. ( F8MLH) Excellent Condition. Used very lightly as a kicker on an 18' Alumacraft and an occasional row boat motor. $1600 OBO- Ovid, NY Thanks - Chris
  5. The clarity has torpedoed our jigging success. Here is a local scientists thoughts - It could be due to sediment washed in from the small tributaries or just general mixing from the rainstorm we had on Saturday night. Phytoplankton (both cyanobacteria and non-cyanobacteria types) can reduce clarity as well. It's possible that with how hot it's been, and following the rainstorm on Saturday, the lake ecosystem is just a bit more productive than usual
  6. Here is a better map for tracking HABs o Cayuga. http://www.communityscience.org/volunteer/harmful-algal-bloom-monitoring/cayuga-lake-habs-reporting-page/
  7. I'm a HAB harrier and own a cottage on Cayuga. Yes, there has been pretty much lake wide Cyanobacteria (Algae blooms this July). Our beach front has looked quite bad a few days. Fortunately the sample results for these blooms have showed quite low toxin results based on drinking and swimming standards. The samples we take are typically a very concentrated wind blown pocket (worst case scenario). See here- https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=ae91142c812a4ab997ba739ed9723e6e The toxin levels are what would effect humans and animals. We have a dog and and my wife has very sensitive skin and our family has had no issues. We follow the DEC recommendations. Simply, if it looks like there is active bloom go to another part of the lake for your swimming. As the season continues, the types of cyanobacteria concentrations and the levels of toxins can change. Continue to monitor the above website for these changes. Hope this helps......
  8. That's not an easy feat in a Yak - Nice triple play!
  9. Thanks for the direction fellas, I'll report back with the findings.
  10. Before I hassle Hank with this issue, I thought I would try tracking this down myself. Most of the time there is no power to all my dash switches. When the boats been on the lift awhile, the power does work at the "power switch" (I'm assuming this feeds all the rest of the switches). When the power switch is working, Then I can turn on the acc. switch, it lights no problem I can then turn on the fish finder, no problem If I turn on the bildge pump, all the dash lights go out and won't come on again (after its been on the lift a while, power comes back and I can go through the whole process again. I should note that I did get the bildge to run once the other day and then it's been doing the power cut out ever since. I don't think it's a fuse (power comes back periodically). Should I be checking the power feed from the battery to the dash power switch? Is the bildge pump the cause? Thanks for any input, hope it's clear enough.
  11. Hello- My trolling motor bit the dust and I'm looking to replace it with a 24 volt Minn Kota, preferably with I-pilot. Please let me know if you have some thing that would work before I buy new. Thanks, Chris
  12. Hello Huntcaribou- Thank you for posting this up. I was really hoping to bump up to a 24 volt system, but if you would be willing to take $300 and meet at Bass Pro in Auburn I'll buy yours. Thanks again, Chris (607-592-2899)
  13. Semi-Sportsman topic. I have a sizable white pine on the edge of my driveway that I would like a talented chainsaw carver to do their magic on. Any suggestions on someone I could contact? What would an 8' tall carving tend to run cost wise? I'm located between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. Thanks, Chris
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