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  1. I am by far an experienced angler for kings as I have only been after them a handful of times but we fished out of Oswego for three days late last week and weekend. It was a sunny day with 3 to 4 footers and the black and white “killer“ series spoons seem to work best. I also had a green and silver flasher with a green, blue and silver fly. It was 50-50 whether they would hit the fly or the spoons. I found that the strikes came at higher speeds. 2.8 to 3 mph. We fished from 130 feet to 250 feet. Never really saw any large concentrations but they are out there. I tried to use something flashy in the spread to draw them in. Good luck.
  2. I just checked them out online. Looks like they have exactly what I need! Thanks!
  3. Looking for some good places to buy cut bait for meat rigs around Oswego. Any recommendations? Thanks
  4. Launched today at Mexico Pt around 3pm and went out on Mr Toads wild ride for about 4 miles. Busting 2-3 and sometimes 4 footers. Set up in 80 fow and trolled out to 130 fow without marking any bait. Just before we turned around the 60’ downrigger goes off and my son reeled in a nice Steelhead. Caught on a Fat Nancy Magnum. Waves started to get bigger so we turned and trolled back into 80 fow and packed it in. Fished three hours, one fish. Hope somebody knows where they are 😉
  5. 40 to 60 down in 100 FOW for kings was the last I heard. If you’re going for Browns then I would look for the edge of the dirty water. Good luck.
  6. We launched out of Wright’s landing last Thursday looking for browns. We fished west of the plant in shallow water and then out deep for kings. The only luck we had was off of Burt point in about 20 to 30 feet of water. Chartreuse black and green spoons seemed to work the best.
  7. Over by Snake Creek the surface temp was 50. Nine Mile Pt it was 48. It was a long day but still beats working 😉
  8. We didn’t hit the water until 1:00 pm. Launched out of Mexico Point Launch. Water was high but someone built a wooden extension out to the dock so no issues. Fished east along the shore for Browns from 8’ to 25’ of water. Ran 5 spoons and one stick on planer boards and long lines, some weighted some not. Fished the shore until about South Creek Pond with no takers. Turned and went deep to 50’ to see if we could mark anything. Still nothing so we went back to the shore and fished back to Mexico Pt. Nothing, so we pulled up and motored to Nine Mile Pt. Set up again and trolled the shore with the same setup until Catfish Creek. Nothing again so we turned and went out to 60’. Still no marks so we called it a day at 7:00pm. Bright sunshine and flat water probably didn’t help much. Going to try again in the morning, maybe west of Oswego. Happy Fishing!
  9. I’m planning on fishing out of the Oswego area. Yes, I fish a lot for salmon and lake trout on Lake Champlain. I started about nine years ago. In the spring I start off down by the crown point bridge and as the water warms up, I slowly work my way north. I live near the islands so the summertime I will fish for them around Valcour island. The salmon population has done very well. The last few years have been tough and I hope it’s not a trend.
  10. Thanks, I have a full spread of stick baits as we fish with those in the early spring as well on Lake Champlain. Thanks again for the tips. I’m very excited about traveling to Ontario this year and trying to figure this out. I was going to use Airbnb to find places to stay but do you have any other recommendations?
  11. Thanks! I’m building a dual purpose spread for cloudy and clear water for Browns. Ones that work well in both. You guys are very forthcoming with what works 🙏.
  12. Thanks guys! I do plan on using Moonshine and other brands. I just wanted to know what sizes are producers. I have a cart full of lures at Fat Nancy’s online shop, just waiting to make sure the sizes are right.
  13. Hello everyone, trying to get some gear together this winter to start fishing Lake Ontario this spring and summer. I’ve read a lot of tips in here (thank you very much by the way) and have 90% of my gear together. I do have a question about spoon size. I plan on trolling for Brown Trout in the spring and King Salmon in the summer and early fall. As well as meat rigs and flies, I will be trolling with spoons for kings. Trying to minimize my budget, what size Michigan Stingers would you recommend for Brown Trout and for King Salmon? Can you use the same size for both or would you recommend different sizes? Thank you!
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