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  1. How’s that new boat hachimo. Wish I was up this weekend, but I’m waiting on a part
  2. notice that the fleas are showing up at the same time the summer salmon fishing heats up
  3. That is awesome! Great to hear the fishing is so good. Thanks for the report, keep those pictures coming
  4. Was up yesterday and the kings were 100 down over 140. Lots of fish caught and cleaned at salmon country marina
  5. Any chance your intake holes got fouled ?
  6. Nice fish, keep those pics coming. Can’t get up to the lake this weekend, so you’re all I got. Good luck all
  7. I have hit bottom in 100 with standard size dipsy. I think 350 ft of wire set at 1 1/2 might do it. Smaller the lure and slower speed, deeper they go. Spoons would have less effect on the diver than a large attractor. Good luck
  8. Good info , I would be interested in what depth you were able to get with the standard size according to the td
  9. I use both but sometimes when the fish are really deep I switch to mags. Great job on connecting with that king. Keep those pictures coming. Thanks
  10. I was doing a test with magnum dipsy divers and hit bottom 100 ft down with 266 ft of wire. Just in case you had some. #2 setting
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