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  1. Quinte in June... Try booking at the Picton Harbour Inn. Scott Walcott of Bay of Quinte charters (amazing new boat, 34 Kingfisher) is the owner. Breakfast restaurant on site, boat slips out your door. If your not getting bites, I'm sure you could get some tips from Scott. Or try Merland Park for more of a cottage setup. You will easily be able to fish Hay Bay, Sherman's, Thompsons, Keith Shoal etc. Etc. from that hotel. Lakers will still be going out by Amherst and the Gap. A longer run but do able. I've had fun chasing bows at Main Duck in June. The smallie fishing can be great there. A short trailer ride to Wellington can get you on Ontario and West lake. Scotch bonnet will be holding lakers, browns, bows and some salmon could be arriving if later June. West lake is full of eater size eyes. Walcott's own a trailer park on West Lake as well. Probably some rental units there. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  2. I used to run those torpedoes on my Uni troll 10s. I dont think you should go heavier. I felt those were maybe pushing the limits of the 10s Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  3. Here in Ontario any signs of mallard traits and it counts as a mallard. I would be going to court to fight any officer that called that hybrid a Black duck Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  4. I have been a lurker of this thread since the beginning of the season. I think it needs a quick boost to get back on track. Talking about and seeing pics of some dandy deer. I took probably my best deer to date on Monday morning heading into my tree stand for a "Controlled" shotgun/muzzleloader hunt in Prince Edward County which is across the lake from most of you guys. We do not have a November gun season in WMU 70. It is archery only and the Controlled hunt the first week of December. A controlled hunt basically means you have to enter a draw to be able to participate in the December 1 week shotgun muzzleloader hunt. You do not get an additional tag for this if you are successful in the draw. The ministry does this to control the # of hunters in the unit. Back to the hunt and deer pics, I was walking in at legal shooting about 3/4 s of the way to the Bush lot my stand is in. I walk an old lane way that is pretty thick with growth and has fields on both sides. I get into a bit of a less dense section and see a deer in the harvested corn field to the east. I can immediately tell it's a buck and a big one. I only had one target to deer I was after and figured it had to be him. The other deer on camera were not anywhere near the same quality or size. I settled in with the Savage 220 shooting 3 inch Rem s I touched her off. The deer fell forward then began to head north to the Bush lot and soft maple swamp. I was pretty surprised to find that the deer I had just taken had not been in any of my camera locations and was not the target deer. I will be back out tomorrow with the old man to hopefully get the original target. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  5. Not sure what is good or bad in regards to the fish going north and what is expected out of our Canadian returns but I do love checking this site. http://www.riverwatcherdaily.is/Migration In the last 30 days on the Ganaraska it is saying after plus minus up and down 8000+ have gone up Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  6. Selling my 2014 Kingfisher 1825xl. Ordered boat custom in spring 2014 took delivery mid Summer. Boat ordered with... 2 smoothmoves suspension seats 36 in bench upgrade Livewell Radio Rocket launchers Canvas Side windows Galvanized trailer single axle Suzuki Motors - both 2014 not sure of hours. Maintained and run great. 115 (max for hull) 9.9 Extras that have put holes in gunnels. If its attached it goes with boat. Bow to stern Big jon mast Raymarine dragonfly Fishhawk x4d(2019) 2x big jon trees 2x cannon track 1x scotty 2106 (2019) 1x scotty 2116 (2018) I'm not trying to cheat anyone. Some stone chips from trailering to northern lakes, and a dock rash. This boat is located in Wellington Ontario stored in a garage when not in use. With the condition of boat and all the extra gear. I wont be negotiating. I am asking a price that I feel is more than fair. Wife wants something that has more beach comforts. If it doesnt sell I am completely okay with that. $35 000(Can) not sure what that is in US. If your serious please email me. Maybe we can set a trial up trolling the BOQ for eyes. [email protected] hotmail. com Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  7. Lol. Not my fish. I wish. I'm doing well on numbers this year just cant seem to locate the bigger class. Lots in the 22 23 pound range. Cant seem to break that however. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  8. Well, fish is official. It won this weeks 10 grand and is in the lead for the Great Grand Prize Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  9. GOSD is reporting a 38.02 King weighed in this morning in Bronte Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  10. Another video link. Watch "Preliminary Walleye Movements in eastern Lake Ontario" on YouTube Dont think this one has been added to LOU yet Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  11. Angling outfitter - Woodstock Gagnon - oshawa Both have really good trolling gear selection Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  12. I am east of Toronto, bought at Gagnons in Oshawa. If your okay with supporting large box stores and not your local tackle shops. Sail outdoors will include Fishhawks in the 15% off fishing sales sometimes. I lost my local store the reel thing in Wellington right beside the launch. Wellington no longer has a GOSD weigh station. On spoonpuller I've heard of Grimsby tackle. There is a shop in Woodstock I've been to. Huge inventory! Cisco, trolling motors, electronics. Dont forget Radioworld think they are on Steeles Ave and do online sales. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  13. Try calling Marsh Marine. North of Barrie. They are the largest Suzuki Marine dealer in Canada I believe. They will have info and brand name stuff in stock. If you decide to stay that route. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
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