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  1. 5 of us hunting. All Ontario residents. Can "party" hunt the one tag. Lots of regulations to follow when party hunting in Ontario. Distance, communication, etc etc We also had a cow tag. Unfilled. The meat is fantastic! Been on successful hunts in the past. Never the "trigger" man Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  2. Not a deer hunt but thought I'd share last week's moose hunt. Wednesday the 21st my brother and I started the drive into North West Ontario. We pulled out of the Quinte area with plans of stopping in Sault Ste Marie for the night. The 22nd we completed our drive to Thunder Bay where we would hotel it one more night and Friday do grocery and other errands before heading into the bush of WMU 11b. On arrival to the camp site, I wandered down to the river to check on water levels and snoop around. Minutes later my brother comes down saying he just had a cow 80 yds away from trailers. Things were looking good. Saturday morning and night were slow. Sunday was a right off with heavy rain. During the afternoon during a trip to the local liqour store we came across a bull trying to cross the highway. That bull was on a mission to get across. We were driving along beside him and he would not turn back south into the bush. We got the feeling the rut was in high gear. The weather for Sunday night had the temperature falling to -6C. We were ready for the morning. Monday morning as we were walking into our planned cut to do some calling. We bumped a spike with a cow. That blew the morning for us. After a mid day partridge hunt and driving other cuts we located a few cut blocks that were loaded with tracks and showing signs of rutting bulls. We had a location for the evening. About 5pm my brother and I were walking to our cuts. He was going west from where we parked and I was going north. I had made it about 2 or 3km from the truck just walking the log road, when my cell phone started vibrating. This was the first signal I had in hours. I decided to stop and check all my messages before going further and starting to call. I put my ravin down needing to send an etransfer for my daughter's hockey. As I am sending it I can hear grunting in the poplars coming towards me. I run for my crossbow and hide behind a single poplar brush to see the bull step back into an uncut pine stand at 70yds. He goes silent. Now in panic mode I run to the end of the pine stand find a location to hide, I started grunting and smashing poplars for all I was worth. Within seconds the bull pops out about 100 yds away. He starts grunting and racking the small poplars in the cut. I gave a few more grunts and another round of thrashing on the poplars I was hiding in. The bull gives another grunt and turns to me on a bee line. Only stopping to tear up more brush. The bull made it to 13yds before turning from being head on. I stand for the shot. Sure enough the poplar I was racking is covering his vitals. The bull takes off, I give 2 grunts and he stops. Looks back broadside at 37yds. WACK! The lighted nock and iron will passed through and lodge underneath a rock. The bull run s another 20 yds and stops to my grunting again. I almost got the ravin reloaded before he slowly walked away over a ridge grown up with 6 foot poplars. I was a mess. Lol. On the radio to call the other hunters... pacing... more radio chatter. After about 45 minutes with the other hunters arrival and my brother the tag holder we walk about 30 yds from where I last saw him and get my hands on my first moose. After a night of work and carrying on we ended the trip with a Tues afternoon "eye" trip for a fish fry dinner. We caught our 5 man limit in about an hour, trading up a few and releasing a few pike. Up next.... a rifle moose hunt at the deer camp in Eastern Ontario in 2 weeks. A rifle deer hunt with the beagles 2nd week of November. Then either archery deer or if I get drawn a shotgun deer hunt in Prince Edward County across the lake from many of you the first week of December. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  3. On Rainy Lake I used jig heads with the willow leaf blade and a minnow. Seemed to work pretty darn good. Spot lock and watch the graph Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  4. I had never heard of EHD before here in Ontario. There are "rumours" of lots of deer found on Wolfe Island. A friend as told me he knows of 60 that were found in one general location. Also other locations along the 1000 Island corridor have been discussed. Our Ministry of Natural Resources has not released a statement from what I can tell. All word of mouth. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  5. I moved from an Excalibur micro at 330 fps to a Ravin R10 at 400 fps In terms of accuracy they could both put arrows through the previous shot. Cocking and de cocking is hands down easier with the Ravin. Ergonomics and Size goes to the Ravin. It's amazingly narrow when cocked. The Excalibur is cheaper and just as accurate, that being said I am pretty pleased to have upgraded. My next hunt will be an archery moose hunt in Northern Ontario. I will be doing a lot of walking from call location to call location. The smaller faster bow will hopefully get a chance at a grunting bull. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  6. 10 top fish each week won prizes as well. GOSD top weekly $10 000 + $1000 Garmingift Silver top weekly $7000 That $100 grand would be something! Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  7. The Great Ontario Salmon Derby was won with a 34.55 out of Bluffer s I think. Grand prize was a 4runner TRD. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for posting. Interesting year with 2 large derbies being ran on the North Shore of Lake Ontario. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  9. Have seen a YouTube video interviewing the father and son. Lots of shots of the 42 Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  10. Thehulltruth has a very large thread on doing the Suzuki conversion. I found it after I sold mine. Doooooh! Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  11. LOU is a very active forum. However you might find more reports from the GTA and bluffers on the spoonpuller forum Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  12. I would look for ledges/drop offs that go from 30 40 ish and continue to fall off deeper. Have not fished around Amherst and the Gap for Lakers. Lots of people do though. I've had some fun out at Main Duck mid June with lakers and bows. Was hoping to find an early salmon Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  13. lake ontario walleye tagging project Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  14. Youd have to stock 12 inchers over by the power plant. I had a friend give a report of going 30 for 50 on lakers in that area. All those Lakers must be consuming alot of other small "sought after" game fish. Heard of a couple people bring some pretty big lakers through the ice in known walleye areas. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  15. They delivered this week to Athol. I specifically asked my contact if birds around. He stated 1 gull that never came near while they were there. Where do they go?? Not sure. Perhaps due south? A lakers belly? Doesnt mean you cant catch them there. My best is 10lbs off west point. There is alot of shoreline on the South side of Prince Edward. Not many boats!! Likely all the browns are in Soup Harbour. We just arent going far enough east from Wellington, Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
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